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EPISODE 18 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

his is EPISODE number 18 of Dirilis Season Three with Urdu Subtitles. In this Episode, the Han is cleaned by the forbidden things and the Halal is now everywhere as Caravansaraye. Babar catches the little creature and he presses him from his head. Ertugrul address to the people of Han after first Azan in the Han. Candar and his son Aliyar comes to congratulate Ertugrul. Candar says that Ertugrul already has done all here. There is a wonderful scene of complete Azan in the Han. After Azan Ertugrul address to people and tells them about Simon that Simon is a Templar. He is the one who oppressed people more and more. Ertugruls tell the people of the bazaar that the rules of Market are now changed. Illegal taxes are finished now. Simon is running towards the Cavdar Tribe while Noorgul is following his paths. Simon meets the Ural on the way. He offers Ural everything he has to kill Ertugrul and save him from Ertugrul. The Ural don’t want to leave proof of his sins so he wants to kill Simon.

Candar and Aliyar are with Ertugrul inside the Han. Ertugrul shows him the booty he gets from infidels. Ertugrul tells Candar the previous agreements will continue as it is. Mr. Arif comes to show the poisoned place of Maria to Ertugrul. Noorgul reaches to Simon with his soldier but Traitor Ural kills Simon immediately in front of Noorgul. Noorgul becomes angry and he fights with the Ural there but Roshan stops him. Mr. Arfi shows the snakes, spiders and poisonous plants inside. Candar becomes angry to remembering Toktamish.Babar is supervising the cleanliness of Han and he stops to throw wine near to the Han. On the other side, Hacaturyan with the soldier is busy to dig up gold from the stream. Batuhan sees all their activities secretly. Now he knows about the gold.

Candar comes to Mother Hayma with his sons. He tells her that they have to take revenge on Ertugrul. Actually, they want to come in good books of Kayi Sardars and after that, they want to occupy the kaki Tribe. When they start talking about the Ertugrul revenge. Mother Hayma tells them that Ertugrul is taking his revenge himself. This news is very shocking for Candar and especially Ural. They were dreaming about the Kayo leadership and here he gets this news. Aliyar was really happy with the news. Colpan goes to Aslihan. She enters her tent when she sees her crying bitterly. Aslihan tells Colpan that she is sad for Halime the Colpan tells her to not to be sad anymore because Ertugrul is alive. Aslihan becomes very happy after listening to this news. She and Colpan go to Hayma mother to congratulate her on her son for survival. This is enough for this Episode. Watch rest Episode on screen. SimonEscaped is the password for this Episode. Watch Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles and Enjoy!

The Ural goes to Kopek. Kopek is very angry with the Ural that he cannot kills Ertugrul and after conquering the Han Ertugrul becomes more powerful day by day. The Ural tells him that he will kill Ertugrul and become the Bey of Principality. The preparations for the feast continue in the tribe. Copan and Aslihan are also there to cook together. As they are preparing the food Ertugrul team to enter to Tribe after the victory. The tribe is shouting Ertugrul long live! Mother Hayma becomes emotional to see her son as a victor. Ertugrul also address to people of Tribe that now they have good days in future. Hard time has gone. He also divides the booty in the Tribe. While dividing Noorgul comes and tells Ertugrul about Simon’s death. As he is telling yet, Ural comes and congratulate Ertugrul about his victory and also tells him that you didn’t tell us about the Conquest but I have put a part in it with killing Simon. Noorgul tells Ertugrul that Simon was going to Cavdar Tribe.

Ertugrul was curious about the death of Simon by the hand of Ural. He talks with Mr.Arif about it. Mr. Arif advised Ertugrul to stay calm for now. Because he is the hero of his tribe now. If we start this issue now, Cavdar tribe will be against us. Ertugrul says that it is right.

Roshaan and Gulbaano are happy in their tent after peace in the Tribe. Gulbaano tells another good news to Roshaan that she is pregnant so Roshaan becomes crazy and shout in the tent. This is enough for this Episode. Watch rest of this Episode on the screen. Thank you! Password for this Episode is Ertugrul2ndMarried.

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