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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 83 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 83 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 19 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The time has come, brother.Our roads have separated.You are on the road of Haqq.....and my eyes were curtained by blindness.I made a mistake.I've joined the blind ones.My blood is halal for you now, brother.Come on, brother.Come on.From now on......the only solution is at the tip of my sword, my Sheykh.Of course, it is at the tip of your sword.However......the sword that will wake Gunduz from the sleep of not the sword on your belt.It is the mercy in your heart.

It is forgiveness.Even if he did all these things?The nature of human is tend to make mistakes.We are subjects.What is important is to repent.What is important is to repent and take shelter in Allah's mercy.Don't spare your mercy from someone......who takes shelter in Allah's the sunnah of Allah's prophet.Let the state you dream.....become greater with its mercy as much as its might.Forgive your brother.Death will claim us all one day.But I won't take your breath today.Ask forgiveness from my Rabb.Let him forgive you first.I fell into a dirty trap, brother.When I was trying to do good......I became the tool of the suppressors.

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For you saw you fell down......why didn't you stand up, brother?Why did you take the horses to Geyhatu?Why did you try to break the Turkmen tribes?I knew they would cross my path, Osman.I knew it.I prayed...I prayed that something bad happened to me on the road.So, I wouldn't have reached.Look.My prayer is accepted, brother.It is accepted.Your intention and actions are different from each other, brother.The lodge......Sogut......and even the tribe was going to be destroyed by Geyhatu.To stop him... To stop him......I promised something to Geyhatu.Neither Kayi......nor the lodge, nor not be afraid of shahada.But you turned them.....into subjects to let them live.I made so many mistakes, brother.So many.I can't finish by counting.So many.INEGOL CASTLEMmgiyan. Many Mongolians have come to my castle before.

But.....Osman always killed them.But we are together now. We are together against Osman, aren't we?Geyhatu beni sapa kar^i uyardi...Geyhatu bdni sana kar^i uyardi...Geyhatu warned me about you.Geyhatu warned me about you.Kihcini qekerse korkma ama konu$ursa kork...O yiizden sus Nikola.If he draws his sword, don't be afraid, but if he speaks, be afraid, huh? Good.Geyhatu is a real judge of character.Nikola, .-ifjk.erl^rini, kiliclanni atlarim adrecegim...Nikola, I want to see your soldiers, your horses and swords.Geyhatu’.ya v-rocedin o^d‘‘Lvu teftis edecedim.

I will inspect the army you will give to Geyhatu.You will do all of that, Mingiyan, but I have a little surprise for you first.Soldiers!Rogatus...Nikola!I always knew that you couldn't be trusted.You know everything, right Rogatus? You must know where Osman is, too.ex°0 ’ OI won't punish you today.You won't disobey me.You will do everything I say.As you command Osman Bey.Keep it in your mind.No one will know.You will continue ruling as the Bey.And I am going to kill the ones that have tricked you like this.You will bring Geyhatu to me. I will pierce his throat like a wolf!

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

Now go to he won't understand.Eyvallah brother.Eyvallah.Alps!Return to the tribe!Today, the blood of the evil men will be shed today, not the blood of Turks!Just like I want it.You are not going to talk?Okay, as you wish.No!I like burning people.Even if I tell you Osman's location, you will kill me.Osman should live, so we will have a chance to get revenge from people like you!Look at him. Look how he trusts Osman.But if you talked, you could live.Right?... । ^ize qereSer? Osm™ in ■■■ .We need Osman s location. This idiot can live the rest of his life as a marked man.Come on, tell us where Osman is.You asked for it.Okay, okay!

I will tell!Osman and Kosses hide in Kuzgun hill.You gave us the information we wanted now.Untie him.I have one last surprise for you.I knew you'd do this.You know everything still did it. You're a bastard Nikola.And you always will be.Yes, but I'll live.Soldiers!That's it.Geyhatu will like this.Argus. Take a unit with you.I want Kosses and Osman.My Bey. I waited in Kurtbogazi as you asked.They found me and gave me this.The Beys said they'll accept our invitation.Thank Allah.MashAllah.Now go and start preparations for the feast.Now...Now we'll get the fire started for the rebellion.

Until these lands are reclaimed......our swords will never be lowered.And Geyhatu will......regret that he was ever born.Kumral.Hide.Allah Allah.Master Davut.I didn't know it'd be this powerful.It doesn't just explode......I put some left over parts of the swords in it.It will cut everyone around it.Those poor Geyhatu dogs.You were almost going to kill me.What are you doing?Something great Kumral Abdal.Something really great.Allah willing, it will kill tens of them without the help of a sword.This shepherd acts like a Dervish.Does a Dervish shy from mistakes?No.This shepherd wants to prepare for war.We should throw this......with a catapult, not a fuse.But it should explode when it hits.It'll be 10 times bigger than a cannon.%But......we need something to make it explode when it hits.I'll look into it.I'll look into it.I'll look into it.MashAl I ah.Akca will destroy all the gates around.

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We don't just break..If we intent to break the gates......we'll build inside of it.If we intent to break the gates......we'll revive the surroundings.And......why do we destroy?Huh?To build something better.I'll handle it.I'll handle it.I'll handle it.Elsiz*toir adam, dogada hayvanlara yem olur...A man with no hand...^Isiifbir adam, dogada hayvanlara yem olur...Isiztjir adam. dnc^da havvanlara yem olur... ...falls prey to animals in the wild.Atesi k-oruvamayan ahma.yann. hakettyii budur...Fools who can t protect tne fire deserve just that.

Demek Rogatus da bunlar gibi erkek degildi...This means Rogatus was not a...Demek Rogatus da bunlar gibi erkek degildi...Demek Rogatus da bunlar gibi erkek degildi......real man, just like these.i^kenceye dayanamadi.He couldn't stand the torture.He couldn't stand the torture.Osman’in nerede dlecegini soyledi.He told us where Osman will die.Osman'in kellesi nereye dii^ecek.Where will Osman's head fall?SurekIj ver dedistirmis Osman... He kept going to different places.Am?'/anr aece Re-aatus’la sdzkc.mis...But he made plans with Rogatus for tomorrow night.

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