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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 29 (02) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 02 of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 29 of Kurulus Osman.Selamun Aleykum Sure, my valiant Thank you son Selamun Aleykum Aleykum Selam Allah keep you with h is father was martyred in th the same position Cr^J 0 will tie th will tie th clos Yavlak Arslan hasn't been If he is trapped shame on all the Turks y Yavlak Arslan □ □ □ set a trap Apparently the long roads.

Apparently the long roads □ □ □ Apparently the long roads □ □ □ f / * n I ruin their InshaAllah The key that will unlock the nest strangle them Alps will take her to I have no time, do it quickly what They can ambush you Change your route That's what I was ordered That's what I was ordered Our Bey Yavlak Aslan wants to see □ □ □ ey disappoint us on the way, I I, □ l ‘•Vi, •’"K. • % 4 ou can't bring my Osman Bey he r.' »'A V " S □ re i V ^ % » 1 If you have courage Curiosity is good, Osman You will see Take him tell me please In our laws, we know that age t, was about to die her I repented, I asked for forgiveness should be here Goktug on, m are injured my Osman1 I learnt this from you high hopes fo igh hopes J folk to tas.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

We are seeing the first symptoms We are seeing the first symptoms of the spies among us When will the flying fire come When will the flying fire come That village will burn greeting him He is like a sycamore, InshaAllah he won't grief of losing see the grief of losing a child u know the war of know what victory feels like, Flatius have any honour.

They gave all the swords and captives Flatius We came here to make an agreement with Osman o be a Tekfur on II keep them in o you want the captives What did you bring9 giv giv c the cruel ones it really Islam it really Islam it really Islam a mountain out of your heads He is killing men You will have that Ertugrul Bey hearing about the defeat9 Is it goat's milk? If you want to support us I went in to make an agreement with Gunduz. I was going I went in to make an agreement with Gunduz. I was going of an old man7 will prevent us, Flatius9 fought, I saw everyt my father With every attack he opened deep wounds in y father's body Like the ones in my body.

I wanted to scream I wanted to beg him to stop killing my father1 I always remember his eyes u think u think Ertugrul Bey his father dyi e will take our revenge pieces like lions Don't think that we lost Where should we put Thank you my daughter J May it be good No one will touch them No one will touch them No one will touch them Insha I have to calm her caged tent 9 • i my daughter9 May Allah forbid, if they are carrying an illness My Bey.

you must be tired you must Beys don't eat alone, my daughter D D ° 0 0 6iuam Aiim □ □ □ and Comlekci knows the talent of Hatuns The ones who burn The ones who burn What are you saying you idiot9 What are you saying ou idiot9 What are you saying you idiot9 Billahi you will taste it You will drink boiling water He is an Awliyah Let's go daughter Bala's, ha9 idr the enem child B.

My beautiful daughter, who doesn't know what to say, whose heart and mind keeps fighting You know that I know but... days pass e you changed your s Hazal Hatun9 uaiQ... I would burn when Dundar will send ou foo Thank you t one thing fro I accept everything But he put me in Their hands and hearts got stronger as they fought, my Bey Dark Osman kept our Alps strong sea of fitna Their hands knit Is there any man who beats their Hatun or I swear, we haven't heard.

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