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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 34 (07) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 07 (34) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 34 of Kurulus Osman.I've received news from our spies in the Black Sea. Troops are on the way to Kulacahisar. Ertugrul is on his deathbed. And his sons are fighting for the Beylic. He will die because of the news he'll hear when he wakes up. You will take your father's revenge from the Turks soon. You will say "Fortunately Nikola made me give up on death" after hearing the duty I'll give you. You will kill all the Turks just like Caesar's Avaricum war. With pleasure, Nikola. They strengthened their defence thinking that we would attack. But Osman saw what I could do. We will bite them like snakes with the units we will welcome in Kulucahisar when they don't expect us. Don't go harsh on yourself. Maybe tomorrow he will stand up like nothing happened. Can't it be, my Osman?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

He is sleeping silently. I have never seen my father like this. The only thing he is doing is vomitting blood. ueiuso What do you think about my brother? He is going to arrest me. But you never listen to them, my Osman. You always do what you want to do. That's why these things happen to us. You are short-tempered. You become unbearable when you are an r . You are short-tempered and... My Bala... Did you get sick of me? You are always in trouble, my Osman. ■0UJ ||0J. Is there anything else that you want to say? Sure. I am also bein dra ed into those troubles. Was I cruel to you? No... It would be cruelty if those troubles coming from you weren't dragging me... I can sacrifice myself for them.. My Bala. Savci brother is being provoked by Yavlak.

He is talking about me to my brother and my uncle. Talk to your brother about this, ueiuso His eyes don't see and his ears don't hear because of his greed. But it won't go' like this. Would he listen to me if I told him to go... Kulucahisar? No, he will tell me that we should stop and gain strength. But will those two infidels... Nikola and Flatius wait? They won't. I won't wait. I will kill both of them. I will get in that castle and slit their throats. How are you going to get in that castle alone? I will, my Bala. Even if you succeed, how are you going to is among a ose so lers. Don't, my Osman. Don't get mad, please. My Bala, I can't stop now. Time is against us since we lost Kulucahisar. They will be stronger after soldiers from Constantine arrive. How are we going to find support then?

My Bey.. Zulfikar brother brought an important information. Tell me, Zulfikar. My Osman Bey.. A supporting unit came to Kulucahisar. Who are they? How many of them are here? I don't know. They are all riders. Kuman riders. Kuman Turks. They are going to make brothers enemies. There are traitors among them, my Bey. Apparently they got tricked with gold. But... Tell me. These traitors betrayed their Bey, my Bey. They killed him. And the Bey's daughter is their captive. Nikola's men are taking her to the castle now. Why did they kill their Bey?

He didn't want to fight against us, Aag Aiu We will save that poor person before going into the snake's nest. We are ready, my Bey. As you can see, my Bala, we can't stop now. Go to the tents with Zulfikar. I will keep fighting. My Bala.. Listen to Selcan Hatun. Keep your eyes open. Let's go. Sit down, my Bey. I am feeling nauseous.

They think that they can teach Osman manners by warning him. They are telling me to stop. But you know all the things he did... Would he ever listen to us? He will lose himself even more each day. You know that he doesn't like Yavlak Arslan. He loses his mind as he keeps coming to our tents. He must have doubts about him. Are there people who aren’t playing games on these borders, Lena? He must have a plan... He just wants the Kayi tribe to support him. He wants to be sure of the Kayi tribe. Then he will start working with us. He will set games with us, not against us. But... my brother is ruining everything.

Is there something that I can do, my Bey? I want to support you. Keep your eyes on Bala Hatun. You will report Bala Hatun's and Selcan Hatun's every step. I will stand against those who are standing against you. I will do more than bringing news to you. I will rule these tribe's Hatuns. How are you going to do that? Am I askin ou how? lam oin to Sow lit to Yavlak Arslan's meeting. No one should know. Will Osman come? No. We didn't inform him. How is he? He has a fever. I sent my Alps to find the best doctors. They will bring them soon. Ertugrul Bey is like a father to me. I can't stand seeing him like this... May Allah bless you.

I know how much you love your brother, I understand your pain... and grief. But you should be ready for everything. Crying after beloved ones is haram for us, Beys. What are you saying? Ertugrul Bey is not only our beloved one... he is the only power holding the borders together. With him, there is peace. Without him... I know how hard it is to fill his place... but I want you to know that... I am with you in this. I will slit your throats when you open this door! You idiot slaves! Those who are trying to enchain lions will be killed by their claws! Open this door! Open it! Open it! She must be the girl Zulfikar told us about.

Where are they going, my Bey? We will learn now. Wait here. Stop right there. Who are you? I am Osman, son of Ertugrul Gazi. Release the girl. We were looking for you. You fight well, Bey daughter. So, you are Osman. They fear even your name. Yes, I am Osman. You didn't ask but I'm Targun Hatun. What are the Kuman Turks doing here? They are fighting in the emperor's name. They will attack you, with Nikola and Flatius. From which direction will they attack? You should figure that out on your own, Osman Bey. Now, let me go. Wait, wait a moment. You’re right, ^forgot to thank you. You should thank Allah, Targun Hatun. Your father was killed by the traitors, for not attacking us. That's why they locked you up. You know everything already, Osman Bey. What do you want from me? Your life is entrusted to us.

I can protect myself, Osman Bey. Don't bother. I don't have the time to argue with you here. Listen to my word. Let's go to the tribe. We may have different religious beliefs... but we are both from the line of Oghuz. You are right, Osman Bey. The same blood flows in our veins. You will be our guest. You're wounded needs cauterizing. Just a scratch. Needs cauterizing. Let's move. Men. From now on, you will not think of thirst. You will not think of breathing.

Your swords will be sharp enough to split a hair. Let's go, men! From now on, you are not allowed to make mistakes! Stand strong. Stand strong! Move with a sure step! It's time for war. Just like that. Just like that. Even the simplest job will be done with dedication! Let's move! Understood? EyvAllah my Bey. My Bey. As you ordered, we have built a wall of spears on the rear side of the tribe. E v e IA11 a h[w i th the he I p of A11 a h), not even a fly can get through. EyvAllah my Ayaz, EyvAllah. Remove the bridges over the moats. Even the smallest mistake will be the end of our tribe. Move, my brave warrior. EyvAllah my Bey. My Bamsi Bey, the archers are ready. We have doubled their numbers.

MashaAllah, my brave man. MashaAllah. Move, get to your spot. MashaAllah. MashaAllah. Like your new spot? I think you like it. Nikola! Osman rescued Targun Hatun. As expected... of Osman. He's taking her to the tribe. Wouldn't you do the same thing, This time... Osman has taken the bait. You will be cautious at all times. I hear you need our help, Nikola. So, the emperor has sent you. He knows we fight harder than the Romans. He must believe in your victory, since he sent the best of his troops. You must be their leader since he sent you. Have no doubt. Targun... since you and the Kayis are from the same people... you wouldn't feel sympathy out of blood relations, would you?

Don't worry, Nikola. We're used to doing things that Romans cannot do. This mission is more dangerous than all others. Are you having fun, Nikola? Take my arm like that, and I'll have fun forever. If you don't release my father... your life will turn to hell. If you succeed in this task... your father will be released. What is this task? A task of captivity. Who will I take captive? Yourself. You will be a captive like your father.

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