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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 81 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 81 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 17 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Don't...Don't...So, you don't want to die, huh?But, in my tore......there is no mercy for the oppressors!Run! Quickly! To the Vizier's room!My Bey! Let us kill them!Alps! Don't kill your brothers! Never!My Bey, we don't kill our brothers but they don't stop coming even with our beating we giving!I'm glad that our Bey's move worked.Or, we'd be overrun with soldiers.Even this makes our work hard more than enough!

My Bey!Osman will make the ones who did this pay, mother!He's giving them what they deserve now in the inn.He's giving them what they deserve now in the inn.If Osman's plan worked, he would have handled Vizier by now.But if his move in the graveyard doesn't work......the inn will be full of soldiers.Then, we'll go and take Osman Bey.Let's wait for the news first.Mother.Mother.Mother, you are fine, thank Allah.Mother, you are fine, thank Allah.Mother, you are fine, thank Allah.Thank Allah.Thank Allah, I am fine. Osman? Is there any news from Osman? We'll receive good news InshAllah, mother. Selcan Hatun, you are fine, thank God. Selcan Hatun, you are fine, thank God .

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She's fine. She's fin e.My mother is a strong woman. She is Selcan Hat un!The good news will come soon InshAllah.The good news will come soon InshAllah.InshAllah.Get rid of them we can handle Vizier. My Bey! They must be the last soldiers in Sogut !Osman won't stay put, we need to be careful. You will prepare a secure room within this room .A shelter behind the wall, with everything necessary insid e.It won't lack anything.As you command Vizier Hadrath.CerkutayMy B ey.Tie them up!As you command my Bey.As you command my Bey. Come on! Come on !You fight well Kisses!

Look, there is one better than me.MashAllah.You are on our side for now, but if you stand against us in the future, you will see what happens then.Eyvallah.Kutan, Serhan, come on brave ones, tie the soldiers up. As you command my Bey .Osman Bey, why aren't you killing u s?I would never kill Turk soldiers that are tricked by a traitor to believe that they are fighting for the state. My problem is with the Viziers that have strayed far from the path of the Haqq. That Vizier betrays the Sultan, you will see that too .But.....for now, your lives are under our care. But I want you to stay pu t.Eyvallah Osman B ey.Stay put.

CerkutayWe won't kill you, but don't think that we won't beat you. We won't kill you, but don't think that we won't beat you .We will leave before sunrise. But first, I will take care of Vizier Alemsah .If we cannot know what to do.My Bey, the vizier is gone.What are yosaying appsps! Stay with tsoldierier!You escaped like a snake, huh! He wouldn't jump down when he was wounded, right ?If he had, we would be looking at his corpse now. I know the wound I caused !Why isn't he dead then? That coward Vizie r!He must have worn armor under his clothes.So he is being cautious, huh?-Baysungur!-My Bey.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

Se arch around the inn for traces.-Cerkutay!-My Bey. Search every corner! Come on!C ome on! No mistakes !This time, there won't be any mistakes!None!Didn't the Tekfur slee p?Sleep, Jul ia?My castle was given to that idiot Gunduz. Two old men are giving me orders. And you're talking about sleep. If I was an idiot, then I would sleep .And that's a maybe.I thought your alliance with the Vizier made you happy .When the Vizier needed me, I wa s.But Geyhatu's arrival changed everyth,ing Julia.

The offer those two old men presented me seemed like an opportunity......but the devil involved in this. I have to have eyes on the back of my head .Or else my back.My back......would turn into a target board, Julia.$6 * * 'Geyhatu...You seem to know h well Tekfur Nikola.Hepinizi gebertsem...If I kill you all...If I kill you all...B0tun u<?an'cPleave Wsamborders to Osman......and leave the borders to Osman...°'a'ncl :ma,k°e' hi'rrH'he Bey of the Beys...Bana, bunu^ ctKa?’NL style would be wrong....tell me why that would be wrong.

Geyhatu...If I accept his helping hand......he'd choke me with those hands .We're ready for your order sir. The sun's coming up .Markus. Get your men read y.We're leavi ng.As you wish sir.Tekfur Nik ola.Whatever your next move is.....I'll be by your side. You should know that. Osman. I will ruin you, Osman.Sogut.Commander Geyhatu.Osman took Vizier Alemsah.Osman wounded him. Osman...Osman...Canini alacagim......I will kill hi….I will kill him.Alem^ah…Almah…AlAlmah.Seni akilh sanisanidine..I thought you were smart.Osrr ,Y'6iOrrre r’stupi‘deen'ou'g h°tosin-get caught by Osman.Osman’i bOsman’s.These bastards keep on playing tricks on us.They want to kill Sultan Mesut and then me.My dagger's on the back of Sultan.They couldn't take you they want to blame you for the Sultan's death.It's me. Cevahir.Come in brother.You'll help us now.We're in big trouble.Get us out of this palace.I know brother. I know what trouble you're in.Cevahir.You used me and tried to kill the Sultan.I helped you traitors.I'll turn you in.What are you doing?I thought you were my brother Turgut.How could you betray us?Osman Bey. Your reputation was harmedShut up.What do you know Cevahir?

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Osman will die here..Osman will-die here..Sdgut’te Sogut.You're somewhere around here Vizier. You're somewhere around here .You're somewhere around her e.What if he jumped through the balco ny?Osman Bey told us to look for him. He thinks he's at the inn.H e still sent his Alp. He's not that certain about it. We should have precautionKissess.

Come on. Help me find that dog. Okay, let's find him. Come on .Hey, Turgut!Vizier Alemsah!You can't even die with your honor intac t.You just run away like a r at.But I'll find you no matter where youThe go.Alps!Leave no stone unturned. He must have left a trace behind.My Bey! There's no trace of him outside. But Geyhatu...Geyhatu is blockading the inn.What are you talking about?! Damn it! What is Geyhatu doing here ?This is not good, Osman Bey.

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