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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 73 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 73 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 9 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The women, who struggle for the red apple......and who don't hesitate to give their lives in Hatuns! Hatuns!My brother.We destroyed all the schemes the infidels prepared.All the swords they drew cut themselves.And the children, who are the future of our tribe, are with us now.Thank Allah, my Bey.And the ones, who tried to burn Sogut down, burned themselves.We eliminated all the moves they made.We eliminated all the moves they made.

It is our turn now.It is time to conquer now.The first castle we are going to take is Inegol.To knock their walls over them......we need catapults.And we need many swords for Alps to equip.And we need many swords for Alps to equip.And we need iron for all these.There are mines on the road heading towards the castle.There are mines in Inegol.,Th@re mIf we capture them......we can solve our problem.We need to check them properly, Osman Bey.We need to check them properly, Osman Bey.We need to learn if the mines are yielding and how many people are guarding them.Blacksmith knows the iron best, brother.Davut Master is in Inegol in disguise now.Oh MashAllah.It is a good move, Osman Bey. It's quite wise.InshAllah, he return with good news.InshAllah, he return with good news.-InshAllah.-I nshAlla h.InshAllah, he will.The governor, Saguros, set out to visit us from Nicaea.

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The governor, Saguros, set out to visit us from Nicaea.The governor, Saguros, set out to visit us from Nicaea.We will host him according to the traditions of the Turks.-Are the preparations done?-Everything is ready, my Bey.-Are the preparations done?-Everything is ready, my Bey.Nicaea will talk about our hospitality for days, my Bey.We show our whoever approaches us friendly.And we discipline whoever approach us the battlefield.Whet your swords now.The time of conquest is coming soon.New miners are approaching.We'll infiltrate the mine with them.Blend in well. Don't reveal yourselves.I don't want any problem Alps.We'll infiltrate there evelallah, Davut Master.Come on!They even stop the villag passing on the road.The infidels protect their road well.

Where are you going?Okay, you can pass.Davut Master.The situations is the same in the back.Everywhere is full of archers.They positioned well.Yes, they do.They are here. First scouting, then conquest.Come on, Alps. May our war be blessed.Eyvallah, MasteMove! Move!Move! Move!Move, quicklyThat's Argus.He doesn't recognize us.If he does, we will die, brother.But we will take him with us too.Well, it will be shahada for us, brother.Stop talking! Move!MoveCome on, move!11AI<MAN KAYAK A L E SIDo you really think of marrying to Nikola, ma'am?This marriage won't happen, Cornelia.Love is as strong as death.What's the difference in spending a lifetime with someone whom you don't love than death?I will never get married with him!

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

You did not forget what we talked, right Mari?You should finish wedding preparations right away.By the way, you left the castle yesterday without informing me.Where did you go?I went out to get some fresh air.Where did you go?I didn't go far, brother, I was at Harmankaya.You are lying while looking right in my eyes How could you go to Turgut's tribe without telling me?What are you up to Mari?It's none of your business, brother!You insolent girl!Until you get married with Nikola, you won't take a step out of this castle!Did you hear me?I'm watching you Mari! This wedding will be held tomorrow, that's it!

Ma'am!Ma'am, are you okay?My brother thinks he can use me like a pawn, but he is mistaken!I want you to do something for me, Cornelia.It's important for me.There is nothing I wouldn't do for you, ma'am.Go to Turgut and ask for his help.Tell him to kidnap me before I marry to Nikola.Do you trust him that much?Right now, I trust him more than anyone.The mine is right here, my Bey.The mine is close to the castle.No matter what happens......we will take over this mine.Tell me, Master Davut.

The veins in the mine yield lots of iron.This is from the mine.This means a lot of weapons for our alps.If we take over this mine, my Bey......I will forge sharpest barbs for our arrows.I will forge the strongest balls to wear down walls.Everything necessary for our bows and catapults lie in this mine.The mine is so prosperous, my Bey......we can even sell the excess weapons I forge.Oh MashAllah, Master Davut.Well, I didn't send the forge master there for nothing.Any iron that goes to your forge will come out as weapons.But it's hard, my Bey. We need to cross Inegol border.I S’'I1V NVAX N WlWlVIIHA KM AN KAYAK A L ESIHarmankaya Castle.May God forgive Priest Gregor's sins.May God forgive Priest Gregor's sins.He had only one job to do! One job!To place the gunpowder!

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That incompetent man couldn't even do that!May God forgive him! I can't forgive such an idiot!Priest Gregor was my friend! Watch your tongue while talking about him!He died while fighting for the same cause as us!What happened is happened! You won't fight because of a dead priest, right?Governor of Nicaea, Saguros.Governor Saguros.What a nice surprise.We weren't expecting you.I didn't come here for a visit, but to warn you!About what?

About the attack against Osman Bey on his way to Nicaea!Osman is our enemyDon't be insolent, Kosses!t) && tSomeone tried to poison him in my castle!The one who attacked him on his way to Nicaea, continued his attack in my palace!I was the one who attacked Osman.I'd attack him again if I could.You're the one who traded with Osman......despite us and dishonored the cross.Because me and my friends.....are well aware that we can't trust the Turks.What about you Saguros?

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