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EPISODE 05 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 05 of Drills Ertugrul Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, Philip has reached to Kayi tribe with the news of the attack on soldiers and survivor of Noorgul. After listening to this it looks like that a Braveheart Ertugrul has broken out. The whole tribe was in mourning, Ertugrul wants to see the Noorgul first all. He asks Philip that where is he. Philip tells him that he is near to death so you should reach to him as soon as possible. Ertugrul took Mr. Arif with him and get on the road to Han. Ertugrul advised his mother to stay with the martyr’s families. Gulbano was talking bad words about Ertugrul that he lost Roshan first now it Noorgul. Mother Hayma tells her limits.

Candar is trying to handle all the situation before it get worst. He sends his son Aliyar to Ertugrul for a dinner invitation. Aliyar warns his father that as Ertugrul is a smart man then it is possible that he will judge that in all this situation my brother the Ural is involved. Candar says to just go and invite Ertugrul because he is doing all this to win the trust of Ertugrul.

Maria is nursing Noorgul with full devotion. Master Simon is planning to make a clue to Ertugrul that the reason of his Rugs burning is Ural and Batuhan. He wants to make unrest between the Tribes. Ricardo is sitting with Ural and Simon in the Han. Simon tells him that after burning all his merchandise Ural offer is still there for him. He cannot go empty-handed to Venice. They are planning and Ertugrul just enters in the Han. Ricardo blindly asks Ertugrul about his Rugs and Gold. Ertugrul tells him that he will return all gold but first, he has to see his wounded Soldier. Ricardo cannot understand Ertugrul and he gets his sword out but Ertugrul takes a quick action against him and kneel down him on the ground. He announces there that he is the son of Suleman Shah and he will always honor his promise. Ural and Simon say sorry about the incident to Ertugrul. After Ertugrul gone Simon convince Ricardo for a big trade with the Ural. Mr. Arif with Ertugrul and Babar reaches to the Noorgul. They see there Maria with Noorgul. Mr. Arif wants to see Noorgul and takes permission from Maria to see Noorgul. Maria tells all the situation of Noorgul wounds. Mr. Arif was surprised to the knowledge of Maria about Noorgul health. Then Maria tells Mr, Arif that she was a nurse in the Crusade. Ertugrul investigates a little bit to Maria that how she find Noorgul.

Babar was very shocked to see the bodies of his soldier’s friends whom he and Noorgul trained. Simon comes there and tells Ertugrul that all the rugs were burnt by thieves so it means that they were not thieves, In other words, he was trying to convince Ertugrul to think about that somebody has a spite against him. Aliyar was watching Ertugrul with a man who tells him that this man is Ertugrul.

Ertugrul comes back to Arif and asks the situation. Mr.Arif tells that Maria did a great Job with Noorgul health otherwise Noorgul has died. Mr. Arif suggested to not take Noorgul to the tribe because it is dangerous for him to move him from here. Maria is agreed to look after Noorgul. Ertugrul tells Babar to stay with Noorgul and also follow the Slave trader. He is leaving Noorgul here because he wants to win the Trust of Simon. Ertegrul tells Simon that he wants to give him gold for room and services to Noorgul but Simon refuses.

Simon wants Maria to sleep with Noorgul and become one with him for getting information. Simon’s man sends a street man to follow Ertugrul. Ertugrul catches him and asks what he wants? He says that he has no bad intention he only wants to tell him that if he wants to know the reality then he should go to Korpinar. Aliyar wants to stop this unrest and blood shedding among the tribes so he wants to reach Korpinar before Ertugrul to remove the Evidence. It is Enough, for now, Rest of Episode you will watch on Screen. The episode is too much lately because of my newborn son health. We shall try to cover this time in some quick Episodes in future. Alhamdulillah is the password for this Episode.

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