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EPISODE 22 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 22 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Wessilius has set a trap for Ertugrul that if he comes to the castle and will not get back alive. The Ural and his wife are in the castle are are governers guest. In the castle, Colpan was crying and regretting that she has a dinner with the murder of her father. In meanwhile she also tells the good news to the Ural that he is becoming a father soon. Babar is telling another story to his soldiers. Everybody loves to hear Babar stories. This time he tells the story of Braveheart who was helpless to conquer the castle and then a girl comes to in his life and help him.

The shopkeeper of Bazaar is angry with Ertugrul. They talk about Ertugrul in front of Gunkut and Kaya. They become angry on shopkeeper then Noorgul comes and tells him that the protection of shopkeeper is our responsibility as Ertugrul promised. Mr. Arif makes Katluca on his side and tells him that he is a brave man and know who is wrong and who is right. Candar comes to meet Ertugrul but he is not here so Mother Hayma tells him to meet with her as she was a deputy ruler of the tribe for years. Candar threatened Mother Hayma to destroy the Tribe because Ertugrul disgraces him. Commander vissseluis attack on Governer’s Daughter Helena Caravan and kill the Officer. Helena is wounded and fell into the arms of Babar. Babar becomes unconscious to see her. Zuljaan comes and he tells Babar that Girl is wounded so they take her to Inn where Mr. Arif already there.

Candar is appreciating his son the Ural that he was always right about Ertugrul. In meanwhile the Evil Kopek comes and want to be a temporary Guest off Cavdar Tribe. There Kopek again doing traps and he is telling the story of Bey of Principality to Candar Bey this Time. Candar Bey becomes very happy to hear this. Candar bey also tells Kopek that this is the most blessed day because you also come on that day when he has another good news of grandchild. Kopek is telling wrong things about Ertugrulthat he is a Traitor of State. Mr.Aliyardont agree and has gone from the dinner. Governor Guards stops everyone at the gate when Ertugrul goes to visit him.

They also took their sword on the door. Ertugrul is now alone inside and asking that why the stops trade with his Bazaar. They don’t want to accept that this bazaar of Ertugrul because he got this with an attack. Ertugrul tells them that I kill your worst enemy but Visseluis Trap starts and a messenger comes with a letter that Kayi has attacked the Caravan in which the daughter of Governor is also. So they want to kill Ertugrul but Ertugrul takes the sword from Governer and makes him under. Password for this Episode is GoveRnerTrap. Thank you!

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