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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 65 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 65 of Kurulus Osman and first episode of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. When will the boat that is taking us from here arrive, Andreas?According to my meeting with Tekfur Rogatus, it must have already been here, Sir Gregor.Soldiers!On the order of Tekfur Rogatus, we will take Priest Gregor and return to the castle!I don't want any problem!My Alps.With the permission of Allah......we will fly like a making no sound like the wind......we will take Priest Gregor......and fly towards our own lands.-InshAllah, my Bey.-InshAllah, my Bey.Here!

It is coming, sir.Priest Gregor.Ragatus Raskaris sent me to welcome you.Boo'dMy friend, Rogatus...The soldiers of Tekfur Rogatus are waiting for you.Please.Please.Please.Here.God bless you, son.Please.Please.Please.We will wait here.Let's see when they will fall into our claw.Baysungur.My Bey.You know what you are suppose to do.I know, my Bey.Come on.My dear friend.Where are we going?

Where are Theodore and his loyal soldiers exactly waiting for us?They are waiting at the shore of Gokee, sir.They are waiting at the shore of Gokee, sir.Interesting.He was supposed to wait for us around Cakirca.Obviously, we are mistaken.While we are trying to escape from the claws of the Emperor......the killers of his relative, Mikhael Kosses..Oh..Or should I say the killer of Inegol Tekfur, Aya Nikola?Search him!So you are a Turk.You will drown in the water.You can eat as much as you want in hell!The not coming towards's going somewhere else.Cerkutay......was not on the boat, my Bey.

What happned next in this Episode Read Here

Come on.Catalans!Get in battle formation!Don't show them mercy!Bring the priest, kill the rest!Damn it! Where did they come from?For the Laskaris Dynasty Only Tekfur Rogatus knew about our arrival!Do you think it's the emperor's doing, master Gregor?I don't know Andreas.Priest Gregor!You crazy boy.Anselmo.Where's the priest?Why are you asking me Diago?You were supposed to get the priest while I was fighting Diego.Priest Gregor.From now are the captive of Kayi Bey Ertugrul Ghazi's son, Osman Bey.I've heard your name.I cursed your name in all the eastern churches for what you Jesus' children, Osman Bey.'ll give you a chance to live long enough to......get rewarded for your prayers.

Kill me if you want.I'm not afraid of you.And I'm surely not afraid of death.That's good.Don't worry.We'll protect you and your belongings.Alps.Sneak them into the tribe.Got it, my bey.Got it, my bey.I also want a cape made from brocade.....Silas.It'll be embroidered with goldwork.I don't want a big frame, just two fingers wide.There will be a griffon on it.&Two griffons looking at each other.You described it so well. Don't you worry, sir.It will be just like you want in no time.It wi[l b.e just like yew-want in no time.

Episode is going on very interesting read more

You know, Silas..You know, Silas..I have always deeply respected tailoring.It is a very intricate job.But unfortunately, I don't think I’haye the skills for it.Take it off.VTake it off and leave.Theodore?What happened to you?And, of course.....where is Priest Gregor?I don't know, sir.We couldn't get hYou couldn't get Him.Where are your soldiers?Or rather, do you have any soldiers left, Theodore?Talk! What happened?!Ca... Catalan...Catalans.It's Catalans, sir. « Catalans?Those bloody dogs.For whom would Catalans abduct Priest Gregor?It was as if they've been waiting for this moment.My soldiers weren't young or inexperienced. We didn't get scared, but...Shut up!

My brother?My AllahKonur?Konur Alp... What have they done to you, my brave brother?Everybody get back1Get back! Get back’Baysungur, did you touch him?Kumral Abdal, what are you doing?These wounds...If you wish to contribute to our efforts, you can donate via Paypal. Burning like fire.It s not good. Don t get close to him.Konur is breathing.But it's so weakIt may be contagious.Samil, go let the other doctors know.Get out1 Everybody get out1 Come on'My Bey, Ismihan is in Marmaracik.And our sheikh is with him.How do you know, Malhun?Ismihan sent a letter to Bala ' I m holding your father captive He is dead if you don't come here.'"Come to Marmaracik without telling anyone", she said Malhun, don't say it.Don t tell me Bala has left. Don t say it.She's gone my Bey.MalhunWe realized afterwards.I couldn t stop thatI lost one more. Ismihan ..Ismihan .. Both my Sheikh and Bala...You took them from me.I will... I will..No, I'll take them backI will make you pay for this* I will take them back.Sultan MesudThey want youThey want you, Sultan.I told you, Osman Bey.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

I'm a wreck.Whoever stands with me will collapse with me Even if you call yourself a wreck, ..I need you.I know what Ismihan is.But I know you too.And you will know me and this will be over.I will give them neither my beloveds....nor you.What will we do then, Osman Bey?I’ll take you somewhere that nobody knows.-Aykut knows where you will go -Yes, my Bey. I'll take our Sultan to the safest place.-Let s go my Sultan My Bey* My Bey’ Konur is in the dungeon, but sick.His sickness is contagious. Apparently Ismihan did that deliberately Not only Konur. It s spreading in Sogut.People are sick.It s a terrible situation.That's why she left Sogut....and made Marmaracik a headquarter for her.Tell me.Konur7Will he survive?We will do our best, my Bey.And we should all pray for him.If you say so,.we'll make Sogut our impassable fortress.MalhunMy Bey.You will rule Sogut with the help of alps Kumral Abdal, don’t let the sickness spread anymore You have to figure something out.Malhun, drive the sickness out of Sogut somehow.Don t be worrying, my Bey.-I will go take my Sheikh and Bala back May Allah protect you.

Come on.Thank goodness.Gunduz Bey.My bey trusted you.You've come and taken the lead here instead of looking for Osman Bey.You're talking with the Bey, Malhun Hatun. Do you hear what you're saying?Osman rebelled.You were there, you saw everything.I complied.If I had also rebelled, what would happen to our tribe?Vizier Alemsah...Vizier Alemsah is playing with Osman.You do what he says as if you can't see that!The vizier is doing his job.He only wants to help.Our people have been very about his visit.He helps the tribes.He ensures our peace with tekfurs.Malhun Hatun.Is all that bloodshed not enough?Don't you learn anything from the past, Gunduz?The vizier wants to divide the tribe and destroy Kayi.Look. You are over there.

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