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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 92 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 92 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 26 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Come on, my lionsWe'll be rewarded for our effort immensely in the conquest!Come on, my lions! Let's work!Well, Mr. Blacksmith..7?Alps!Protect the catapults!Gather the swords!0Burn! Burn everything!Burn! Burn everything!Everything!1Everything!Mr. Blacksmith.Mr. Blacksmith Davut.Did you prepare all these for me?I'm honored.These catapults...These swords...These catapults...These swords...Here, look.I burned it all.What are you going to do now, huh?You burned, Nikola.

You burned.Do you know about phoenix?It's name is Turk.With the light of Islam in our hearts......we revive wherever we are burned, evelAllah.Burn Nikola. Burn.You will also burn like this in the afterlife.I don't like stories, Mr. Blacksmith.But you, Turks love stories.And you talk too much.Damn it.Inhisar is gone.Bilecik is gone.?■ SbYarhisar will also be gone, Tekfur Vasilius. Inegol, too!I don't think so commander.What can stop Turks anyway?Their siege will never happen.Because they will lose everything they have.And they won't succeed.They are up to something, my Bey.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

They will make a move.So you say, he seemed so confident, huh?How could they even know?-Cerkutay.-My Bey.Beat up Aktemur slightly.Then, take him into his tent.As you command, my Bey.Come on.Oh, MashAllah!Our warriors have arrived!Our warriors have arrived!Davut Usta!Davut Usta!Davut Usta!Davut Usta!Are you okay?I am fine my Bey, go after that dog!Davut Usta, I will not leave you alone Brother, I am here. Come on!These wounds are nothing to me.Go after that dog, my Bey.-Come on brother.-Brother.Come on brave ones! Let's go after our Bey!iliwegWe will follow our BeyNikola!Nikola!

My Bey.Bring him to me.-As you command my Bey.-Asyou command my Bey.Our Bey caught a big prey.Since Nikola is our prisoner now, Inegol will fall soon, too.Tekfur Nikola. His cruelty is known everywhere.He looks small...He looks small......but he is sickening!Nikola has caused us great harm.Come on, our Bey is waiting.Brother, we have been putting great effort into these. They are all destroyed.We can build these again, brother......but if I don't see Nikola burning like these catapults......I will not calm down.EyvAllah brother.EyvAllah.Nikola?Did he escape, Osman Bey?He is our prisoner now.

The alps are with him. He will come to the tribe with us.Why are we taking him, too, Osman Bey?You should have beheaded him and got rid of that dog!I need him alive.When I take Inegol Castle......I will release him.Are we going to bargain for conquest?After what that bastard did to our brothers, we should not let him go. It wouldn't suit us.Osman Bey.Are we after revenge Turgut Bey?Or are we on the path of Allah?It would be best.....if we took Inegol Castle by releasing that bastard.Isn't that right?That's right.Inegol comes first.My Bey. What if they don't agree?

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

Then we'll do what Turgut Bey said.Are we strong enough to do that Osman Bey?* ' 3 VS2 f '\\ -Everything's ruined.Many of our men are martyrs.They've been working for so long.They made swords......for days and nights to become victorious.May Allah bless their souls.Ameen.’uaoiuvBut..But we won't let your efforts go to waste.We won't stop because of a failure.All of us will gather and attack them brother.All of us.Nephew.Go to Inegol.Act like a captured Commander in Inegol.....and tell them......."If you want Nikola......give us the Inegol Castle."As you wish my Bey.Bury the martyrs.

Where's Master Davut?He's checking the wounded Alps, my Bey.Come on.My brave grandmother.My grandmother told us about Halime and Ertugrul Ghazi.They had such a great love story.Really?Did they love each other a lot?Very much indeed.Mother Selcan told us about it at night time.I'd want to listen too.I wish she could've told me.Ertugrul Ghazi stood up to everyone for Halime Hatun.He saved her from the infidels and took her to the tribe.Wasn't he afraid of anyone?Of course not. He's a Kayi man.Ertugrul Ghazi was a brave man even when he was young.He beat all his foreign enemies and the traitors.

That's why Halime Hatun loved him.That's right.ErtugruI went to hunt for deer and fell in love with Halime Hatun.Halime Hatun......stayed by his side for until she died.What a great love story.You should've heard it from Mother Selcan, Holofira.She told us in detail.My brave grandmother.Brave men!Brave men!Osman Bey's back in the tribe.He came back with good news.He captured that dog Nikola.No one can stand against my father.Tough days await Nikola.Come on then. Let's get to the tribe.Come on.You will die!Davut Master is wounded!Take him to the healing tent with the alps, Kumral Abdal.Stop.

Who are you?I need to tell someone something about Tekfur Nikola.Tell them what? Who sent you?I'm one of the commanders held captive in Bilecik.Osman took Tekfur Nikola captive, too.He sent me here for bargaining. I need to talk with a high ranking commander.What? How is this possible?Come with me.What happened to Nikola?The headquarters...Was he able to destroy their headquarters?Are you the highest ranking commander?Who is asking?Here is the greatest commander.Not only the greatest commander of Inegol, but also of Rome.I don't enjoy compliments, Aryus.

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

The only thing that encourages me is......the painful screams of the people I murder.e\KlWho are you?I am......Alexander, one of the commanders Osman took captive.Alexander.Since when do the commanders of the Great Rome fall captive......instead of dying?You are talented, young commander.It's a good thing you didn't die.Talk.Nikola......destroyed their headquarters.But Osman caught him.Now they have him and he's wounded.Osman wants to bargain with you. That's why he sent me here.Why did Osman......send you?Why did he trust you?You got out of captivity.You could easily just run away.Huh?

Would a Turk ever truly trust us, sir?Osman didn't trust me.He obliged me to do this.If I hadn't come here, he'd kill my soldiers.Commander Alexander is very loyal to his soldiers.Are you also loyal to your soldiers, Romanos?Commanders are never loyal to their soldiers.Soldiers are the ones loyal to their commander.Because leaders are the ones who win wars. Not soldiers.What does Osman want inexchange for Nikola?Aya Nikola in exchange for Inegol Castle.He sent he will free my soldiers and Nikola if you hand over the castle.First Bilecik..Now, Inegol..You keep saying bad things, Alexander.

I might have to cut off your tongue.There's no point in getting angry for losing, Romanos.Nikola didn't fall captive in vain. Our goal was to destroy their headquarters.And Nikola succeeded.Do you think this will stop Osman?It won't stop him. He will rebuild his headquarters.If we weren't going'to take over his mines, that might have been true.But without his mines......Osman won't be able to do anything.What about Nikola?Are we going to leave him with Osman? I won't allow that.We will think about this offer for a bit.You can be our g in the castle.I appreciate it, sir.I hope you find a way to save my soldiers and Tekfur Nikola.

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