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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 87 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 87 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 23 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Osman Bey.Brother, call for help Allah!My Sheykh!Close the gates of Sogut!Draw your swords against whoever comes and goes there No one will leave!No one!But you will catch whoever comes and goes!Don't come back before finding a track Come on!As you command, my Bey. Konur, come on.Brothers, come on! Come on!Allah forbid, I hope no one got hurt, Cornelia.Obviously, someone wants to kill, Osman Bey.Who wants to blow up the whole Sogut while targeting Osman Bey?

Who can commit such a cruelty, Cornelia?Of course..The only one, who might want to take Osman Bey's life in such a time, can only be Gunduz Bey!What are you talking about, Selvi Hatun? What kind of words are these?And what are you talking about, Erdogdu?Don't you know that Sogut was blown up?I'll go and let Malhun know.They say Sogut was blown up by Gunduz Bey.What are you talking about, Cornelia?How could Gunduz Bey turn into such an evil man?-Couldn't we know him at all?-Come on, Cornelia!

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

Gunduz Bey is held as a prisoner.How can he do all those things?Someone sets a trap on my Bey, don't you see it?What does it matter even if I see it? Everyone is talking about this.If Gunduz Bey can't clear his name......he will die.How can my Bey clear his name, while he is a prisoner?But if he escapes.....he can clear himself.-Akca!-My Bey!-Are you okay?-I'm fine, my Bey.That's...Father.Father!Father!My Sheykh! Help me!-My Sheykh!-My Sheykh!-Help!-Come on!-Come on!-Come on!Oh my Sheykh.

Father!My Sheykh! My BeyThey are still together but it won't last long.He's weak.Both his breath and the pulse of his heart are weak.Allah protect him!-Stretcher!-Stretcher!Run! Run! Stretcher is coming!Be quick!-Come on, bring the stretcher!-My Sheykh!Come on!It was because of me, My Sheykh! My Sheykh! My Bey!My Bey, it was because of me! I swear did all these things, my Bey What did you do?These are the irons we put into the flying fire, my Bey!-My Sheykh!-They hit us with our own ammo!-My Bey.-Take Alps with you.

Go to your tent but the one who did this to us may set a trap on you! Come on!My Bey, I hope the one who did this shows up before me, InshAllah!Don't cry, Ayse.No one pities us.Why are you crying?Mari is gone, my Bey.And she's gone with her baby My heart is in pain.My Bey.My Bey, they blew up Sogut and the inn.What are you talking about, Erdogdu?Osman, alps?Tell me, what's the situation?There are many martyrs, my Bey.But people have already started blaming you for it, my Bey."Gunduz Bey blew Sogut up, and attempted to kill Osman Bey" people say.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

We need to escape.They are blaming me for every single thing that happens!Who does this treachery, Ayse?I don't know Gunduz.But someone wants to slander us.What are we going to do now?We will escape.We will escape and clean our names.As long as we are stuck in this hole, we can't learn who did this.Erdogdu, you know what to do.already prepared the cart, my Bey.We need to escape before the guarding alps come.This is not the right time but...How can we leave the tribe on daylight?Raise him!-Come on!-Turn around!My Sheykh!Come on!Come on!Come inside to help!

Come on!Come on!Hold on my Sheykh!Hold on!Come on!Come on!Hold on my Sheykh!My Bey!My Bey!My Bey, we found the cart that brought the apples to the inn in a street.But no one was around.Help!Take my Sheykh away.I am going to ruin the plan of that demon!Come on!Quick! Help here!TrapTrapYou damn bastard!Dog of the demons!Their plans never end!I will make him speak in the lodge!Bring him after me! Come on!

As you command my Bey Get up!Come on! Move!Come on!Move!What are you carrying, brother Erdogdu?I am bringing food to nearby villages, brother.Osman Bey's orders.He wanted me to complete Gunduz Bey's unfinished duties.Selvi Hatun.Selvi Hatun.I saw something, but I don't know whom to speak to.What happened Cornelia?Tell me.

Tell me.Tell me Cornelia.What did you see?Gunduz...Gunduz Bey and Ayse Hatun were escaping.What are you saying Cornelia?How can they escape from the tribe?How can they escape from the tribe?I saw them entering barrels.Erdogdu is helping them escape.Erdogdu!Do you know which way they went?I know.Are you scaredYou should haveHang on my Sheykh. Hang on.Hang on my Sheykh.In the name of Allah.Hang on my Sheykh. Hang on.Hang on.Father?Father?

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

What happened?Kumral Abdal what happened? How is my Sheykh?Allah will heal him Bala Hatun.His wound is deep.He lost a lot of blood.We'll heal him and wait.Hang on father. Hang on.Don't leave us alone. Hang on.Hang on.I couldn't protect my Sheykh Bala Hatun.I'm terribly sorry.I'm terribly sorry.If my Sheykh woke up now...If my Sheykh woke up now......he'd say,"Be patient when you face trouble.""There's good in everything that only Allah knows."But I can't be at ease if you don't say it.Father.Give me a cloth Kumral Abdal.Give me a cloth.Come on.-My Sheykh.My Sheykh.My Sheyhk. My Sheykh.

What if something bad happens?My Sheykh is strong.He'll survive this.Kumral Abdal.InshAllah my Bey.InshAllah.Where will we go now my Bey?Hide the carriage.There are caves nearby, We'll spend the night there.EyvAllah my Bey.Gunduz.How will we prove we're innocent?We'll find them Ayse.We'll find the ones who did this.Don't worry.My Bey. Someone's coming.Ayse. Ayse run! Come on.Gunduz Bey were are you going?Come on Ayse.Let's go catch them.Why didn't you stay with Bala Hatun?There are enough people at the lodge.Alps.Be careful.They wrecked it all.Who......would do this Cerkutay?I don't know.But.....we'll find out.We can rebuild it.

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May 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Good Subtittle💎💎💎

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