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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 86 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

What happned on the start, This is the start of this Episode

This is Episode No 86 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 22 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We have been sleeping inside the enemy.Right beside them.We had a place in their heart.We learned about their minds......souls, trade and belief.We owned them.It's time to awaken the ones who live under the fake light.It is time to wake up now.They have taken root into these lands.We will break their branches and scrape their roots off.Any crowd equipping swords can turn into an army.But raising a commander takes years.Whatever rooted inside of thought, scholars, elders, commanders...We will destroy them all.Wake up!

You are the first awekeners.The ones, who has woken up to kill.And you are even more dangerous than the poison in my hand.Maria thinks you are a lonely girl.And Turks think that you are a lonely girl serving Mari.And you are our most capable killer.I will destroy the unity they try to build......from inside, right from the middle of it.His commander has revealed their weakness.Let their weakness bring their end, Cornelia.Let their weakness bring their end, Cornelia.

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For their most elite commanders, Turgot and Gunduz, is falling out with each other day by day......this separation will be bloody.And whose end will come with this poison, sir?It will be end of Mari, by whom you have been hiding for years.I've buried my father into the black earth.I've buried my father into the black earth.My heart is in pain, Osman.He's gone before coming together with his grandson.Umur Bey is a martyr.We are witnesses of it.But you should also be a witness that I will take the lives of whoever did this to him.

I have no suspicion about it, my Osman.My father will be avenged. I know it.You are a strong woman.You will come through this pain, too.And I will be always be with you.But.....excuse me for now.I have an unfinished business with the Sultan.You're right, Osman.You've held your funeral.J v:TrW::‘It's time to give an account, Osman.My Sultan.o‘0,f'C.?.I took no action that I can't give an account of, my Sultan. For what do you want me to give an account?You killed the Vizier of the Seljuk State right before my eyes!

You did the thing you couldn't do to me!I won't waste breath by saying the things you did.The only words I will say will be your death order now!My Sultan.There was injustice in your decision.If Vizier Alemsah was alive now......he would tell you everything.However......his time was up.If the heads don't talk......then others talk.ill .I. 1I/>* I 'Sultan Hadhrat.I am your subject, the commander of Seljuk State, Konur./ff ••»*>Now they will tell you, my Sultan.J*7'^o'OB fest"I saw my servitude to Vizier Alemsah as servitude to you, my Sultan.I beg your forgiveness.Cut the nonsense, tell the truth.My Sultan, Vizier Alemsah has......done many cruel things, hiding behind your seal.ust the ones Ihave witnessed.....made his death justifiable.

Episode is going on very interesting and thrilling

Speak, who holds Vizier's leash Sultan Hadrath......Vizier Alemsah......attempted to kill Osman Bey.Isn't that what a rebel that.....tried to kill me deserves?\' - "XTell me Barkin.How did this happen, and where! Tell me everything.I wish I had not come beforehand.I shouldn't have left my uncle alone.We should have died together.Not you, Selvi......I should be the one under the ground.I am ashamed to raise my head.End my shame, Malhun Hatun.I couldn't protect Umur Bey.I fear great Allah......that's why I can't kill myself.

Save me from this burden.Shut up!Shut up!I need the ones that killed my father!Stop crying and whining and tell me what happened!Mongolians...Mongolians did it.Who was their commander? How many they were?They were crowded.I couldn't see.No alp of Umur Bey or mine survived.They martyred my brave alps......right in front of my eyes.While I was fighting 2 Mongolians......I got wounded and fell to the ground.While I was about to pass out......I saw that Umur Bey fell, too.Give him some time Malhun.

Can't you see his pain?He loved my uncle too.They killed him in front of him.He is in worse condition than you and I.I buried my father......but the ones that killed him will not even have a grave!I did not come here to listen to fairy tales Osman!I know what I have seen! You stabbed me in the back!This is not a fairy tale, my Sultan.Mingiyan will tell you everything.Speak!Tell them how you attacked m ...and how your plans worked when I went to see the Sultan!Tell him about the unity of Vizier and Geyhatu!Tell him how......that dagger find its way to Sultan's back!’ i ‘ «‘OSpeak!IAlem$ah, Osman esir dii$unce bize haber saldi...When Osman was captured...Alem^ah, Osman esir du^iince bize haber saldi......Alemsah informed us....Alemsah informed us.

If you reached here reading this then you have understand that how interesting this Episode is

Onun han^erini senin yaverine verdik...We gave his dagger to your aide.Yaverin Selman, Ulu Geyhatu’ya sadiktir...Your aide Selman...Yaverin Selman, Ulu Geyhatu’ya sadiktir...Yaverin Selman, Ulu Geyhatu’ya loyal to great loyal to great Geyhatu.Hem senden Hem Osman’dan kurtulacaktik...We were going to get rid of...Hem senden Hem Osman’dan kurtulacaktik...Hem senden Hem Osman’dan kurtulacaktik......both you and Osman.Q O •- ‘Q o W-.O • i o 0 .Ama Osman.But Osman..These does not clear your name in my eyes, Osman!They are saying what you want, so that they won't end up the same as Vizier!I

I am in no position to be offended.I have no other intention but to stay by your side and make things right.EyvAllah brother.EyvAllah.People make mistakes.You are entrusted me by our father Ertugrul Ghazi.And I entrusted the tribe to you.But you made a mistake, brother.I know......that your goal make sure the tribe stood strong.....and survive with little damage in these hard times.Your goal was honorable......but your actions were wrong.You always want the good of the tribe.But this goodness......can only come with halal money, brother.That's why......I make you the new treasurer of Kayi.Brother.....Allah knows that I wouldn't mind being guard at your doorstep after what I have done.

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