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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 90 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 90 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 26 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. What you are seeing right now Inegol Castle.Look at it carefully.Carefully.Because we will walk there first.Because we will walk there first.Then...there is Bursa,...surrounded byKesis Mountains.Further, there is Constantinople.Further,..the whole world.You will teach this dawah your children which I got from my father.They will..They will teach it to their children.We will become a state.Our campaigns..and battles will not end.Sons,..we were born on horseback ..and we will die on horseback.

A horse symbolizes good news.A horse is Turks' wings.And..When we ride a horse...we always go further.Our roots always want to campaign ...and we always want to conquer.We move furthe...thanks to two things.Orhan,..tell me.What is the first.Our dawah of justice, father.Our dawah of justice, yes.It is out duty to extend Allah's justice to whole world.'uippeeiv...what is the second?Glorification of the word of Allah, father.Yes, it is.That is why we fight.That is why we ride our horses.Our Haqq's dawah.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

Until the whole world is ruled with justice, ...until every innocent people gets peace ...we will fight with the cruel.Sons,.come on.We will ride our horses for our dreams.Where will the tunnels take us, father-?There is a way out in the end of every narrow passage.The important thing is to know the wayIf you know the way, do not worry.But if you don t, you will take precaution.Boran.My Bey.Come.- Come on.- EyvAllah, my Bey.Sons.

Where is this place, father?The beginning of the way that leads to conquest; my Orhan.The home of the alps whose hearts are filled with the dream of holy war.Good job.- Thanks, my Bey.- EyvAllah, my Bey.EyvAllah.Salaam Walaykum.- Walaykum Salaam.- Nice work.Welcome, my Bey.Thank you, Davut Master.Welcome, Shahzades.Thank you, Davut Master.Thanks, Davut Master. Tell me.What is the situation?Here, my Bey.I calculated everything, my Bey.Catapults will be positioned like this.They will attack the walls and wreck the door, InshaAllah.Davut Master.....will the range of these catapults be enough?

It will be enough inshaAllah my Bey.If a contrary wind comes up.....can the cannonballs on the catapults.....fall on us?I knew you'd ask this, my Bey.I strengthened.....the cannonballs against contrary winds elhamdulillah.If the angels of Allah helped the warriors of us as well, wind will not be strong enough to stop us inshaAllah.InshaAllah. InshaAllah.If we have strong imaan (faith) the lions of Badr.....the army of angels will support us.Right, Molla Alaeddin?You said well, my Bey.-Hey mashaAllah.MashaAllah to my lion.My Bey.My sons.Tell me Konur.My Bey.As you ordered.Cerkutay has been collecting information for some time.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

He is in Inegol now.A troop that is carrying swords and Greek fire is......about to arrive in Inegol.But Cerkutay says that....if we don't stop the will cause us problems during the conquest.Jackal Nikola.Then we will shoot them.Won't we break the peace if we shoot the caravan, my Bey That caravan is carrying swords, my Bey.If they try fighting against us because we raided the caravan.....he will be the guilty one.....because he was bringing weapons to his castle.

Nikola won't even understand what happened.We will descend on him.He won't be able to come after us.We want to fight with you, my Bey.You deserve itf for sure.But y°u are not talented enough for a fight yet.You will prove yourself while hunting first......then you will be ready for a fight.EyvAllah my Bey.Then we have to go hunting.Don't you.....come back with empty hands.Don t.Yes my Bey.Baysungur. -My Bey.Let's go.My Bey.What about the meeting in Sogut?It is alright. We won t go there with empty hands.But... I will go there in advance for the raid and find a place.Don't be late.My Bey.Let one of us stay with you.Let me....ride my horse alone.It looks like a precious cloth, Simon.It is precious, sir.

It was brought from China.It is an old cloth left from Sasanis.They are using it in West Roman Empire to cover the graves of saints.Am I a saint, Simon"?They cover the graves of deceased saints.But you are standing in front of me like an ancient sculpture.You deserve it more.When will it come?It is on the way- sir.You know that we made a peace agreement with Osman, right, Simon?No one should know that where that coming from and where it will arrive.Do you understand?I planned everything.

Don't worry, sir.You will turn into a shadow, Simon. No one will see, know and hear youLords will come soon.Even they should not know who you are.Now take your saint clothes.....and leave.With my respect.Don t waste time, Simon.Don't waste time.Selamun aleykum!Aleykum Sei am, Gencebey.Hello, Gencebey.Are you good, brother?Good, Boran.And you?Good, thanks to Allah.MashaAllah!How are you, Master Davut?Thanks to Allah, good.You're good?EyvAllah. EyvAllah.Aleykum selam.You've been gone for long. Where have you been?We defeated the heathens raising troubles in Karadag.Thanks to Allah.

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

Who is he?I'm a Caucasian Turk. My name is Samil.I heard that Osman Bey was waving the flag of jihad.So I wanted to join him.Welcome.You’re lucky, brother Samil.We re going on a campaign.Thanks to my Allah.EyvAllah.Make no mistakes, hatuns.Check them well.This is the personal order of the Lord of Bilecik.MashaAllah.Its color shines like the sky.Even my eyes can see the beauty of its color.Thank you, hatuns.You did a great job.May your work be easy, hatuns.-Thanks.-Thanks, Malhun Hatun.Aygul.This is the finest quality.They finished the job completely.MashaAllah.Look at mother.

She's working as always.She never takes a break to rest.She starts working at dawn.May Allah give her strength.-Amen.Amen. Amen.I don't want to say it, ...but her pains are getting worse.She visits the healer and gets her back massaged.Oh my beautiful mother!Bd 16.We couldn't do without you.My beautiful girl Bala. How are you doing?How are my children? Did you find them?Yes, mother. They’ve gone for training with their father.

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