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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 94 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Start of this Episode is dramatically wonderful

This is Episode No 94 of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 30 of Season 3 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Allah is Truthful!Allah is Truthful!Allah is Truthful IHaqq!Allah is Everlasting!Allah is Everlasting!Allah is Everlasting!Allah is Truthful IInegol is going to be a graveyard for you, Osman Bey!Your grave!Soldiers! To the gate defense!With your life and blood!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!

Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!For Rome!Today is day of shahada!Spare anyone asking for mercy and kill everyone that resists! Come on Alps!Allah is the Greatest!Come on my lions!Come on!Allah is the Greatest!Allah is the Greatest!Gunduz Bey!Today is the dayOh Allah!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!

Gunduz Bey!©ukji^Iuz ELjI>! . “ * Gunduz Bey!You are okay, my Bey.You are okay.You are okayI will not leave you just because we are taking the castle.Cerkutay is here.You are okay, my Bey.■W *Gunduz Bey!Gunduz Bey!Alps!Destroy the walls, burn them down until no infidel remains! Attack!My Bey you are okay.You are okay my Bey.You are okay Gunduz Bey.Hold on my Bey. Hold on.Hold on my Bey.Nikola!Soldiers!Retreat!My Bey!My Bey!I know the path in the back.Come on thJesus Christ, you paid a price for us.

You can leave reading summary because Episode is going interesting time by time

You paid the price of the first sin of mankind by being crucified.Now this city is paying a price because of Nikola.Oh Spirit, O Father, O Son, protect my people.Don't make the innocent pay for Tekfur Nikola's foolishness.Amen.Save yourselves!Turks are in Inegol, they are everywhere. Run!My God, remind Turks to be merciful.My Bey, Nikola must have placed soldiers in front of the gate to be cautious.Nikola's moves are futile now.He can't do anything.We have accomplished many impossible deeds until now.Come on brave ones.Come on!No one will walk through this door!

Fate lead us to shahada......side by side brother.Thank Allah we're on the path conquest.Baciyans! Shoot!Baciyans! Shoot!Come on!Attack!Come on!Help me.Break it!He got away.Aktemur see if there's a passage.He must be in the castle Turgut Bey.The dog must have a way out.Nikola.Nikola.You can't leave this place.You can't.Nephew.You've been with them a long time.You know them weBut you don't know one thing.And they hide it well.You were their soldier.They seem brave.They seem fearless.

But they're cowards.And they hide it well.They dig tunnels......just because they're afraid.Let's find it before Nikola gets away.Nikola.Nikola.Nikola.They are such big cowards that......they dig up tunnels under where they sit.My Bey, Inegol has fallen.Brave men are.....flocking in from the city gates!Thanks to Almighty Allah!The only thing left to take care of is Nikola's head.Don't worry.We'll take that, too.Turgut Bey.

If you reach here while reading then ou must watch this Episode

Stay here and maintain the order.Don't do this, Osman Bey.Will you go after Nikola on your own? He's capable of any trick!No.The brave alps bringing the good news will follow me.Meet with the people of Inegol.Tell them that no innocent will be hurt.As you command, my Bey.Come on, alps!Osman Bey.The revenge of the innocent is in your hands. End him so they can be free.Nikola can't escape from his fate.This will be dealt with.EyvAllah.Come on, with the name of Allah...Dear friends.

The love of Jesus Christ is always with us. Don't worry.Moreover, as you know, Turks have also taken Bilecik.However.....they never harmed any of our fellow Christians there.Turks were also very friendly towards Christians that lived with them in Sogut.They'll show us mercy as long as we don't swing our swords at them.Don't be afraid.Pray.Listen to Priest Cristo.Don't be afraid.Us Turks......never do the innocent any harm.On the contrary......we stand up against those who try to harm them.You are.....the commander who saved me from torture in the dungeons.

You are a Turk, thI should've known from your mercy.Yes.I am not a Roman commander.I'm a Turk.Turk?He's a Turk.But don't worry.Osman Bey......will continue raising the Sanjac in this area.And you'll never be hungry.You'll never get hurt.You will live as human beings.Turks beat their enemies with mercy, not with swords.Their mercy is more cruel than their sword.Aktemur.Gunduz Bey.Gunduz Bey is wounded.Gunduz!Gunduz!Drink it Gunduz Bey!Drink!Drink.You'll get back up my Bey.You'll get back up.We have infidels to take out.Gunduz!Gunduz Bey!Ayse.Ayse. Ayse.Gunduz.Father?

Episode is towards its ending but it will create more suspense and thrill

Why isn't he in the healing tent?I'm asking you Cerkutay.Why is he still here?Kumral Abdal said......"Don't move the fallen ones.""Let me know first."We sent word to sister Ayse. He'll be here.Fallen?What do you mean?During the battle......from the walls-Gunduz.Gunduz I'm here.Gunduz I'm here.Gunduz I'm here.Gunduz I'm here.Look. Aktemur's here. Our son is here.Look.Son.Father?I'm here father.Son.Son.

I couldn't protect Gunduz Bey.Stupid Cerkutay.Stupid Cerkutay.Don't.Don't do this Cerkutay.Gunduz.I've arrived, warriors!I've arrived, Gunduz Bey Hold on, Gunduz, we'll take you out of here.First, let's take the wounded ones to the healing tent. Even though they are our enemies, they are still human.Don't pity us! Kill us!You've taken our castle so, kill us!Even if you are the enemy, we won't hurt anyone acting like a man.We are here to call the oppressors to account.We will do call them to account, InshAllah.

Osman Bey is going to punish Nikola as he deserves.You are our prisoners now.But know that as long as you don't treat us as an enemy, you will see nothing but mercy from us.Take the prisoners.Nikola never goes without a trap. Be careful.As you command, my Bey.Come on, my Orhan. Come on, my Shehzade.I'm sure you left a trace behind.There isn't even a single trace along the road.There isn't even a single trace along the road.We'll certainly find a trace, don't worry.Sister, don't you worry.InshAllah, we'll save our Orhan.InshAllah, sister. InshAllah.Malhun Hatun! Bala Hatun!Malhun Hatun!

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