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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 57 (30) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 30 (57) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 57 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.They are coming, Togay.Where is Algu?The truth is like a sharp dagger.A dagger leaves one trace, a promise leaves a thousand.Forgive me, Togay.I failed.Are our enemies smarter than you?Ha?Tell me.Tell me.If I believed that.....I wouldn't trust you.Alps searched him, my Bey.We thought he had no place to hide it.He must’ve hidden it somewhere even the devil can t think of, my Bey.Neither Mongols nor Greeks will be able to sneak in a needle into my tent.

You know that right?-Yes my Bey.-Yes my Bey.My Alps.You are smarter, braver and more faithful than Mongol and Greek soldiers.Do not disappoint me.EyvAllah my Bey.EyvAllah my Bey.Understood?-Yes my Bey.-Yes my Bey.Go.If we had given them the gold, he wouldn't have tried to kill me.But he was prepared for that possibility.He will attack us after that incident.Our enemies will get stronger as we get stronger.After every victory, these lands will attract more Greeks and Mongols.

We won t stop until we break that circle.We won't stop.Cengiz Khan, who was created by the power of Tengri!Cengiz Khan, who was created by the power of Tengri!May the damnation of dark souls be on me if I don't keep my promise!You'll die Osman!You'll die!You'll die!What is your order, Osman Bey?Brother...Take precautions around the tribe and Sogut.Inform Umur Bey and Turkmen Beys.They should increase their precautions.We can't know where Togay will attack from.We have to be on there is no point of return.Don’t think that I forgave you just because I gave up on sending you to Enguru!You went to the Kayi tribe without informing me and involved Osman Bey in this.Now tell me.Why did you do this?

Why did you want to see Osman Bey?What was your intention?I can't know you...Why did your attitude against Osman Bey change?I thought I had a duty of loyalty.I thought saying goodbye was the right thing.Is that all?Nothing else?Isn’t the duty of loyalty enough, my Bey?Don’t......ever break your promise.Especially if it's about your father.And don't you ever think that you owe something to someone as long as you have your father with you.I never thought of paying my debts to you, father.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

We are Osman Bey’s three hawks.If he tells us to cut the aorta of the world, we will. -We will.We will keep fighting until we turn our tribe into a state.We will.Osman Bey is my Bey, Bamsi Bey is my father, and you are my brothers.I will live for this da’wah until I break my swords and give my last breath.I swear!I swear!I swear!I swear!I swear!Alps!What are you taking an oath for?Did you forget about Aygul Hatun?KONYA ■ SLL^’UKLU SAKXY I■■■ueiusoOsman beat my messenger like a stray dog and took him out of his tent Now I am asking you, Sultan Mesud.

Don't you know what that means?Osman raised a red flag.....and Togay will ruin Kayi tribe.Do I have to remind you who let you invade that throne?Of course, Osman Bey made a big mistake.While I am surrounded by my enemies and other Beylics......I can’t stand a riot at the border of the west.I have to punish Osman Bey myself.How are you going to do that, Sultan Mesut?Are you going to send your Seljuq army on him?An army for a tribe Bey will be too'll cost a lost.

I'm sure, you won't like Geyhatus taxes to be spent on this.Then?I will invite Osman to Konya.Do you think he won't understand your intention?He won't, if I invite him here properly.What are you thinking of?I will invite Osman Bey here with eye-brightening gifts.Then what?It’s my duty to punish him as the Sultan.I prepared a feast for you.Pheasant will be the crown of your feast.Just as you like, it was cooked in bay leaf and sweetened with red plum.Come.

Let s talk about what I am going to do to Osman on the way.I received news from my spy Dimos in Kayi tribe.Osman fired that messenger.And Togay vented his anger on him.■■ueiusoAm I surprised?No.Not at all.Nikola!We had an agreement with Togay.He said that he was going to take the refugees from Osman, and I was going to pay tax to him.-So?-He was going to attack my castle if I didn't pay taxes.What is going to happen now?I can’t trust Togay now. -But...You can trust me, Jason.Togay won't attack you.

Because we will attack Togay.How?Togay is even more stronger with the new soldiers.You know that as well, Nikola.Togays anger is focused on Osman.We will let them cut each other, Jason.Then we will sit......and watch with pleasure, Jason.We will hit the last strike to the one who stands the last.We will.Ruhlar izin versin...May the souls allow the...Kara yemin......dark promise to be...BdiuHun....broken.a*Soldiers are ready.We are ready to fight, Dark Shaman Togay!We are ready to fight, Dark Shaman Togay!Kara ormanlar...For the sake of dark forests...For the sake of dark forests...Kara ruhlar. ....of dark souls...Ve kara yeminler adma....and dark promises......and dark promises...May the breath of death be with us.May my dark oath be watered with Osman's blood.Togay! Togay!

Togay!Kan. kan kanBlood.. Blood.. Blood..Night will go back to the womb which it belongs to.With the power of darkness, Kayi Tribe will be burned down.I want Osman alive.He is my dark oath.Our bloody raid will wait, Camua.To die, Osman will wait for forty beautiful Kayi be sacrificed.Why don’t we burn down the Kayi Tribe?Governor made an agreement with Sultan, the whipping boy of Geyhatu.He's the one who will punish Osman.

You took a dark oath for the holy kin of Genghis Khan.The fury of the souls will be....silenced by me today.Now go and bring the taxes of Lords with your blood-thirsty nokers.Burn all the villages if you have to.Yarhisar Lord Jason. What about him?Leave him to me.You go now.As-Selamun aleykum, My Sheikh.Aleykum As-Selam, Osman Bey.-May your work be easy.-Thank you.-It will be ready soon, Osman Bey.-Keep laboring, my Sheikh.Still water gets muddy, Osman Bey.Satan preys on those who don't labor.

Labor purifies the souThose working for the bread remember who gifted the bread.For those who know how to see,..everything will remind of doomsday.We need to labor, Osman Bey.Ahi community means labor.Your peace with Mongols lasted for a short time.Heathens who couldn't get the taxes attempted to kill you.Our life lies in the hands of our Allah.Without His permission, nobody can take our life.You're right, Osman Bey. But..We need labor for the heathens.Our labor is increasing as our fire of battle is growing.Our Alps are waiting for the mission all around the homeland, my Sheikh.-Selamun aleykum, my Sheikh.-Aleykum Selam.Aleykum Selam.My Bey.Aslanbey, the Emir of Sultan coming to our tribe from Konya.It seems the grudge of the messenger reached Konya.Goktug.

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