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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 97 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 97 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 30 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I told you I was going to come after you.Here you are in my hands now.Your intention was to drive a wedge between me and the Beys.Who even is he that he could do what you said?So, you are the most skillful commander, huh?Skillful! So skillful!That's why he is dependent upon the bandits!I can even make an agreement with the devil to destroy Turks.Don't you worry at all.I know you want to capture Nicaea and Bursa.Of course, you do.But you also know that I'm not going to stop.You are going to tell me the name of the traitor in my tribe now.I did not like Nicola that much.But we are made of same thing.

You can cut my head off but you can't make me speak.Atabey Ahmet... You cooperated with him.He was working with you.Let's say this was the situation.How are you going to prove it?I am not in a hurry.Both your schemes and the traitor will be revealed.And your head will be taken.But until then, you will beg me to die early.Now, tell me who is the traitor in the tribe and let your death be swift.It was all my fault, dear.I couldn't protect you.I couldn't.But I promise you that, my long-suffering hatun......I will turn this world into hell.....for both the one, who took you from me......and whoever was in this.

First, that dog, Cebe.Then, Osman.I will kill them all with my own hands.I promise you, Selvi.I promise you.We are sorry for your loss, Barkin Bey.Thank you.Hatuns.I was harsh on you. Forgive me.It was because I was mourning.I know the things you did for Selvi.Give me your blessing.I give you my blessing, Barkin Bey.It is okay.Our pain is still fresh.Our pain is common.I give you my blessing.We did our best but we couldn't help her.We give you our blessing Barkin Bey.Selvi...My dear sister.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

Can you forgive me?I couldn't protect you.Selvi...Not being afraid of death is courageous to some extent.Now......let's if you can endure this pain.Let's see if you have enough endurance for a branded sword.It will be your endurance to be tested, Osman Bey!Talk now.I'm the wolf inside the coyote's cave!Warriors!We are here, my BeySo you have set up an ambush within an ambush, huh?You should be smarter than this to set up a trap for a wolf!This is the last one, my Bey.There are no other soldiers left.

EyvAllah.Now, take all the weapons and bows.Leave nothing back.Samil, Turahan.You will sneak in from the left side.Don't make any mistakes.We are the backbone of this plan.As you command my Bey.As you command my Bey.Alps......we will sneak from the right side with you.With Osman Bey's plan, today is the last day of those evil men.Come on, disguise yourselves.As you command my Bey.You are a good tracker, hu You can't even see what's in front of you, Cebe.I will tear you to pieces, no one will even find a single piece left from you!11- <You will not die before you kill Osman, get up!

My Bey, I am going after him!You traitor! You are an embarrassment for the Mongolians!Many have called me a traitor before.They are all dead now.It looks more like you are forging a sword with a hammer......rather than beating him!Well, you are as strong, Samil.Brothers, I stand in front of you, but I still protect your back.Same here, brother.Osman!Yeah, Osman!Out of the frying pan and into the fire, my Bey.If anyone follows us, kill them!Romanos!You will die by my hand!You can't escape!You infidels!

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

I will kill you first, then your commander! Come at me!We are here, brother!Allah is Truthful!I will not die before seeing them breathing their last!Whoever I served, I lost.But Rome always takes its revenge, Commander Romanos!Yes.But for that.....we need to survive first.So this is why you became a dog for Romanos, huh?Yeah.Do you think that's not much?I had to do it to survive!We lost everything!Since you want to survive......then you will tell me everything you know.

But of course....if staying alive means that much to you...I'll do whatever it takes to'll tell me who's the traitor in my tribe in contact with Romanos.I can't because they didn't tell me.I don't know Osman Bey.They never trusted me Osman Bey.They didn't tell me. I don't know. Please don't kill me.Please let me live. I'll be your dog.I can be your dog and serve you.I beg of you let me live Osman Bey.I beg of you let me live Osman Bey.I beg of you let me live Osman Bey.Do you feel better?

You're a killer.You killed my Atabey.Hold on Shehzade.I know you're young.You want revengBut wait and listen to me.You're a killer.Every word from your mouth is a lie.I won't hear it.When I become free I'll kill you Turgut.MashAllah. You're in perfect health.But sometimes more important than making a move. Listen to me.Just wait.You should've seen me when I was young. I could stop you then.But I'm old now.Come on then.Tie him up.His mouth too.You don't even hear my words.

But now you have to.I'll talk to you with your own words kid.Your poor father.He's supposed to give his beyhood to a boy like you.You don't see or hear the truth.You're blinded with rage and anger. But what about justice?What if your anger isn't enough?I know this is tough for you.But to understand what's going on, you need......silence and reason.Both of which you don't own.I didn't kill your Atabey.I'd want to rip off that traitor's head.But we follow the path of justice.That's the way of reason.

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

Someone's playing a game, son.I hope.....when you open you eyes it won't be too late.Thankfully, your father Ali Bey will know the truth.Maybe then you'll believe him.What are you up to Barkin Bey?Bala.You don't look good.Something's going on.Selvi's gone Aygul.But she left a mystery behind.What are you saying Bala?She said something...What?Is it bad news?My condolences Barkin Bey. May Allah bless you with patience.My condolences Barkin Bey. May Allah bless you with patience.

Selvi.She's not here.She's gone.Selvi's gone.Who will....stop me nowWho?Who'll stop me now?My Bey...Burning down......the whole Kayi Tribe......will not be enough!...failed to protect my hatun...You failed to protect her as well, Husamettin!Sorry for your loss, my Bey...Husamettin...Those who did this......and those who caused it.....will all die!...kill them all with my bare hands!What is it, Husamettin?Say it.Say it.-My Bey-Say itOsman Bey has captured Cebe.Come!Let's kill him, my BeyHe is a traitor!Let's kill him!Come here.We should kill him, my Bey Cebe..-Cebe!-My Bey!

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