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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 74 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 74 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 10 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Alps!Brothers!-Brothers!-Brothers!-Brothers!-Brothers!Brothers!We are here to help, brothers! Hold on!-Hold on, brothers!-We are here!My Alps!Brothers, make a sound!-Come on, let's do it!-Come on!Come on!My Bey.My Bey, we can't open it.Brothers! Just hold on!My Bey.My Bey.My Bey, it is stuck!Alps!-I won't leave them!-My Bey!I won't leave my Alps!-Alps!-My Bey!Alps!Look around!There must be another exit.-We will find it, my Bey.-Come on!We'll find it.Come on!Come on, Alps!

Here it is!Osman!Your Alps are dead.You will be dead, too!-Come on! Come on!-Come on!Let's find an exit.-Come on!-Come on! Come on!-Come on!-Come on!Come on, be careful!-Come on!-Come on!Alps!Brothers!Attack!Allah is the Greatest!Brothers! Are you okay?Brothers! Are you okay Brothers!Allah!Gencebey, come on!Come on! Come on! Come on, Saltuk!CerkutayCerkutay never dies!Come on, brother!Come on, Cerkutay!-Come on!-Come on!-Come on!-Come on!Come on, let's get out of here!My Bey!Brothers!Come on, brothers! Come on!Brothers!-Boran!-My Bey!Come here.My Bey.Some of the Alps couldn't get out.We had so many martyrs.Come on!My brothers...Bastard...Leave me! I will never return!Don't make this harder!You are the one forcing the one, who doesn't love you, Nikola. Leave the girl.I've made so many preparations.I am going to marry Mari.Don't you see?

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Mari doesn't want you.Come on, settle the account with me.Leave the girl!Leave her, Kosses!Don't do it! Don't hurt him!Nikola!Nikola, okay.Look, don't hurt him, please.I wanted to run! He just helped me!It's is the truth! I beg you brother! Brother, I beg you!Nikola! Nikola, please He just helped her!I can't recognize you, Mari.What did this man do to you?How could you request help from our enemy, Mari? How?And what kind of a man are you, Kosses?What kind of a brother are you that you let your sister be exposed to such a cruelty?But don't worry. Your turn will also come.You will pay for every tear she had because of you!If my name is Turgut Bey, I will be your executioner......and make you experience hell, Kosses! Hell!Hell!

You.....are going to die today our hands!Dreams, Turgut Bey.You ruined the best day of my life!I'm going to kill you in such a way......that it will be a lesson to all my enemies!Kill me.Kill me!Or I will make you regret it!Nikola!Okay...Let him go, if you don't hurt him and let him go, I promise I will marry you.Don't Mari.Don't.Hush...Don't say that.If I live, I won't let this tyrant have you!Dear are already going to marry me.Why would I let him go?You damn bastard!That's enough.Let's have some fun.Turgut!Nikola, please don't Please! Brother, help -Enough!-Nikola don't!Enough!Let go of Mari.Tie him up.Tie me. Tie me up Nikola.Do your best!But know this......even if you get married with Mari, she will never......want you!Take his armor off, too.Look at what great Allah did.You wouldn't grow up in these parts.There must be a reason.In the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.Nikola, don't!Don't...Brother..Brother, do something.Nikola.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

I need to bring help.I should go to the tribe quickly.Brother please do something.juejogTake him! Take him!We are retreating!Boran!Brother!juejogMy Bey!-My Bey, stop!-Brother!My Bey!iAsg A|a|My Bey, stop!My Bey!Some are still alive!We got wounded people my Bey We got wounded people!Brother!Brother!Brother!I won't leave you in their hands!Look at these.Tell me Bala, what do you feel?Tell me Bala, what do you feel?Do you feel like it's a boy or girl?I don't know.As long as it's healthy...Ameen.Mother, what do you feel?Mother, what do you feel Mother made correct guesses before.I don't know.I feel like it's a boy.As long as it's healthy.InshAllah./Can I come in?Come in!Kumral Abdal.Turgut Bey and the Tekfur's caught by the Tekfurs.It doesn't look good Selcan Hatun.

They will kill him.What are you saying?Tell Gunduz now.Mother. Gunduz is in Sogut.What will we do now?The Bey's Hatun's here, mother.I won't let Turgut Bey and Mari be in their hands.Aygul. Tell the Alps. We must get there now.Don't worry mother.Where are Turgut Bey's Alps?Alps aren't with him.Kumral Abdal. Find them.You know where they might be.Mother.-Protect yourselves my girl.

The veins in the mine yield lots of iron.This is from the mine.This means a lot of weapons for our alps.If we take over this mine, my Bey......I will forge sharpest barbs for our arrows.I will forge the strongest balls to wear down walls.Everything necessary for our bows and catapults lie in this mine.The mine is so prosperous, my Bey......we can even sell the excess weapons I forge.Oh MashAllah, Master Davut.Well, I didn't send the forge master there for nothing.Any iron that goes to your forge will come out as weapons.But it's hard, my Bey. We need to cross Inegol border.I S’'I1V NVAX N WlWlVIIHA KM AN KAYAK A L ESIHarmankaya Castle.May God forgive Priest Gregor's sins.May God forgive Priest Gregor's sins.He had only one job to do! One job!To place the gunpowder!

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Mother.-Protect yourselves my girl.Nikola stop.Nikola. Just stop.He'll pay for his disobedience.He'll pay.He'll pay.No.Give it to me.He won't die without feeling pain.You won't die without feeling pain Turgut.Wait Nikola!You think you can walk with these feet?

When has anyone joined a council with his weapon?Will you found the state you dreamed of by disrespecting traditions?Leave it.Do you have a death wish that is making you disrespect like this?Stop.Be careful about what you say.He does not have a death wish.But he has a narrow point of view.Only a wolf can see a wolf's dream.Don't talk against a dream you didn't see.The weapon that will bring us to that holy dream......will be used by us to end the cruel.We hope you won't be one of those people.Now, I will give my my alp.Alps.Your commerce has been damaged.You went through many difficulties.And for what?

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