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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 68 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 68 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 4 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. Alps.Soon, they will be here.Now, it is time for revolt.Now, it is time for slaughter.You will seize all the goods.No one will survive.As you command, my BeyAs you command, my Bey.Come on!6/ , *Take defense order!Protect the caravan!God is with us!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Theodor!

For you think God is with you......why are you running like a jackal seeing a lion?Show up yourself!Come on!Come on!Come on, brothers!Come on!J . '•’ • S 1.; .f;My shoulder was cut so many times, Osman......that I don't feel it anymore.Your head...When I take your head, you will feel it.3 DAYS BEFOREBILECIK CASTLE...Priest Gregor and Andreas are not in their room.Then, where are they, Theodor?‘ • I<r 'Sir, it seems they left willingly.What about you?Do you agree with your commander?(SYes sir.Take him out.Quick!You stay, TheodoI was not convinced when Osman gave Gregor to me without making any plans.Well, I see now that he had already made his plans.What about Gregor?

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Why did he return to Osman willingly?I don't know sir.Don't interrupt me while I'm thinking aloud, Theodor!You should have earned that by now Dear GregoLet's see what's the reason for you to return to Osman.Hey passenger.....what is your destination?Kizil Elma!Osman Bey!The priest......the priest escaped with something more important than himself.You are holding the most valuable relic of Christian world.What makes this so valuable?What you are holding is important enough to cause a new crusade, Osman Bey!

A piece from the cross Hadhrat Isa was crucified on.It is believed that blood of Hadhrat Isa.....spilled on this cross.Everyone in Constantinople is talking about this. The Emperor is mad.Every Tekfur was informed about this.They will unite, and attack you together.You need to be careful, Osman Bey. They may strike any moment.Would you look at that.Osman Bey, whom they named "devil" holding their most precious relic.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

So you are telling me that every Christian will unite against me for this.What if I act before them, and unite every Christian under my command?That would be a very dangerous move, Osman Bey.Only those who are brave can pass through tough roads.You are my eyes and ears.If you learn anything new, send word to me with a raven-.As you command, Osman Bey.Now it's my turn to make a move.Harmankaya Castle.HABMAWAAYA KAJLBSIRogatus knew what he was doing.He used Catalans and took Turgut from me.And he gave him to Osman.And for what?For Priest Gregor.

Have you ever see me being mistaken about something?Where was the Priest we have been looking for?In Osman's hands.I told did not know about this, right?Because if you did......then it would be inevitable for you to use Turgut for the same purpose as Rogatus.You couldn't have hide such an exchange from me......right?We are on the same side, Nikola.Why would I hide such a thing from you?Caesar and Brutus.They were on the same side, too, Kosses.It's really heart-breaking that you are suspecting Uis, dear Nikola.Our purpose was to teach a lesson to your "gift" for what he has done to me.Also, Rogatus gave Turgut, whom you imprisoned by fighting, to your biggest enemy exchange of the Priest.

All the sacrifices you made for me went to waste.What Rogatus did will not go unpunished.And his punishment......will be heavy.I'll give him a gift he'll never be able to forget.'□ftYou think it might lead to another crusade Osman Bey.Are we strong enough to face it?We'll have to take this risk, they don't attack our sons and daughters later on.But they don't care about the priesfor the cross.All they care about is to banish us from this land.They want to stop us from calling this land home.My Sheykh Father used to say, "Contraries exist together."If he's powerful enough to have the Christians attack us......he's strong enough to stop them.EyvAllah. EyvAllah.We must believe it my Bey.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

There's always someone who can overcome the crusades.Thank Allah there is someone.It is my wish take the castles and towers.....we can't take with our swords......using Priest Gregor.We'll win the favor of the Nor-Muslim people.And we will do that with Priest Gregor.But......they will bend the knee.They will beg us.They will see that their hearts.....are in our hands.And we can crush them whenever we want.Then let's start winning the favor of the people, my Bey.

EyvAllah Let s go, alps Let s go.Sheikh Edebahis in our dungeonMy Allah I cannot believe this.What should we have done7 Should we have said no to the great Valide Sultan7 -We should have, hatun.They will not stopIf Osman continues,. he will cause many problems to a lot of people We believe in Allah, Bengi.Sheikh Edebali is a believer.Do you think someone who does this to a believer will not pay the price?We are in the wrongWe are in the wrongIf Osman hears this,..he will turn this fort into hell.He cannot, Oktem BeyHe cannot.Valide Sultan.My flag is on the fort.Who is Osman that he will attack where I reign?I* '»• •My Sultan, Edebah is not important only for Osman He is valuable fo all the Turks.He is a believerI am afraidThere is no need to be afraid Oktem Bey irL / ’ -I know what you know.

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