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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 67 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 67 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 3 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. Whose treachery is this?Whose treachery is this?Whose?We saw Rogatus' flag during the attack, my Bey.Bring Karayelhere Goktug!Eyvallah my Bey.Ambush!Brothers! They are attacking Turgut Bey's alps! Come on!Turgut Bey...We are going to take his Alps back to him.We will hold their funerals......and dig the graves for the traitors!?As you command, my Bey.

My Bey....Karayel...Come on brothers.Come on!Karayel.Karayel!Brother.Brother!They came into my house......and killed my Karayel!They slaughtered my faithful friend......and cut off my wings, brother!Now, they say that......they won't let us live here......and they are hard on our trail!What holds them back from......coming into my tent as they came into my tribe?The ones who killed my Karayel today......might kill my Orhan tomorrow!The alps come forward......with their leaders.Water sleeps but the enemy never sleeps!You are the commander. Why were you sleeping?juejogMy Bey.Are the horses ready?

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We gave Kosses' brother to him, safe and sound!What about my alps?What about my brothers?How did this happen?Tell me Osman Bey, who did it? How did it happen?The fire of vengeance......burns its master, too.You are the Bey of this tribe.If you get will burn those around you, too.We are already burned, can't you see it?It's time for us to burn them now!Don't stand too close to them!So that you won't get burned, too, Osman Bey!You are acting inexperienced.Don't.Don't.4We should take the vengeance of our brothers!Give us the order, and we will kill them, my Bey!Of course we will take their revenge.We are going to take that infidel Kosses' head!It's not certain yet that it was Kosses.There is something else behind this.Let's wait for the cloud of dust to go away first.Wait for it to go away first.

Tell me then, wh® is it? Who is it, Osman Bey!I have spoken.Your alps are martyred.They all reached that glorious position we all want.Now, grieve for them.And bury our martyrs.If that's all you have to say...Eyvallah Osman Bey.Eyvallah^Oh my dear son!Are we going to wait, my Bey?Bilecik Castle.To what do I owe this invitation?Don't.Don't act as if you don't know, Tekfur Rogatus.Did you kill Turgut Bey's alps?What?What are you saying, Gunduz Bey?

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

They are, my Bey.We will set out without losing time.We will arrive at Turgut Bey's tribe before the dawn.We shouldn't make our martyrs wait.As you command, my Bey.You are not coming, brother.What is done is done.We need to be make sure of the ones who did this.You are going to Bilecik, to Rogatus.Invite him to my tribe.I want to look into his eyes.So that we can see if he was the one who did this.As you command, my Bey.TURGUT BEY'S TRIBECan I come in, my Bey?Come in, Kutan.Is there any news from Osman Bey?There is not, my Bey.There has been no one sent by him.They will come.They wi-What if something bad happened to them my Bey?-They will come safe and sound.Osman Bey is going to bring our brothers to us.

He is going to.If he does not...Any proof......just any evidence.An evidence regarding the bastard who killed Karayel!Who did this to you?Sergeant Ayhan!My brave alpsMy Bey, you promised me.You told me that my father would return!They martyred him......and cut off his fingers.You promised me!Damn you all!You killed my son, damn you!Osman Bey.Great Osman Bey, who is followed by many other tribes!You couldn't keep your promise to us!You believed thatTekfur!Turgut Bey, watch your tongue!Ertugrul Ghazi's son Osman Bey stands in front of you.But we kept our promise!

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Have you ever see me being mistaken about something?Where was the Priest we have been looking for?In Osman's hands.I told did not know about this, right?Because if you did......then it would be inevitable for you to use Turgut for the same purpose as Rogatus.You couldn't have hide such an exchange from me......right?We are on the same side, Nikola.Why would I hide such a thing from you?Caesar and Brutus.They were on the same side, too, Kosses.It's really heart-breaking that you are suspecting Uis, dear Nikola.Our purpose was to teach a lesson to your "gift" for what he has done to me.Also, Rogatus gave Turgut, whom you imprisoned by fighting, to your biggest enemy exchange of the Priest.

EyvAllah Let s go, alps Let s go.Sheikh Edebahis in our dungeonMy Allah I cannot believe this.What should we have done7 Should we have said no to the great Valide Sultan7 -We should have, hatun.They will not stopIf Osman continues,. he will cause many problems to a lot of people We believe in Allah, Bengi.Sheikh Edebali is a believer.Do you think someone who does this to a believer will not pay the price?We are in the wrongWe are in the wrongIf Osman hears this,..he will turn this fort into hell.He cannot, Oktem BeyHe cannot.Valide Sultan.My flag is on the fort.Who is Osman that he will attack where I reign?I* '»• •My Sultan, Edebah is not important only for Osman He is valuable fo all the Turks.He is a believerI am afraidThere is no need to be afraid Oktem Bey irL / ’ -I know what you know.

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Kashif Munir
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65 epsiode sy ly kr 80 epsiode koi b video ni chl rhi

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