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EPISODE 38 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 38 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. The dead bodies of Beys who are on the way to attend the council meeting of all Turkmen Beys in Han. Ertugrul becomes very sad to see them. One of the Beys starts talking to Ertugrul that we all will die. Ertugrul replies that if you are very feared from the death then go and put yourself in your cupboard. Ertugrul is in very anger. He is thinking about that what he has to do because his Sultan order is clear to not start a war. But Ertugrul wants to take revenge for these Beys. He has a plan in his mind. He orders Noorgul to go to castle secretly and kill all his special commanders. He also advised him to hang their dead bodies in the castle where visuilis can look at them. Aliyar requests Ertugrul to get Kotluca with Noorgul so they can also share in this blessed quest.

Ertugrul summons Halima and tells her that we will be guests of Aliyar Beyin Çavdar Tribe. She should be ready for that. Aliyar is also preparing the tribe for Ertugrul’s arrival. He also addresses to his Beys and announces there that from now on Aslıhan will be his vice. Aslihan wonders with his decision that how a woman can be Deputy. Aliyar tells her their customs that in Turks customs women has ruled in the Tribes. Aliyar tells the people that check every tent and ask people for their problems. He also informs the soldiers that be ready in drill Field because Ertugrul bey will examine them.

The Ural is running with his wife Çolpan. They are going to the castle as a refugee. On the way the soldiers of Kotluca finds them and they tell the Ural to stop and surrender. Some of the soldiers are the men of Ural. The Ural doesn’t surrender and those soldiers also fight with the Ural against the soldiers of Çavdar Tribe. The Ural and his men survived and the Ural tells them to inform everything happens in the Tribe. Visuilis is drilling with his soldiers in the castle drilling Field. Ural and Çolpan enter the castle and become the guest of Visuilis in the castle.

The Ural is going to do everything to get back his tribe and honor. Noorgul and Kotluca are assigned to go into the castle. Ertugrul tells them to get help from Hacaturyan and Dumrul. Noorgul and Kotluca reach to the shop of Hacaturyan and Dumrul. They tell them that nowadays no one can enter the castle with swords. Visuilis is very strict for the security of the castle. Hacaturyan and Dumrul have swords in the shop. Noorgul and Kotluca become very happy to see that.

Noorgul reaches on the place where the great and special commanders of Visuilis has to enjoy. The owner of the bar asks Noorgul to get out from his bar because the bar is closed today. Noorgul asks him why the Bar is closed? He replies that Governer Visuilis and his commanders will come here to enjoy. Noorgul is successful to Find the place where visuilis and his soldiers will come. Helena informs Safdar that he is in their side. She also gives information to Safdar for Ertugrul that the killer of Turkmen Beys is Visuilis. Babar comes to Ertugrul and this time Ertugrul talks politely with him.

He advised him to together himself. He tells him that this is the time of war and we can’t afford these stupidities. Babar understands that he has done a big mistake. He realized that because of him they lost Visuilis. This is enough for now, Password for this Episode is 14thAugustIndependenceDay. Watch and Enjoy!

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