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Turks are coming with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

The big wolf got me’ You can’t run away from me Mother! Mother’ Mother’ Let him go’ Stop’ Take them into the cart ther I am going to burn them alive to entertain Lazar May the fire you put into our hearts be your hell. You dastard’ Dastards’ ” Ql fl 11V! P (Ql fl 11VIP ‘QlflllVIW Q a sepette /o30’a varan indirim App Store’dan IcPlay AppGallcry App Store dan GoogiePtay AppGallery ALI$VERI$E BA$LA App Store dan Google Play AppGaUery Give him to me I won’t let anyone take you. Don’t worry Move! Kill her! Nooo! Don’t’ Soldiers! Form the line’ Shields up Ya Allah! Alps attack* (The Ever-Living) (The Ever-Living) Xpn Ain qi Qiin ‘qHiw 00, 00* * Who are you7 The Sword of Justice’ Let her go! Sister’ Don’t get any closer or she dies. for the We are here because we can imagine Kill her. I don’t care. You are all dastards! Chieftain Such cruel men you are All you care about is the war booty. Don’t you know that the war booty is the most important thing in the world, Alma7 Don’t you know that the war booty |s the most important thing in the world, Alma7 ou kno We didn’t just appear here. Who are you? What are you doing here7 the conqueror of the lands and the seas. Our Sultan said From now on, the Bosniacs, the beautiful people of the Balkans don’t have to abandon their home.” They won’t be persecuted Because their enemies are also Sultan Mehmed Han’s enemies urts them needs t he also hurts me The whole world needs to know that my blood, my power and my sword will stop the tyrants.” Send greetings to your Sultan from us, the Bogomils We are waiting the conqueror of the world to come to our lands we will c Turan brother Does it hurt? Looks like it hurts. Next time be careful, you may lose your head. t mess with lUBjni They are sending me away from my father’s lands as if I am a slave r father did for your good, Princess Maria r father did for your good, Princess Maria What about you, Karadic?

stand b IYIM MARKALARINDA I promise you, Maria. When you come back VERI§E B ^ App Store dan Google Play AppGaUery ^ App Store dan Google Play AppGallery Don’t come back until everything settles, Maria. rpi Ivor ‘pmpq q nnfi io_i Jinnnp Riiimipi nnX piip ipiiaa I don’t know anything about this Commander Karadic* Turkish Akinjis. I swear to god, Milosevic Until I end every single Turkish people on these lands. Today is an important day From today on, I will go down in history Everyone will know about a brave man, a hero who loves his country so much. Everyone will know about my battle against the evil Ottomans we will all die with you in this holy path already7 I told you. I don’t understand why you want to fight Why did I even expect a peasant to understand me7 My dear one, there is no one else I want you to give me the good news QiainmQ inn nnmpnp qiTiiiviw iiQiviini and killed all of them, sir. • I • t § • • from us. They also took the golds. AUALETiN Kl Pope was looking forward to them Ottoman Akinjis trapped and killed my soldiers But I wonder something • V- I Constantinapolis sleeping7 Or, there are so many spies of Ottoman in your castle that they watch your steps and follow your breaths. Anyway. I came here to offer you With the treasures of pope. Father? i • I He wasn’t brave enough while fighting against Turks. Because of him, everyone world is still afraid o Moreover, he gave his own daughter, which is my sister Mara, in marriage to Murad Then he did something crazier He abdicated the throne to my witless mother be an orphan Every human being who will fight against them you need to be catholic Because Sultan Mehmed, took orthodoxy under his protection by conquering Constantinople. may be his soldiers and killed the orthodoxes during the crusade. Orthodoxes suffered lots of losses.

So, being coreligionists doesn’t assure me at all Let’s not deceive ourselves. You are a clever man, Lazar I know that You have to provide much more intelligence if you want to protect Vatican from Sultan Mehmed’s invasion Ul ^ skillful. Your being king will whet Sultan Mehmed’s appetite lose his appetite How are you going to do that7 will stop his breathing Sultan’s days are numbered a sen Everything is going to change, today. If you want to support us please watch our episodes on INDIR ALI$VERI$E BASLA If you w rft to support us pleasg watch our episodes on iV1$V8 3§ld3A£llV diaNI If you w TTt to support us pleasg watch our episodes on please watch our episodes on The Alps shall stay in this post, this winter1 The horses shall neigh and the stallions shall dance! boil in the boilers’ Alps! Don’t you tend to capture them! Akinjis are ready to take these lands! They will let out a yell and destroy their enemies’ I swear to capture all the seas1 Heyyy MashaAllah! Sit down1 Ya Bismillah.

Come on Alps Come on Alps. ve turned into a wail. He is Lazar is a raging bull No one knows where he is going to bump into InshaAllah he bumps into us and e life unb Turan brother You are always roaring. If you get stabbed with a dagger in the war zone, you will die dUU Brother down o I II Id l l_d^.dl brother’ Don’t underestimate the enemy Lazar is the father of the jackals. He is the devil himself who can do all kinds of cruel things Go to his place and cut off his head set up a We will watch them apon is useless if it is made of an at is not stricken while it is ho Let’s see what Lazar and his cardinals are after and what they are planning to do Will Princess Mara and her Lazar will go on offensive 23.59’akadarg if. 

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