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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 77 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 77 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 13 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We are going to Inegol.The time has come, Osman Bey.My Bey!My Bey, someone is coming!Alps! Stop thereWe saved you from the Vizier.....thanks to Koses' help.Welcome, Mikhael Kosses.Welcome, my Osman Bey.Allah, damn it!What happened here?“ueiusoHe was here. They ran away.What does this mean, Konuralp?Couldn't you stop a few men?They played a game on us.We tried to stop but-But even though you suspected something, you couldn't stop it.Maybe, we overvalue you.One of the ahis made the guards on the door drink sherbet.

When they fell unconscious, they entered secretly.But such a thing will never happen again Vizier Hadrath.So, he was an ahi..My suspicions were right.Edebali... You help Osman, huh?You've arrived right on time, Celali.He will understand what working with Osman means.He will be punished for what he did.As you order, Vizier Hadrath!And you pull yourself together right away. You will find Osman.And I will not accept any mistake again.As you order, Vizier Hadrath.I took'anjaoly oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.'I took'arT holy'oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.

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I took an holy oath together with the Tekfurs on our unity.But the treachery of bastard Nikola revokes my oath now.The desire for revenge has made you work with us, Kosses.It has, my Osman Bey.But don't forget, it will last until the end of Nikola.If you say so.Eyvallah.But..But.....don't try to do something behind me by alleging revenge.Don't worry.I'll only scheme for the ones harming me.You can be at ease.I am always at ease.Both in game and trap.Don't you worry.But...y * ~ v '’•f s...what Twant to say is that......what I want to say is that.....what will be on the stalls are my people's goods.And there will be also your goods. I don't want them to be damaged.The bazaar, which will be set up in bad for both you and me, Kosses.We will destroy that bazaar.And what do you want from me?

Your goods are also going there.Your goods are also going there.The car carrying those goods will take Alps and the oils, which will be used to burn the stalls.We will burn all of those stalls.A tekfur, who is helpless to defend his own people and lands......can't host such a bazaar.And then?When Vizier has no choice, he will set up the bazaar in Harmankaya.

You made a good plan.But neither Vizier nor Nikola will never want that the bazaar is set up in Harmankaya.The bazaar will not be set up in Harmankaya but in a much better place, in Bilecik.Of course, I will also explain them the reasonable points about setting up the bazaar in Bilecik.And what about Rogatus?Can you convince him?In order to take my revenge from Nikola, I can even convince Sheytaan himself.EyvAllah.EyvAllah.The bazaar will be set up in Bilecik.You will face with Vizier.And I will end that bastard Nikola......who tried to kill my Mari.It means we will both get what we want.Mari is with us.It looks like you realized your mistake and stopped.Mari......we need to get the permission of your brother.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

With the order of Allah.....and with the words of our great prophet Mohammad PBUH......I ask your sister Mari's marriage for my brother Turgut.With one condition.The wedding will be held in Harmankaya.Eyvallah.It will be in Harmankaya.Then I......allow my sister Mari to get married with Turgut Bey.Eyvallah.Eyvallah.Mari.Brother.My dear.I always wanted the best for you, you know that right?After they are can't stay here, all gazes will be fixed upon you.That's why, I will host you in Harmankaya.When we take care of Inegol...She is my companion Zehra, my Sheykh.One of the hatuns of the tribe.Sheykh Edebali!When we were here, Osman slipped past my soldiers......and took his alps and left.Did you know about that?

My soldiers say that they passed out......after drinking the sherbet given to them by an ahi.You acted unjustly.Without a imprisoned the alps.Osman Bey......served justice, and I stood by his side.And I will always stay by his side.You will regret it Edebali.It's price will be great.If you mean......losing my life by price......then don't stand back.What seems like a punishment for you, is a reward for us.What seems like a reward for a punishment for us!Arrest this rebellious Sheykh!Let go of my Sheykh!Let go! My Sheykh!Let go of me!-Let go!-Let go of my Sheykh!Bala Hatun!Bala!Why are you taking my father away?What will you do to him?Don't worry.I will leave him to a professional.-Let go!-My dear!My dear, stop.Whatever comes from our Allah, is a reward for us.Wait.Be patient.

Take him away!No! No! Father! Let go of my father!Father!Let go!My SheykhFather!Father!Oh my lion son.I overcome all this troubl ...with the strength I have in my heart for you.I live, so that your shining eyes......can see beyond these lands.My Orhan.My Orhan.Oh MashAllahWhen he grows up, he will be brave like his father.He will,He will be, my Malhun.You look at Orhan with kind eyes.They love him so much, look at them.Both of their eyes shine.Orhan is lucky.Our child will be lucky too, my Mari.When my child comes......I will look at him with such eyes that they will shine like stars.Like how they shine when I look at you.I hope so, Turgut.My Bey.Malhun.Take him.Here.Baysungur.

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My Bey.Vizier Alemsah.....took Sheykh Edebali and put him in a dungeon.They attacked us......and now they locked him up.My Sheykh.My Bey. Let me go be with my Sheykh.Allow me to go my Bey.Kumral Abdal. Wait.My Bey.Let me go cut the throat of that bastard Vizier.Cerkutay. Wait.My Bey allow us to go kill them.Let us go my Bey.Alps. Just wait.Wait.Those who can do this to a holy man......are the biggest traitors.Vizier wants us to do that.He wants us to save our Sheykh from that dungeon.But.....we won't do that.We will provoke the people.Turgut Bey.Go to Sogut.Those people are committed to my Sheykh.Tell them "Don't stop until the oppressors stop what they do."This is your duty.EyvAllah Osman Bey.EyvAllah Osman Bey.iMalhun.-My Bey.Go to the tribe.Keep your eyes on my brother.

Hurry up! They're coming.Secret passage.Take us to the secret passage. Come on.Come on.Come on. Hang on.Come on Mari. Hang on.You'll be okay Mari. You'll be okay. Come on.Come on.Don't let them get away. Go.SoldiersSoldiers!Soldiers!The doors...Hold the doors!Let me go and run! Hold the doors!The doors!Mari.Come on, wake up Mari. Wake up.Cornelia.Mari.Come on. Where is it, Kutan?-Come on!-Come on.Come on.i Ajjn hRun! Run!Close the gates of the fortress!Let go off me!Close the gates of the fortress!Help.Mari.She's waking up.She's waking up!Mari.You're okay, right? You're okay.Turgut.I'm here. I'm here.There's no time, my bey. They will find us.Okay, let's go.Come on, hold Mari.Let's go, slowly.Bring Mari here.Come on. Come on!Come on, slowly.Slowly. Slowly, Mari.Let's go, come on.

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