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EPISODE 27 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 27 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles only on GiveMe5. After the marriage of Saeditin Köpek and Aslıhan Khatun has been decided, everyone in the Çandar bey’s tent is very happy. They are talking some pleasant words. Çandar bey tells Köpek that you had come here to solve the matters between the tribes and see how blessed day has come instead. Köpek tells that issues are not solved yet. The main issue is still there and that is Ertuğrul. Everybody talking that he is vanished like a thin air. The other one says that he will not get a rabbit hole to hide. They are all starts talking about Ertugrul, then Köpek tells him to change the topic in this pleasant and special day. Aslıhan has become a bride with tears.

The girls are singing the wedding songs but Aslıhan is crying in between them. Çolpan tells Aslıhan thay the belt she wears today is the blessing of Çandar bey. Aslıhan tells that this belt is the death for me. Çolpan tells Aslıhan to be patient. She tells her about her own story that how she change his faith and becomes Muslim. It was a very difficult time for her but she was just be patient and in reward she has a baby in her Belly of his love. Aslıhan tells that my brother was your love.

After catching Laskaris Ertuğrul asks Aliyar about his decision that would he is with him or with his father and brother. Aliyar tells Ertugrul that not only my brother and father but if the whole world comes on me I will not leave the justice. Ertugrul’s soldiers are also there and tells Ertugrul that they are ready to go to Çandar bey’s tent. Laskaris tells Ertugrul that the killer of Governer is Ural. He also tells everything about Ural that he did in the past against Ertugrul. Ertugrul tells Laskaris that he wants him to spare his Life then he will tell everything Infront of Saeditin Köpek. Laskaris iş ready to tells everything Infront of Köpek. Köpek is talking about the good deeds.

He tells Çandar bey that marriage is one of the favourite deeds of Allah. They are talking that a good woman make heaven, the home of a man. Köpek tells them not only a woman but a man should also has to take care of his woman. They further talking that if the couple have children in their tent it will be on the top of that. Köpek says that you will see the grandson from Ural bey very soon. While they are talking Aslıhan enters in the tent and Çandar bey speaks masha’Allah my beautiful daughter. Çandar bey asks Ural that where is Aliyar? AliyarErtugrul is the password for this Episode.

Laskaris tells everything against Ural but Aliyar doesn’t believe in it about his brother. He asks Laskaris if he has to do all these then why he kill Francisco and why he saves the women. Laskaris tells everything that Ural tells Amanda the place where the women has been hided. Amanda tells you the place and rest you know. The ceremony of marriage is started. After saying Estağfurullah the Nikah Khawan asks Aslıhan about her wish. When he asks Batuhan is listening all this on the gate if tent and talks with himself that he has done everything for Ural bey but he mislead him. While listening all the outcomes of ceremony he also see the Ertugrul is coming. Ertugrul enters in the tent and Köpek asks him why he is here on such a day. Ertugrul tells him that he wants to be the part of this blessed ceremony. As a bey of Kayi he has to attend this ceremony.

Çandar asks the intentions of Ertugrul and Ural tells him that if he came here to take refuge then he is on the wrong place. They are all questioning Ertuğrul, Aliyar veya enters with Laskaris and Ertugrul’s soldiers. Aliyar bey tells Candar bey that just listen to this man so they can know the truth. Laskris tells everything about Ural infant of Saedtin Kopek that what he has done wit Ertugrul when he comes here. Aliyar gives the arrows to Kopek that the arrow from the body of Governor and the arrows founded from the tent of Laskaris are the same so its proved that he is the murderer of Governor. Password for this Episode is in the last line of 4th paragraph.

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