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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 93 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 93 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 26 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Sheykh.My Sheykh.My brother.What is the situation?You ask me about the situation, commander?The situation is that the Turks have come to our doorstep.But they won't be able to come inside.This castle is my castle &9*And it will stay as it oRaise the bridge.My Beys!My Alps!Everything waits for its time in this world.And Ingeol waited for its time.The seed we sew, sprouted and grew up.And it is about to becom a great plane tree.Abtko] ot ns ate@rf te§©m® a greas It raises its branch across the sky.Alps! Beys!J *A«,• ' 0 1We will either take Inegol......or, we'll become martyrs!It is time for ghaza now!Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Keep shouting! Keep shouting!I'll crucify you all of you from your tongues!But first Osman!You need to be victorious first to do that, Nikola.Do you hear it?Do you hear it?Huh?Do you hear it?Do you hear it?This is the voice of the Turks.Do you know what they want from me?They want my castle!They want my city!They are thirsty for my blood, for your blood!This is not the first time that my blood is shed and it won't be the last.This is not the first time that my blood is shed and it won't be the last.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

They are outside. They fixed their eyes on......our castle!Then we will not only pierce their eyes with the arrows we fire from our castle......but also pierce their children's and women's lungs!No matter how strong their army matter how strong their equipment matter how destructive they are......we will not be destroyed! We won't!One of us can defeat a thousand of them!One of us can defeat a thousand of them!One of us is enough for a thousand of them!One of us is enough for a thousand of them!One of us is enough for a thousand of them!Brave sons of^iffsi.ff'B^saRt^sjse o » , *o/ 0Some of you will die.

But we will die.....with our honor......while fighting. We will die like heroes!You will be cut a thousand times. We will be cut thousands time!Arrows will hit our necks!Arrows will hit our necks!Our chests will be stabbed by daggers Spears will pierce through us!But.....fathers and families will tell their children......about the bravery, honor and......heroism of the soldiers of this castle! For centuries!...heroism of the soldiers of this castle!

For centuries!Mothers, fathers and families will name their children after you...Mothers, fathers and families will name their children after, you and maybe you!And I, Aya Nikola...swear on my honor and dignity that......I will protect my castle, my city and my people......until the last drop of my blood!Rome is greater than Turks And it will always stay that way!Brave sons of Byzantine!Today, the name "Turk" will be removed from these lands!Long live Great RomeDeath to Turks!Death to Turks!Long live Great Rome!Death to Turks!Long live Great RomeDeath to Turks!We know the weak points of the walls.Until we make a hole, we will beat down the walls day and night!The remaining catapults will continue to strike towers.But while we are entering through the hole...But while we are entering through the hole......I don't want to see any bows aiming towards us.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

As you command my Bey.Come on now.Turahan.Bring it.In the name of Allah.My Bey!My Bey!Make way! My Bey!Make way!My Bey.My Bey.My Bey.You know, Akca Dervish worked really hard.He died in my arms.He couldn't see this day.He told his will to Davut Usta.He said, "If I can't join the battle......then my sword will."He wanted the sword to make the first hit.Brother.Akca.A brave man's corpse rots......but his name lives on.We'll do as he wanted.We'll do as he wanted.Give it here.In the name of Allah.Allah.This is for Shepherd Akca.Nothing can its way.In the name of Allah.It's time.Alps!Brothers!Oh Allah!■5*Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Hurry!Come here!Down!Come on, brothers!Load it.Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is everlasting!Allah is truthful!Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!God, protect us from the wrath of Turks......and the foolishness of Rome's rulers.Come on, lions!Come on, brave men!Oh Haqq!Allah is everlasting!Welcome to Hell, Osman Bey!Welcome!Osman is not losing any time Look at the neighborhood!Do you see?I do, Romanos. I do.Osman is only growing the fire he lit.That's it!That is it!I'm going to burn him and everyone who loves him.When this fire is out.....only the ashes of Turks will be remaining!Just ashes.That's it.Fa <I wish my mom and dad allowed us to come with you, Kumral Abdal.We should at least help the wounded alps, Kumral Abdal.

It's offensive for us to sit here while alps go to war.Come here!My brave shahzades.Right now, it's our time.After us, it will be.....your turn.Have some patience.Just some patience.Ever since Bala Hatun became the head of baciyans....their arrows never miss the target.Bala Hatun got her training in Sheykh Edebali's place.And Aygul Hatun was the one who helped her, so...I leave this duty to Aygul and bacis.I leave this duty to Aygul and bacis, Only the skillful are able to conquer. May you have strength, InshAllah.InshAllah.I'll talk to the alps.Holofira will leave tomorrow.You protected me.I'm grateful to you.z|o oj» «!;■What is this?It was my mother's necklace.It's beautiful.My Fatma!-Oh my dear daughter!-Mother!

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

My dear daughter.Oh my Fatma, what are you doing here? Are you okay?She refused to eat or drink anything so, we have to bring her to you, Malhun Hatun.My dear daughter.Welcome, my dear daughte When you eat these, you'll be welcomed by an agonizing death.You'll be trapped inside in the darkness.Be careful, someone is coming.Sometimes I get angry with her but I feel much better for my daughter who is here.I know, sister. The love of a daughter is something else. Thank Allah you've come together with her.I just want Osman Bey and Barkin to return safely now.They will, of course.

Don't you worry, sister.InshAllah, sister.You did great in such a limited time, Alaca.Come on, Alps. Take these into the carts.We'll set out at sunset, InshAllah.I told you there was no winner in wars. Here, we've started to lose.They lose because they kill and we lose because we die.Starting this war was a great mistake.And unfortunately, it was Tekfur Nikola, who made this mistake.He started this war and he threw us into the fire, even if he didn't mean it.Tekfur Nikola is fighting for us.-Are you defending the Turks, Priest Hristo?-What are you talking about?Of course, I'm not defending the Turks but my brothers, Tekfur Nikola insisted on this war.

And look, look at what we are doing now!If we don't have the power to fight against the enemy, we should use our arms to hug, not to fight.I know that when we approach the Turks friendly, they will also approach us friendly.Their intention is not destroying us.ForTekfur Nikola started this war, he should suffer the consequences alone.We won't fight, we'll become friends.Because going to a war that we will lose, will only mean more suffering for us.-Osman wants to take the castle.-It can't be!You think they'll let us live, if Nikola dies?-No!-No, it can't be!-No! We can't do this!-No!-No, we won't let them!-We won't surrender the castle!Move!If Osman takes the castle, you will be the first one, whom Osman will kill after Tekfur Nikola.

I don't think so.Turks do no harm to a man of faith, who doesn't try to kill them.I know them much better than you.Is this the reason, why you talk against Tekfur Nikola?Our soldiers have been watching you for a while.Your tongue will cause you so much trouble, Priest.We are taking you to the dungeon with the order of Tekfur Nikola.-You can't do this!-No, you can't do such a thing!Enough!Our dungeons are wide enough!Is there still anyone, who wants to rebel?Good! Tie him.Allah is the Greatest.Allah hears whoever praises him.Allah is the Greatest.Allah is the Greatest.Allah is the Greatest.!/r .Allah is the Greatest.May peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.May peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.Oh our generous and strong Allah; This army only kneels before you.They are not afraid of death, or wounds.This army is the army that is called Ghazi by our Prophet.

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