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EPISODE 14 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

Four Quick Episodes are successfully achieved in time. This is Episode number 14 of Season 3 in Urdu and 4th and last Episode of Quick Episodes. In the last Episode, you have seen that Merchant Hasan listens to all words of Noorgul and Safdar. So he comes to Simon back and tells him about it. Now they are using Noorgul for the death of Ertugrul. They have a planned which is acted from the start of this Episode. Maira and Philip enter to the secret passage and Simon pretend to get out from that secret passage room. When he gets out of a room he stands near to that room and starts watching to there that what Noorgul will do. As he supposed, Noorgul comes out from his room and enter the secret room. Simon was watching him secretly. When Noorgul enters to the secret passage, Maria and Philip start talking to write a secret letter to their spy in Sultan’s Palace. She assigned Philip to give that letter to the spy named Alfonso. Actually, they are all talking to listening for Noorgul.

Ertugrul and his tribe are mourning for their Soldiers including Qadir. Mr. Arif tells Ertugrul that Qadir passed the price because he was a witness of something. Amanda must have met with her master. They are all reciting Quran and praying for their Martyrs. Candar calls Aslihan to his presence. He starts his talk with the childhood of Aslihan. When after two sons Candar take her into his hand how he feels. Candar actually wants to ask from Aslihan about her marriage. Candar also tells her that according to our customs you can say yes or no to my choice. Aslihan tells her father that she will do as her father see appropriate. Then Candar Bey tells her the name of Ertugrul. He tells her decision that he wants to marry her with Ertugrul bey. While talking on this topic, Ural also comes there and sit. His father tells him that they are talking about the wedding of Aslihan. He also tells him that he chose Ertugrul for Aslihan. The Ural tells his father that this is the right decision and he is fully agreed with this. The Ural tells his father that Saedetin kopek is behind their Tribe so they don’t need of Ertugrul. Candar tells him that it will be better for more friend and one less enemy.

Maria is making the Poison from the Black Spider. This is the same poison that was given to Toktamis. Now she is making this for Ertugrul. She is also talking with all the animals from which she is getting a different kind of poisons. Aslihan and her sister in Law Chilean talks about Aslihan marriage.

Ibn-ul-Arabi is praying for Ertugrul. He prays to Allah for his victories and conquests. Ibn-ul-Arabi is reciting the Holy Quran and praying for Ertugrul to be successful in this holy path. Ertugrul is saying the Kanazawa prayer of Qadir and other Martyr’s soldiers. After the burial, they all pray and recite Surah Fatiha for the Martyrs.

Simon and his company are using the loyalty of Noorgul with Ertugrul, against Ertugrul. They send a letter in the hand of their own man named Alfonso. Noorgul wants to follow the Alfonso so he is departing from Han. When does Maria ask him where are you going? Noorgul tells that he wants to go to see some soldiers near to his Tribe. Maria allows him to go because this is all according to their plan.

Noorgul follows the Alfonso and catch him up on the way and get that letter. Unfortunately, he brings this letter to Ertugrul and Ertugrul becomes angry like Toktamis. He has blood in his Eyes. Noorgul horse stops him on the way lot of time but Noorgul can’t understand him. This Episode is a tearful Episode. Password for this Episode is QuickEpisodessSuccess. Thank you and Enjoy!

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