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EPISODE 24 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 24 of DirilisSeason 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Vesalius is planning to attack the Helena caravan and he sends Petrus to disguise as Kayis and ambush them. They attacked the Caravan, Helena is near to be killed by an attacker but some secret man comes and helps them. He shots the arrows from and suddenly disappeared. No One knows who is he. It was Aliyar from Cavdar Tribe. Ertugrul is with Governor of Karachaisar and he makes his mind that Kayis are innocent and there is some traitor in the Castle. Helena goes in the castle from some secret gate with Kayi Soldiers. The bell rings and Vesalius order his soldiers to break the gate.

They go in and fight with Ertugrul but at the end, the all stop Ertugrul and put swords on his neck. In meanwhile Helena comes in and Governor stops Vesiulius and all other soldiers. Noorgul tells Ertugrul that they were attacked them the way as well and some unknown person helps them a lot to save Helena. Helena tells everything to Governor that how Kayis save her from plotters. After all, this Governer declares his friendship with Ertugrul.

Kotluca is following Ayboke who was the murderer of Toktakis. He is pushing her to talk about the murder. Colpan tells Ayboke that the murder of Toktamis is revealed now but Simon is declared a murderer. Ayboke tells Colpan that Kotluca is following her. Later on, Colpan kills girl Ayboke. Aslihan again becomes emotional in a workplace. She tells her that she is ready to marry with Ertugrul only the sake and well being of his Tribe otherwise which girl wants to marry a married man. They are talking about this, Ertugrul enters in the Bazaar and everybody says Live Long Ertugrul. Ertugrul enters in the Han address to his people and thanks them, to stay solid in his absence. Halima washing the wounds or Ertugrul. She asks him that when these calamities will be finished. Ertugrul tells are as long as they are on the righteous path. Satin Kopek gets the news about Ertugrul success. He stands on the place and the Ural asks him that is this the good news, He says yes it is good but for Kayis.

Babar tells a story in the Han. This was a very funny story. Everybody was laughing a lot in the Han. At the end of this funny story, Babar tells the Moral of the story that before death this body is the fidelity of God. Dinner for Governor is preparing. Babar is eating everything while preparations. Noorgul and Roshaan stop him but he doesn’t listen to them. At last Roshaan stop him with the name of Helena that if you eat like that she will not look at you.

Ertugrul and Mr.Arif telling about the arrows of Kayi that Kayi makes arrows with this material so these arrows are not Kayi arrows. Saedtin is guest of Cavdar tribe and he proposed Aslihan Khatun to marry him. Governer comes to Han. Everybody cheers but only Vesalius is angry. Helena meets up with his father with Babar and tells him that He is the one that saves her life. Governor thanks Babar. KarachaisaarHelena is the password for this Video. Thanks and Enjoy!

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