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EPISODE 39 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode Number 39 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Visuilis is doing his best to secure the Castle. He has placed the commanders everywhere. He also asks about Helena and orders soldiers to protector closely. Noorgul with his soldiers is running inside the castle. The soldiers are behind them. They are stuck there so finding no way to get out of the castle. Finally Noorgul the Head-Alp decided to get back into the shop of Alvin and Dumrul. They entered the shop and tell Hacaturyan to distract them. Hacaturyan Master pretend them that they abused him also and run on that way and he tells them the wrong way and he distracts all of them on the other side of the shop. One of them is trying to get inside the shop so he has been killed by the soldiers of Noorgul.

Ertugrul and Aliyar are talking in the Cavdar Tribe once again. They are also praying for their soldiers who are entered into the castle. Ertugrul tells Aliyar that if the become martyred in this quest but they will definitely complete their mission. Ertugrul also tells Aliyar before this they have succeeded much harder missions. Mother Hayma is also there and she prays for her soldiers. Aliyar says that if a mother prayer is there then everything will be fine. Aliyar is at ease that he has gotten rid of Ural now but Ertugrul tells him that don’t forget about of Visuilis. Aliyar is the wonder that how can a person get into the enemies hand for their own ambition. While they are talking Kircha soldier comes and tells them about the soldier’s martyrdom that was behind the Ural.

Visuilis is very angry that how the Turks soldiers come inside the castle. He is asking from his soldiers that how will I get back my lands from Turks and how will I bring our state to glory with you. In anger, he kills all his soldiers with his own hands. Helena is here inside her room and soldiers comes and inform her that we are on his door to guard her. Ural is telling Visuilis that you must have to make alliance with him. His beys in the Cavdar tribes are waiting for his signal to revolt. If you want to succeed then you have to break this alliance and only I can break this alliance.

Visuilis still don’t give a positive response and tells Ural that I will think about it. Visuilis get the news that soldiers of Ertugrul are still ion the castle and we will now allow them to escape. Visuilis says that he will buried them alive. He also asks about the ammunition. Solder tell him that ammunition will reach here day after tomorrow. While talking Visuilis also mention that for this ammunition he had also killed the Chamberlain so if anything happened to ammunition I will kill you all.

Aliyar and Ertugrul look at the wounds of their martyred soldiers. They find the wounds at nack and in front. They know that the Ural was not alone. Here on the other side, Acar Bey is asking his soldiers that why you killed the soldiers he tells them that he has no other option on that time. While talking there they get the news that Aliyar summoned them. Ertugrul and Aliyar investigate them but they have told a wonderful story that they have spotted while finding Ural and when they become together they were all killed. From there Ertugrul decided to get an eye on these soldiers who are back from to searching of Ural. Noorgul and his soldiers are stuck inside the shop and Kotlucha advice that we have to get out from here and start the fight.

With this, they can kill nine or ten of them and become martyred. Noorgul asks him that when Ertugrul bey will conquer the castle you don’t want to be with his side. Kotluca tells that why not he wants to be. Noorgulreplesa then you wait and we will find a way to escape from here. Noorgul gives an advice that only Helena can help them now. Safdar asks that how we can get in touch with Helena. Hacaturyan Master tells that this is his work. He tells that his key can do such a thing which swords cannot. He also wants a share in this quest. He cleverly enters the castle and gets Helena in the shop. What Helena does there you will watch on the screen this is enough for now. I want to give a quick work here but because of my son head injury, all the plan ruined. It is obvious that only Allah knows what will happen tomorrow. Password of this Episode is AllahBehterJaantaHai. Thank you and Enjoy!

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