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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 72 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 72 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 8 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. If they know we are here.....they will make Turgut Bey pay for it.There were also soldiers running upstairs, my Bey.Alps!ForTurgut Bey! Attack!-Come on!-Come on!You will pay for your treachery.If I had taken your side, that would have been the treachery.Couldn't you still understand, Rogatus?Against coyotes, all the wolves unite and become one!You won't be able to leave here.Dead or alive!Keeping you alive will be just enough until Osman comes.Soldier. You did a good job by watching him.I knew I couldn't trust a Turk.We've arrived, Turgut Bey!Come here!More soldiers are coming! Be careful, my Bey!My Bey! My Bey!

We need to get out of here!-Come on, my Bey!-Come on, my Bey!My Bey, they are coming!My Bey! Come on! Come on, my Bey!My Bey! This way!Come here!Don't let them go!Don't let them go!Don't let them goDon't let them goMove! Open it!Open it!Come on!Come on!Come on, Alps!Crouch!Kill them!Crouch!Crouch!They are out of arrows Open it!I won't leave the Turkmen kids to you!I will be back!I will be back for your head and the children!Attack!Attack!Come on!The passage! The passage! They are going to the secret passage!Come on!Break it! Break it!Open it!Strike!-Come on, Alps!-Open it!Open it!CerkutayCome on! Hold it brother! Hold it!Open it!

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Open!Allah is the Greatest!-Come on!-Oh MashAllah!-Open it!-It can't be opened, sir!Open it!Move! Move! Move!We couldn't get the kids.What are we going to do Osman Bey?My brave children are strong.They left a trace behind.They are going to Hristos Monastery.We will go there, too.But not now. Its time will come.Return to your tribe.So be it. Inform me as well.Osman knew about the secret passage in my castle!What were you doing?What were you doing?You are lucky that he couldn't get the kids.

If he had, I would have to smash each of your skulls.I sent Bahadir behind Gokee. I want you to ask around the hatuns in the tribe.Hatuns will give us a lead for sure.They always keep an eye out. They must have seen something.Don't worry.Don't worry.I trust you fully, Aygul. Together we will find the traitor, InshAllah.InshAllah.Kayi Tribe has never allowed a traitor to dwell in it. It won't do it now either.Eventually, we will find out who it is.My Bala.Ayse told me.You haven't eaten anything.Don't be like this.It hurts, mother.My Gonca passed away.My Ahmed is captured by the infidels.My Osman did not return yet either.He will return.He will return eventually.He will return with Ahmet. I promise.InshAllah mother.InshAllah.UPLL1SQDon't be sad.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

Our brave children left a trace.We know where they took them.Thank Allah.MashAllah to my lions.Where are they, Osman Bey?They took them to Hristos Monastery, brother.Cerkutay must have reached there, he should scout ahead......then we will get back our children.H KI ) S M rt I KIrHristos Monastery.Brave children of the Kayi.Brave children of the Kayi.We will get all of you back.We won't leave you at the claws of the enemy Come inside.Everyone of you will turn out to be a great Christian.You infidels!Our heart is filled with faith!We won't kneel before you!Let's start with your looks.Behave well, my good children.Don't worry, Osman Bey will save us.

He knows that we are here.I left a trace in the dungeon.Don't let your beautiful eyes look sad.We will get Ahmed and our children......back from them.Don't worry.Well there is a reason you sharpened your sword. We will get them eventually.We will get our children back......and we will also take those bastards' heads!Be at ease.Can I come in, my Bey?Come in.I spoke with the Hatuns, my Bey. They are glad.They are praying, and waiting for good news from you.They will reunite with their children soon.Can I come in, my Bey?Come in Cerkutay!My Bey, the trace Ahmet left was correct.

The children are at the monastery.Oh MashAllah!Inform the mothers!It's time for them to reunite with their children!/to--si ' ♦ ••iVThe infidels laid their hands on the kids.They have gone too far Davut Aga.Now......a big war is about to break out.Wait and see.Our skin is thick.....and our Alps are brave.Swords, Gunduz Bey.We need more swords.Davut Aga.If we were to get into a big war.....won't we have enough swords for Alps?No my Bey.We have swords alright.But if it's a big war, the swords won't be enough for all those Alps.We'll need more swords.That's right.In the name of Allah.We'll find a way.Of course we will.We will.AYA Y()R(il MANASTIKI Aya Yorgi Monastery.

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You'll never change us.1 iThe kids are inside.And the guards protect them.There are two doors to this place.And two soldiers are on each entrance.5 soldiers are on watch in the yard.When we break down the doors.....Turgut Bey, you will head into the yard with your Alps.I sent Aykurt before hand.He'll tell us if there are soldiers other than the monks.Our swords will handle the rest.However......don't forget that our children are in there.Be careful when you swing your sword.Be careful when you swing your sword.Alps!Get back on your horses.Osman!You think I'll just let you have the kids?

He couldn't take the kids.You little dog.Damn it.Osman knows where the kids are.You! Hurry up and go They have to take the kids to Aya Yorgi......not the Hristos Monastery. H u rry!Soldiers. Be ready.Nikola, Kosses and I......will greet Osman.But first find some Turk's clothes for the Christian boys in the monastery.Osman will think they're Turks.Come on. Move.You can't survive every ambush Osman Bey.It's over now.k ^6-0^'*Attack!Archers!

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