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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 78 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

his is Episode No 78 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 14 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You betrayed in whichever way possible.You even made my people and brother……turn their back on me.You are biting more than you can chew, Osman.You will pay for your insolence with your tribe and people.But first with your Alps.What are you talking about?You dare to draw your sword……and set a trap on the Vizier of Seljuk, huh?You are walking to your death, Osman.Stop there, Konur!Back off.V’Je have your Alps.Don’t make a mistake, Osman. Or, they will die. My Alps…Ya Haqq!Are my Alps alive?It depends on you, Osman Bey.Tell me!Leave Vizier Alemsah.If you even lay a finger on them……first I’ll kill the Vizier……and then, I’ll kill you here!Cut it short, Osman. Lower your sword.So that I will only take your head.

Leave me!Leave me! Bastards!Leave me!My Bey! My Bey, we’ve arrived, my Bey!My Bey!My Bey, we are here-Leave me now!-My Bey!-Alps!-My Bey, we are hereBack off.Back off!Move now.Back off!My Bey! My Bey!Brothers.Are you okay?-We are fine, my Bey!-Weare fine, my Bey, we are fine!Your Alps are alive. Leave Vizier Alemsah.Or, all of them will be beheaded.My Bey! Kill himMy Bey, don’t worry about us! Take that bastard’s head!•ueiusoBrother, what are you doing?I am holding the head of the one, whom you cooperate with, Gunduz Bey.Don’t do it, Osman!If you kill the Vizier, there will be no turning back from this, Osman!Think about your Alps.Think about your tribe! Think about your family!So, for my tribe and my family……I should stand up with a traitor like you, Gunduz Bey?

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You are breaking the order of the Sultan!Don’t do it.Look Osman, just surrender.Sultan likes you.Go to his presence and explain yourself!My cause is the cause of the Turks.And this cause is so blessed that……there is no reason to explain it to anyone.However……even you don’t understand it.Brother.Don’t take another step ‘ll never ever miss the opportunity……of killing you, Gunduz Bey.Or, go then.Brother.•ueiLJsoYou will pay dearly for the things you did.But you will never be able to rake my lite.Because you are merciful, Osman.You can never give up neither on your Alps nor on your brother.My Bey! Don’t think about us! Kill him!

Don’t make that bastard talk my Bey!Your alps already gave up on their lives.Gunduz Bey is brave too.What about your tribe In case he kills me……Konur, it’s my firman!Turn Kayi tribe into hell!Don’t leave any tent not burned……and don’t leave any head on shoulders!Orhan!You little..Well if Osman Bey stops doing this mistake.Not because what you have done……but just for what you have just said, I am going to rip you to pieces.But..But..Not now!Wait!Wait Vizier Alemsah!

My Bey don’t let him go Not in the future either Osman.This is the end for you.Let me think about the future.Finally.Finally, the wolf is in the cage.And the traitor lion is at the end of my sword.I will take Nikola for what he has done to Mari.I want you to let Osman in when he comes to Bilecik.If we don’t act together with Osman……they will unite and destroy us.Let’s hope so.Traitors!

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

As you wish my Bey.Alps!It's time to end thereign of the oppressors.We're going to Inegol.As you wish my Bey.-As you wish my Bey.Come on.Bilecik Castle.No. Not these ones.Take it away. I want the best product for the market.My dear friend Kosses.Welcome.Julia. Can you excuse us for a minute.As you wish Tekfur Rogatus.You too.We have a problem.What is it?Nikola and the Vizier.They made an agreement in secret.Of course. Why didn't I think of it before?They've been friends for long.That's why...What is it?That's why Nikola wants to get rid of us with the Vizier's help.Why don't you get it Rogatus?

His share in the market is twice our share.Tell me something.Why is the market in Inegol?Remember how Nikola objected when we gave our opinion at the meeting with the Vizier.Don't you get it? They're using us Rogatus.He will help Nikola make profit in trade by using us.Then Nikola will becom powerful and then.....he and the Vizier will destroy us.

Take him away!No! No! Father! Let go of my father!Father!Let go!My SheykhFather!Father!Oh my lion son.I overcome all this troubl ...with the strength I have in my heart for you.I live, so that your shining eyes......can see beyond these lands.My Orhan.My Orhan.Oh MashAllahWhen he grows up, he will be brave like his father.He will,He will be, my Malhun.You look at Orhan with kind eyes.They love him so much, look at them.Both of their eyes shine.Orhan is lucky.Our child will be lucky too, my Mari.When my child comes......I will look at him with such eyes that they will shine like stars.Like how they shine when I look at you.I hope so, Turgut.My Bey.Malhun.Take him.Here.Baysungur.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

My Bey.Vizier Alemsah.....took Sheykh Edebali and put him in a dungeon.They attacked us......and now they locked him up.My Sheykh.My Bey. Let me go be with my Sheykh.Allow me to go my Bey.Kumral Abdal. Wait.My Bey.Let me go cut the throat of that bastard Vizier.Cerkutay. Wait.My Bey allow us to go kill them.Let us go my Bey.Alps. Just wait.Wait.Those who can do this to a holy man......are the biggest traitors.Vizier wants us to do that.He wants us to save our Sheykh from that dungeon.But.....we won't do that.We will provoke the people.Turgut Bey.Go to Sogut.Those people are committed to my Sheykh.Tell them "Don't stop until the oppressors stop what they do."This is your duty.EyvAllah Osman Bey.EyvAllah Osman Bey.iMalhun.-My Bey.Go to the tribe.Keep your eyes on my brother.

Hurry up! They're coming.Secret passage.Take us to the secret passage. Come on.Come on.Come on. Hang on.Come on Mari. Hang on.You'll be okay Mari. You'll be okay. Come on.Come on.Don't let them get away. Go.SoldiersSoldiers!Soldiers!The doors...Hold the doors!Let me go and run! Hold the doors!The doors!Mari.Come on, wake up Mari. Wake up.Cornelia.Mari.Come on. Where is it, Kutan?-Come on!-Come on.Come on.i Ajjn hRun! Run!Close the gates of the fortress!Let go off me!Close the gates of the fortress!Help.Mari.She's waking up.She's waking up!Mari.You're okay, right? You're okay.Turgut.I'm here. I'm here.There's no time, my bey. They will find us.Okay, let's go.Come on, hold Mari.Let's go, slowly.Bring Mari here.Come on. Come on!Come on, slowly.Slowly. Slowly, Mari.Let's go, come on.

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