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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 56 (29) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 29 (56) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 56 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Nikola stepped back after Togay did. We have to step back as well.I will take my brother s revenge one day!So it was your turn before Osman Savci Bey!Osman took my brother’s head..Brother..You are injured...Togay used my army as a bait against Osman by stepping back.So he hasn't had enough of revenge.He will find Kalanos.Togay!

Why are you keeping our soldiers away from their preys when they have blood on their teeth, Togay?I am a brother of Osman Bey who fights for Allah and his morals.Why did Osman Bey send you?My Osman Bey wants to obey Geyhatu and become a part of Ilhanli.. &g I *.I swear... I will bury you alive.Alive!May our victories be everlasting, will recover first, ha?We can't stop now.Brother..Killing that dog will be a salvation for him, brother.Let's go.

We are going to the tents.I had a dream last night.-Brother.Lives can be taken away.....and our valiant.....and my Hatun everliving...Brother... brother.....and I bear witness that Muhammad(SAW)...From now on,..this placed will be called Dogpit.My brother.My brother.who turned Ikizce Hill....into our homeland with his own blood.In the name of Allah.Don't be worrying at all.My brother.My Bey, forgive me.She left without telling anyone.Malhun Hatun has a sharp sword and she got trained by you.Yes. Yes.Come on.You go now.You only take something to give something better back.

You took my Bayhoca from me.You took my Bayhoca from me.Amen.Son of Ertugrul Ghazi..My Savci.Get up, my Savci.You said you would be back.He knows he lost his father.Hold on.Please, my Bey.We have too many martyrs.Too many.My Beys.To show respect for this mother and hatun of a martyr and all of our martyrs, ..will never be forgotten by our kin even a thousand years later.

My brother brave Savci Bey got off his red-dark horse and became a martyr..He kicked and hit his sword on the dark-religion heathens!With our mourning now we should..Make preparations for all the martyrs.Thanks to Allah.Come in.Of course you didn't, my Bey...became a martyr?

First his nephew, now his brother, huh?Lord Nikola will think that our agreement is off.Come on, Lena.Come on.Even when he fought against me, he fought for the good of the tribe He said no reproaching words..May Allah be pleased with you too.This is the fate of the lions who carry the future of Turks on their shoulders.My Savci boy was a Kayi Bey too.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

We also witness for his faith, his character and his dignity.Even we didn't know about the charity donations you made.Now those innocent and poor people..And you are a mu'minah (female believer)....who is honored with Islam and whose previous sins are forgiven.Those who win the eternal life can never lose.Now let's bid farewell to Kayi's honorable and earnest child.."He Who created fire for you from (the wood of) a green tree from which you kindle fires.

When He wills anything, His only command is to say, "Be!" and it comes into being.Kainattaki butun her §ey uzermde...Pure is that Being in Whose hand lies the reins of everything, and to Whom you will all be returned (after death).” My Beys...You all have come here and shared our sorrow.One of them is still alive.We won't mention his name.My Sheikh, he didn’t have a land a store or a fortune of a bey.

He donated everything but the right of his son and hatun.If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on Now it's a heritage from a great Kayi Bey to Kayi tribe.With this sword.Amen.Bismillah.We got a great victory, Osman Bey.A great victory!I didn't understand why Togay drew back from the battle field, Osman Bey.Osman Bey, you seem to know what the reason is.You can persuade Togay.

Looking like you obey.Either looking like you obey..But if Togay had joined the battle, nobody could have guessed the result.This is one of the first rules that my ghazi father taught me.EvelAllah.And nobody will.Come in, Bala Hatun.May Allah be pleased with you too, Lena Hatun.I will miss your sorrowful black eyes.Don't even mention it.I give my pardon to you in this world and Qiamah.Don't forget us completely, alright? Come visit us.

You came with your grace and are leaving with your grace.Kulucahisar isn't far away.I can't stay in this tent anymore.That's why I am leaving.It was like he was stabbed in the chest...The worst hit is the one that comes from the trusted ones.What did you do, tell me? Could you handle the things I told you?We handed out food in Sogut for three days, my Bey.She arrived in Kulucahisar safe and sound with Gundiiz Bey and his Alps, my Bey.Do I have permission Osman Bey?

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