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EPISODE 07 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 07 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the Last Episode, you have watched that Candar has offer Kayi Tribe to work with them. Ertugrul tells them that he will consult with his family before responding their proposal. Petrus tells Simon about the dinner of Ertugrul in Candar Tribe. Simon takes it easy and tells him that Candar is an old wolf. He is only trying to prevent the conflict between tribes. Ertugrul is back to Tribe and discussing with his family about the offer of Candar bey.Mother Hayma says that in these difficult days this offer is a blessing of Allah but she is also curious about that why Candar bey offer this work arrangement to their Tribe specifically. Ertugrul and Arif tell her that this all is the price of their Martyred Soldiers.Halima demands Ertugrul to appoint me in charge of Working place of Women.

The Ural is arguing with his Father that why he did this? They can manage all work alone but Candar doesn’t want to listen to him. Candar bey appoint Aliyar at the helm of this business deal. When Cholpaan asks about the in charge of women Candar bey tells her that we will discuss this issue tomorrow. The Ural is angry with this decision. He wants to involve Simon in this matter to stop Ertugrul. On the other hand, Simon is appointing Tristan as their Knight from now on. They send him to catch the Spy of Sultan as they think that it will be Ertugrul or someone else.

Ertugrul and Mr. Arif are discussing the place for Work. They are talking that both tribes want this work in their tribe. What is the middle way? Ertugrul tels Mr. Arif that middle way is clear and that is Hanli Market. They also use this market to clean up corruption in the region. They want to conquer that bazaar. Mr. Arfi is happy with this decision. Babar comes to Ertugrul and tells about the news he gets about Slave Merchant. Ertugrul tells him the plan that Ertugrul send someone else as a spy of Sultan. They will perplex the mind of John the Baptist. Babar is thinking that he is the man who will replace Ertugrul they’re but Ertugrul tells that it will not him but someone else.

Halime and Mother Hayma are visiting the Working place. Cholpan wants to burn fire between Aslihan and Halime. She talks some evil things about Ertugrul and Aslihan. Ertugrul is teaching some fighting Techniques to the children of Cavdar Tribe. The Ural breaks the leg of a soldier during Training to show the Ertugrul that the people of these lands are very merciless. Ertugrul tells him that you should merciful during Training. In the meanwhile, Babar meets with the spy of Sultan. Who is that Spy you will watch on screen? Please be patient. It takes 24 hours work for translating one Episode of one hour. It is impossible for a one person to work fast. I have given some episodes to my brother and insha’Allah you will fast some quick Episodes in future. vimeoBlock is the password for this Episode. Thank you and Enjoy!

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