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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 84 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 84 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 20 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I hope my child will be born healthy ...and I’ll see him wear all these, inshaAllah.InshaAllah, Bala Hatun.Here.Bala Hatun? Are you okay?I am okay, Zehra. He has been doing this frequently lately.I will be fine soon.There is time until the birth.Bala Hatun?Zehra. My baby is coming.Lay down.My child is coming, Zehra.Zehra. My mother said that it was not the time. Go and tell my mother!My child.Don’t you have shame?

Why are you torturing the children?Selcan Mother, this is the second time they did the work wrong.I see what they are doing and I see what you are doing.How mant times have you done this?What do you want from these girls?Why are you hurting them instead of being a mother to them?What about you?Hatuns of Kayi.Why don't you protect these girls?The one who keeps quiet is as guilty as the one doing a bad thing.Is this how you were raised?Selcan Mother. Bala Hatun.What happened to Bala?Her water broke, Selcan Mother. The baby is coming.Come on, hatuns.Cloth and warm water!My Osman'a child is coming.Oh.

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How fast you have grown!Oh, my Orhan.I want to see you as a brave man ...and I am curious of the man you will become ...but at the same time I don’t want you to grow up and I want to hold you in my arms forever.But don't listen to your mother, my Orhan.My brave son, you will grow up, of course.When the foal grows up, the horse rests, ...when the son grows up, the Bey rests.My dear son.Can I come in, Malhun Come in, Aygul.Is there something wrong, Aygul?

Nothing is wrong.Bala.Her birth started.Orhan’s brother is coming.What are you saying, Aygul?But Selcan Mother said that ...there was time until the birth.Maybe it is just a contraction?We were surprised...but her water broke. My mother is with her. Don't worry.InshaAllah, his birth brings good fortune.InshaAllah.I hope my Orhan’s brother is born healthy.InshaAllah.Come on. Let's go.Tell Ayse Hatun.I will. Come on.My Orhan.

Let's see if your sibling will be a girl or a boy.My child.My Bala.Mother, my baby is coming.Thank Allah, the baby is coming.Zehra, put a pillow behind her. Come on.Here.My Allah, thank You.Come.Tell me, are your contractions frequent?Yes, mother. It hurts so much.You will get better, daughter. When you hold your child in your arms your pain will pass.InshaAllah.Mother. What is the situation?Contractions are coming and going. The baby will be healthy, inshaAllah.Hold on, Bala.Zehra, come onWarm water and cloths. Come on.Hold on, Bala.Brother, take this.- My Bey!- Osman Bey!My Bey.My Bey. Come.We came here for Geyhatu.Keep your rage for him.Come on.Vizier..My brother, hold on.I will hold on.Alps! You deal with the Vizier.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

I will go after Geyhatu.Come on!Konur, follow Osman.Read him to me dead or alive.Come on!Yes, mighty Vizier.Argus!I can't let my soldiers die for nothing in the hell like this.We are withdrawing to the castle. Did you hear me?Okay, sir.Soldiers! We are withdrawing.You came here on time, Erbey.I overcame many dangers coming here from Konya, mighty Vizier.What is my mission?Konur.Konur?I think he made the greatest mistake, Erbey.Thank you offered his loyalty to Osman, ...not the state.Follow him.Konur has been my friend for a long time.But there’s a price for betrayal.If I see him make a mistake, ...I will bring his head to you.Attack! Take all the alps as prisoners!Geyhatu.I have the fury of a wolf going after a prey.

Geyhatu.You can't go anywhere.£ome»ontKomutan Geyhatu, tannya §ukur oradan Qiktik.Commander Geyhatu.Komutan Geyhatu, tannya §ukur oradan Qtktik.Thanks to Tengri,Komutan Geyhatu, tanriya §ukur oradan <?iktik....we got out of there.Ya^ayacagim Qiinku oldurecegim.

I will live...Ya§ayacagim <;unku oldiirecegim....because I will kill.You're bleeding, Kanamariiz var Komuiari uc^iatu commander Geyhatu.Yaranizi saracagim. muhafizlar bize yeti^ecek I will bandage your wound.Yaranizi saracagim. muhafizlar bize yeti^ecek Guards will catch up with us.Take it out.Cerkutay, brother.Your Osman Bey turned his back and left.He left you to my mercy which is blind to rebels.Prepare the logs, come on.Your cruelty high as the sky.

Vizier Alemshah.Let us treat our wounded friend at least.Vizier!No need for that.You all will die eventually.Osman should know.....I’ve captured you first.That will be your end.Take those rebellious dogs......from here.Put them where they they deserve.Come on!Hold on. Hold on, Cerkutay.Easy! Easy!He’s somewhere around here.Turgut Bey.They’re close.Come on.Geyhatu!Stop there.Stop there so......we can finish what we started.Osman..Beni oldurmek Osman kolay olsaydi...If it were easy...Beni oldurmek Osman, kolay olsaydi kill me, Osman, L-i-u] dp’X, have lived so long.

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Let's go, commander Geyhatu.Mother, I can’t stand it!Be patient, my girl. It will be alright.You are a strong woman.You can stand.Hang on!Hang on in there.Hang on.It will be hard. Very hard.Oh no.She needs strength.Go to the healing tent and ask the midwife to prepare sherbet.She knows what to do. And bring it when it boils.I'll tare care of it, mother.Mother.If only I could wait a bit longer and Osman could be here.Osman will be back. He and you will hold your baby in your arms together, inshaAllah.My Osman will come.And my baby will be born healthily.Right, mother?Of course, my girl.

Nobody has ever stayed in there.It will come here as well.But it seems it will be stubborn like the father.My Bey!Brothers, come on!Cerkutay, brother.Hold on. Hold on, brother.Hold on, brother.Turan, hold it strongly! Don't let the burden fall on the front.Cerkutay. Hold on, brother.Come on, brothers!Hold it strongly!You're alright. It’s alright.Easy!Brother! Cerkutay.Cerkutay, hold on. Hold on.Hold on, brother.Brother.-Cerkutay.-Brother.Come on, come on.Calm down!Vizier, let my brother go at least.You all will get what you deserve.First the pit! And then hell!Stop that!You have no mercy? Leave him! I'll take him down there!

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