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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 33 (06) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 06 (33) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 32 of Kurulus Osman.Osman oglum nerede ? My Savci. Thank God. Oglum nerede ? Yamndaki kim ? Mongke! Mongke ? Monke... Oglum ! Monke. Oglumu esir gibi getirecek cureti nereden buldunuz ? We brought your son the way he deserved. Like a mad dog. You were looking for traitors. Here he is. You can call this dog son" or "traitor".

It is your decision, Geyhatu. Rome's brave children! Today is the day of war! The dice has been rolled. Today, we will fight for our sacred lands... for our children's future... for our honour! If we lose, kill me the moment you see me! It only happens because of my pride!

It means that I have signed your death will by sending you to a war that you aren't ready for! But I wrote Turks' death will... not my soldiers', not our lands' warriors'! Today, the dice is rolled. Victory is ours! Zafer bizimdir... Zafer bizimdir... Zafer bizimdir... Victory is ours! Zafer bizimdir... Zafer bizimdir... Zafer bizimdir... Cerkutay oglumu kagirdigim sbyledi. Cerkutay, ha? Cerkutay ya! Did you really believe that, Geyhatu? Demek bana yalan soyledi dersin ? You and your soldiers will enter the secret passage from here. And I will open the door for you. The Kayis will be dealing with Geyhatu... when we are conquering Kulucahisar.

As you ordered... the guardian Alps will be poisoned and killed before the attack. Dear Helen, the day has come. Our day has come. Thanks to you, Tekfur Nikola. For the revenge of, Sofia. You know what you have to do, Helen. Don't worry. If he confronted me, I would kill your son and your soldiers without batting an eye. Soldiers were dead before the raid. And your traitor son was not around. Do you know where he was? He was torturing me to learn how I found out his nest.

Ne anlatir bunlar Mbngke ? They are lying, father. We have many things to tell you. Our minds are sharper than our words, Geyhatu. Don't forget that. Sizi dinleyecegim Hayatta kalmak igin dece bir firsatimz var. Geyhatu... you will either believe the tales that will take you to death.. oryou will believe in the truth that will keep you alive. That's your choice. Sen Bamsi bey olmalisin... Yes. Now keep your eyes open. Be fair. So my face won't be the last face that you see before dying. Hepsini otag’ da tek tek... Dinleyecegim Bana neler oldugunu en ba§indan... Anlatacaklar. Alps!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

My Bey... Ya Rabbi... Keep our Bey with us, my Rabb. Keep our Bey with us, my Rabb. Ya Shafi! (The One Who Cures) Ya Shafi! (The One Who Cures) Ya Shafi! (The One Who Cures) Be on alert! Close the doors! For the love of Byzantine! Oglum bana tuzak kurdu... Hem de beni oldurmek igin.

It was set to drag you to Sogiit. They were going to kill you in Sogut and blame Osman for it. They want to use your anger against Osman, who killed your two commanders, Geyhatu. Don't you see?j Kim bunlar DUndar Bey ? Apparently, your dastard son was not alone. Enough! Kes sesini! Yavlak Arslan. Sen ne dersin bu i$e ? Ertugrul Bey is an entrustment from my father. We are also from the Kayi generation. I can't blame Ertugrul Bey... and his sons. Victory is ours! Byzantine is being revived! How can you listen to them, father?

Kes sesim. Kes ! Shut up. Shut up. Iki tarafi da dinledim... I listened to both sides. I listened to both sides. One scale is your son's words... and the other scale is the Kayi Beys' words. Sen benim yerimde olsan. Ne ederdin Bamsi Bey ? I wouldn't believe both sides. Words hide intentions. Like the night hides all ugliness. Like it makes the truth sleep. Those who take action with words bumps into the wall of truth. Unless Savci Bey, Osman Bey and your son... bring a proof, they are not innocent. Kayilann adaletli oldugu soylenirdi... Bunu diyenler hakliymi§.

Then listen, Geyhatu. One scale of justice is your life... and the other scale is your son from your blood. Now... you have to prove that your ancestor is Cengiz Han with this case. Sozlerinizin ispati var mi? I gave my life for you, father... I got in many wars... I was injured and about to die.. What else do you want? Kes ! Cerkutay... Your son blurted it out when... torturing my brother.

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