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EPISODE 09 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 9 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul reaches to Han to talk with Simon. In the entrance, he meets with Philip who limping because of the fight with Roshan. When Ertugrul asks him about his leg he tells about some arrogant drunkards work. While Ertugrul is moving towards the table, There is thief comes near to Ertugrul and get his pouch. Ertugrul does a quick action and catches the thief on the spot. He cut his hand according to Islamic law. Ertugrul talks to Simon that thief throws a spear in your Han and you are none the wiser. Simon replies that you also cannot protect your rugs from thieves and owe to the Frankish. Then later on Simon is ready to talk with Ertugrul and Aliyar. Aliyar tells Ertugrul that he already told Simon of all the issues which were discussed and agreed. First of all, Simon wants to forgiveness from Ertugrul for the unpleasant incident. Then he is ready to accept the request of Candar and Ertugrul. The Ural becomes uneasy with this and he leaves the meeting right on. On the outer way, he meets with Noorgul who tells the Ural that Ertugrul is like a wolf at the hunt, who once latches his claws onto his prey, doesn’t let go of its flesh so please mind your step.

Simon and Ertugrul have a nice talk on the table. They shared their experiences with each other. Ertugrul asks Simon that his soldiers will protect their women from Working place and Simon also agrees on that. While talking, Ricardo comes and demand his debts.Simon warns him that he cannot come into Han up to my table and question my guest like this. Simon also pays the debt of Ertugrul to Ricardo. He tells Ertugrul that now your debt is to me. You will gradually repay as the workplace goes on. The Ural is again planning some wrong games against workplace with Amanda. He discusses a plan that Kayi women would not make it to the bazaar to work.

Ertugrul and Noorgul confront each other on the door but Noorgul totally ignore Ertugrul and he just comes and sits on his table. Ertugrul comes to Noorgul to talk and ask about his health. Noorgul just talks with anger that his friends are quite a remedy for my troubles. Ertugrul asks him to come back to the tribe if his wounds are fine. Noorgul clearly tells him that he will now come back to Tribe now. Noorgul also talks some harsh words to Ertugrul. Babar prevented him to beat Noorgul. Aliyar becomes a fan of Ertugrul after this meeting. He tells him that he will learn a lot from Ertugrul. Ertugrul tells Aliyar to handle Ural as he is not happy with this business. Aliyar tells him to not worry about this at all.

The Templer disguised as Muslim names Hasan comes to Ertugrul as Simon send him after Ertugrul. He asks Ertugrul to give him permission to do trade in his tribe. Ertugrul tells him that his Tribe is very poor but Hasan tells him that he will get some milk, meat, and cheese rather than hard goods. Rest of Episode you will watch on Screen. AslihanKhatun is the password for this Episode. Watch and Enjoy! Remember us in your prayers.

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