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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 59 (32) Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode 32 (59) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 59 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. our daughter Malhun......can't even go to your grave to pray.Ravens will feed on your corpse.Protect Togay1We didn't come to spill blood.We came to remind you of our agreement Togay.Make way*Umur Bey......didn't only disrespect me......but also you.He will pay the price.He paid the price for what he did.As for me..Umur Bey and his tribe are under my protection.I get to punish him according to our tore.It is not that easy. Osman Bey.It is not that easy.VI would never leave......a bey under my your hands just because he disobeyed me. Know that.If anything happens to Umur Bey......our deal will be off.

You and I made a deal.In these lands, I will pay allegiance......and you will be drowning in gold.Just as Genghis Khan said...Ya anla^maya uy...Either comply with the deal...Either comply with the deal...Ya'8rWitli'-thV’laiv-of the land...Olume.With death.On the one hand.....Genghis Khan’s Laws that Mongolians are subject to.And on the other.....Togay's fury.Which one would Geyhatu choose?Tell me.Your tongue is as sharp as your weapon.But it isn’t sharp as my sword.When the time will get out of......its sheath for you.You should know that, Osman Bey.Now, we will leave here peacefully.I would like to have enough dignity to allow that.Umur Bey.uewsoBack in the day....when I went to nvade China......there was a bey with a sharp tongue just like yours in Wuhan....sentenced him to live in a well until he died.Do you know why?

The only way out for rebellious souls like death.Allah is my witness.If we fall into any wells......we can get out as well.Come on. You did the right thing, Togay.Osman thinks he won.I will give him such a terrible death...It will be......even more cruel than a dark well. Osman Bey.Yes, Umur Bey.Long live Osman Bey.-What I did there--What you did there......was an honorable act.You wanted to pay for your mistake......with your life there.

However......I never let a Turkmen Bey......go to death inan obvious manner.You are a man of your word, Osman Bey.You neither surrender your sword......nor your brothers.You neither let your flag fall......neither let Muslims suffer.Astagf i ru I la h. Astagfirullah.From now on......I am not against you.If you allow me......I want to be beside you.Osman Bey.How could you know I was going to Togay?What is up, Kumral Abdal?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

You can what is up on your own, Osman Bey.Tell me then.Umur Bey came to the lodge last night.He was like a wounded bird.He shared his troubles with our Sheykh and flew away without saying anything before the dawn.Where is he going again?Listen to me, Osman Bey.When I saw the bird was flying, I went after him.He went in the forest and disappeared.How was he acting? What was his intention?It was like he was going to pay a price.He must have gone to stand before Togay.Togay.Togay will kill him.

Kumral Abdal is our light.Thank Allah.*Thank Allah, he was right again.Osman Bey.Brother.I need to go to the tribe with some of our Alps right away.Go immediately brother.I can't trust anyone but you now.I take Umur Bey...I take Umur Bey to the tribe personally.Eyvallah.Long live, brave warriors.Long live, brave warriors.You didn't leave us alone.Eyvallah, Umur Bey.

Ey valla hDisputes are temporary, Umur Bey.What is permanent is our brotherhood.Osman Bey.Brother.Come on, Alps1-Come on.-We are going to the tribe.Come on!Come on!Gather every alp, we are going to search every tribe, castle, and forest to find my father if necessary.Is there any alp around here that found a .trace to my father?Unfortunately, my lady. Alps don't know where our Bey is.They searched around carefully, but they couldn't find a trace.Where are you, father?Where are you7Father, where were you7 We got worried.Osman Bey will be our guest.

We will talk in there.Sit down.I went to see Togay, to settle...I went to see Togay, to settle...I went to see Togay, to settle...I went to see Togay, to settle......the matter between us....the matter between us....the matter between us....the matter between us.Why did you do that, father?How could you trust that bastard?How could you not think that he would want to kill you?I did, my daughter.I did.But.....I went to pay for the mistake I have done.Are you saying that you went to your death, my Bey?I didn't want.....more innocent people to get hurt because of me.How did you manage to escape7 When Togay was about to kill me......Osman Bey came......and saved me.

Thank you, Osman Bey.Our debt to you increases.I don’t know how we can repay you.I did my duty.There is no point in talking about these now.And the matter with Togay is settled for a’s time to talk about our future.Are we going to still migrate when we are in this condition, my Bey?There's no point in talking about this.Now...Now we're together.No one...No one will leave.Osman Bey is right my girl.Osman Bey is right my girl.Osman Bey is right my girl.We won't be apart any longer.It is clear......whom the Turk's future depends on.

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