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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 39 (12) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 12 (39) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 38 of Kurulus Osman. O. Kayis...Do you witness that...I fulfill my duty...properly?We do, my Bey.O. Kayis...Do you consent to my...Beylic?We do, my Bey!If I declare the name of my you going to respect himlike you respect me...and do as he says?We are, my Bey.We are my Bey.We are my Bey.My heir is...voluntarily...the Kayi Bey...that I will leave my seat to is...the one who never puts offthe fire of gaza (war)...the one who carries our flag froma victory to another...the one who never acceptscaptivity and chains...—uos A|f\|Father!My Bey!Father!My Bey!Father!My father!Father!Father!Father!Father!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I don't agree with you.I don't, because...Osman and Yavlak Arslan went toraid Geyhatu's quarters.They will never be able toleave there.Besides, if the poison I sentfor the Kayi Beys means that the tribehas no leader right now.There is a great mess inthe tribe right now.Sure.Sure.I like cleaning.When we receive the news, we will attackfrom both sides and clean them all.Are we going to attack Kulucahisar?Are you really asking me that?Let me tell you,how long can Kulucahisar resist...when we kill allthe Kayis?You are not underestimating my mind,right?

The only thing we have tothink about is the raid.We have to go there like a storm withoutthinking about the damage we will cause.We will kill all the Kayis untilthere is no Kayi left.So we will killthem all.Come in! Come in!Give me my good news!•UBUISOOsman?Osman went back to the Kayitribe with his Alps.

Osman went where?The Kayi tribe, sir.Didn't this man..go to raid Geyhatu's quarters?How could he leave there?Yavlak Arslan?He is also alive, sir.He is going back to his tribe.Go out! Go out!Then Geyhatu...must've...Alright.Alright, shut upShut up!Shut up!Alright. Alright.Alright, alright!Shut up!Alright. Alright.So Geyhatu didn't wait for them andleft.Yes.Geyhatu left.We have to deal withthis Flatius.We have to.Osman didn't die.Osman went back to the tents.

So Osman will welcome us...when...we raid the tribe.Alright.If the poison I gave toTargun worked...I mean if the Kayi Beysthere would be a mess intribe in any way, right?Then everyone will thinkthat Osman did this.Won't they?Sure.Great Caesar...doesn't know Targun.Whatever, my dear friend.We will go to Targun andlearn this.Let's see if the Kayi Beysare alive like Osman...or dead after drinkingthat poison.What am I going to do,Nikola?What?You will get prepared,Flatius.voice in my head istelling me that...we will get in abloody war today.

Is he telling you that, Nikola?ft's a sculpture, Flatius.It can't speak.Father.Thanks to my Rabb.After I saw you like this,my won't hurt me even if I dieAag AuiWe will talk inshaAllah,Selcan Hatun.Thanks to my Rabb.If you want to support us,please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.comHatuns!

Let's go out.The Beys have things to talk about.for sure.isiuegMy Bey.I know what you all did.Brother.You...were not awake.A Bey would never leave his tribebefore he gives back the entrustments.The mind is with the heart.And the heart is with the folk.I heard everything andI know everything.So you want to be the Beys.1You want to be a Bey...but why would Cenab-i Hakkwant you to be a Bey?Diindar Bey... What doesCenab-i Haqq wish from a Bey?Continuing the laws and morals,my Bey.Right.The Beylic stands up withit's morals and laws.Tell me, Giindiiz.Who keeps the morals alive?

The Bey, who takes his powerfrom Cenab-i Haqq.Right.The better you keep the morals alive,the brighter destiny the Bey gets.Tell me, Savci.What happens if someone breaksthe morals and laws?The union will be ruined,my Bey.Our laws keep the sky above us.Right.Now... tell me Osman.How is leadership given toa Bey from another Bey?The Bey is the sun ofour morals.And the Bey's son is like the moonwho is enlightened by the sun.O, Kayi's sun...Whoever your lightenlightens...the one whose crescent turns intoa full moon with the fire you set...will be your heir.This is how you entrustthe your heir.Right.This is how leadership is entrustedfrom a Bey to another.

My sons, and my brotherwill allow us.I will talk to mycompanions.And you must think about theanswers that you will give me.The new Bey ofthe Kayi...who shall it be?Son.Targun Hatun, say whatyou are going to say, here.What is that?The poison Nikola gave me.He asked me to poison theKayi Beys with this.What are you saying?I won't do it, of course.

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