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EPISODE 32 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 32 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles only on GiveMe5. Ertugrul has well planned against the Ural. He has dealt with Saeditin Köpek that if he wants to release the Ural he should support Aliyar in the council and he has to convince the other Beys of the council to vote for Aliyar. Köpek is also bound to the promise Which he has made with Aslıhan so he agrees with Ertugrul on this matter. The Ural is sitting in the jail Ertugrul comes and talk to him about his escaping which he attempted last night. The ural demand him to just take his head as soon as possible. After taking his head Ural’s tribe will not leave Ertugrul and his family.

Ertugrul informs him that we are leaving you and you can go. Before leaving the Ural Ertugrul has a talk with Kopek in Han. Ertugrul clearly tells Kopek that if he wants peace in the vicinity and also in the state he should support Aliyar and keeps his promise. If he breaks his promise, Ertugrul will personally break the peace. Saedtin Kopek becomes afraid and he agreed. Kopek immediately comes to Cavdar Tribe and inform Aslihan and Cholpan about this. He also reminds Aslihan about the promise that he has fulfilled his promise about the Ural. Aslihan tells him that if you fulfill I ‘ll also fulfill my promise as well. After the council, we will complete our wedding.

Ertugrul has reached with his soldiers near to Cavdar Tribe. When the Ural reached Council Kotluca threw an arrow and inform Ertugrul that the Ural has reached in the council. In the voting, no Bey has selected the Ural as bey but all votes are gone to Aliyar. After Aliyar becomes new Bey of Cavdar, Kotluca threw three arrows and in form Ertugrul. When Ertugrul gets the good news he sends all soldiers back to tribe except Noorgul. He sends back all soldiers with Roshaan because now there is no need of battle now. Ertugrul was decided that if the Ural becomes the new Bey they will attack and gets Ural’s head. After Aliyar becoming the Bey of Cavdar Ertugrul goto Aliyar with Noorgul to Congratulate him.

When Aslihan listens about the Aliyar that he is new Bey of Cavdar, she runs away to her father’s grave. On the way she sees Ertugrul, She said to him that you are successful in your mission. Now celebrate your victory in my baba’s tent. After that, she goes to her baba’s grave and cries there. She is crying and talking with his father, Batuhan comes and Aslihan tries to kill him. Batuhan stops her but Aslihan fells down on the ground. Here in the tent of Cavdar Ertugrul represent a sword to Aliyar as a gift of friendship. Ertugrul also mention the name of Saedtin Kopek that his role is very important in the unity of two tribes.

Visuilis propose Helena in the evening in her room. Helena become afraid in the first attempt that wy he comes at this time. When Babar goes to Helena in the castle, Helena tells him about the intentions of Visuilis. Babar becomes idol after listening to this and also becomes a little angry with this news Password for this Episode is Elections002018ec. Watch rest of Episode on screen and Enjoy!

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