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EPISODE 48 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is EPISODE number 48 if Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Aliyar has delivered the two prisoners to the Ertugrul. After seeing Gunyali, Gulbano becomes very angry and she tries to kill her. Ertugrul is going to execute Açar Bey firstly. Açar is still talking that they are doing wrong and Aliyar is a traitor. After Ertugrul cuts his throat, Gunyali crying and she goes to Zuljaan on her knees and beg him for forgiveness. Zuljaan tells her that you have destroyed my dignity so if I forgive you I would lost my humanity. After this he cut the throat of Gunyali.

After that the next turn is of Teo. Ertuğrulgazi comes to Teo and remind him what he said to him before. He tells him that he killed the troops coming from Nikea. He killed the soldiers of his castle. He has made the mountain of their corpses. Now it’s time put your head on top of that mountain as a flag. After saying this he gives the signal to Baber and Baber comes and used his both swords to cut this infidel. After that Ertugrul has a short speech there. Everybody is saying Long live Ertugrul Bey and Long live Aliyar Bey.

On the other side Ural is planning a dirty plan. He has a meeting with the beys in a cave. His plan is to distract Ertugrul and Aliyar in to the Han and when they are not present in the Tribe he will get hold of his Tribe with the help of his loyal Beys and soldiers. He has also support of other Beys of Tribes and also Visuilis. Ural defining his plan to the Beys that they will call Ertugrul and Aliyar to the Han for a meeting with him. One of the Beys ask that if he dont believe in us because Ertugrul is suspecting on us that we are doing secret meetings with you. Ural tells them another dirty game that you will say that Ural was threatening us that he will raid to your Tribes with the help of Visuilis and we can’t afford it. One of Beys also asks Ural that after you get hold of your tribe, will you get in touch with that infidel Visuilis after that. Ural asks that he only get to an infidel but did he betray to his customs? He told them that Visuilis is in his Palm and after killing the soldiers coming from Nikea by Ertugrul, Visuilis stuck in his castle and has no power to fight. He tells them that he will get his Tribe, booty of Karachaisar and the gold mine. Ertugrul and Aliyar are aware of their possible plan.

They are ready to stop their attack because they know that in despair. One of Beys coming from the Çavdar Tribe is there to meet with Ural. Ural asks him that did he received his letter. Bey tells him that they received and the Beys and soldiers are ready to give their lives for his sake. Ural becomes very happy and he compliment that bey that he proved that he is a worthy bey of his father Çandar Bey Tribe. They bey also tells Ural the bad news that Açar Bey and his daughter has been executed. He moreover tells him that Teo is also executed along with them. Ertugrul attends the grave of Roshaan and tells him about that they take his revenge. Babar and Noorgul are also there with him. Ertugrul tells Roshan that he has not to worry about his child. Babar speaks immediately thay yes he doesn’t need to be worried. His uncle will make him a lion. He will give him two swords. They pray on the grave and wet the grave with water.

Ertugrul and his mother is sitting in their tent. Halima comes with some drinks. Mother Hayma is very upset because of his younger son Zuljaan. Halima ask for pardon because she didn’t hold his tongue in Gunyali’s matter but mother Hayma appreciate her that her beautiful heart has sensed everything. She was true from the very beginning. While they are talking Baber comes into the tent after permission. Mother Hayma welcome Helena with prays. She tells her that you are a salvation for us in these painful days. Baber cannot speak anything but he is restless. Ertugrul asks him that what is that he wante to say but he has no words? Baber start talking that he want to say something but can’t find words for that so he wouldn’t beat the bushes and straight say that he wants to share his pillow with Helena in all his Life. Ertugrul asks Helena about it. She said that she want to be his life partner. She want to relief him from the pain of his brother lost. She want to be part of their Tribe. Ertugrul becomes happy and tells them to get ready tonight for wedding because the good deeds don’t have to wait so long. Baber kissed his hand and get out from there quickly. Drunk Visuilis is sitting in his castle. He is very upset. Ural is looking at him and tells him about the death of Teo. Ural also tells his further plannings that he will not leave any of rebellious soldiers of his Tribe. This is his final Kobe now. He asks Visuilis to help him with his soldiers. Visuilis said just kill Ertugrul and Aliyar i am standing behind you with all my possible power. I am standing behind you with my sword in hand and soldiers by my side. Ural tells that he will also fulfill his pledge afterwards. When Visuilis asks about the pledge then Ural tells him that tomorrow when he will get hold of his Tribe, Ertugrul’s mother and wife also be in the workplace. He will kill them and seize the lineage of Ertugrul.

Hayma mother is still very upset about her son Zuljaan. Ertugrul comes to his mother. After seeing his mother in this state, he says to his mother that it’s hurts him to see you like this. Mother Hayma replies that it’s hurts me when she look at Zuljaan who is desperate and disgraced. Ertugrul tells his mother that because of him Roshaan Life has gone. The price of his weakness will be paid by the son of Roshaan. Mother Hayma tells him that everyone has turned his face from him. He is feeling very ashamed. Ertugrul tells that he should be ashamed so he can realise that how it should be a worthy bey of Suleman Shah’s tent. Mother Hayma is still thinking Zuljaan as a child and she tells Ertugrul that you have burden him with a task which is very heavy on his shoulder. Ertugrul says that he cannot forgive him because of that he is son of Suleman Shah.

İf he does this how he can look at the face of his People. If he cannot take this burden so now I have removed his burden. He should realised that he is a bey and when he proved himself he can get his beyship and Alpship back. That’s all for this Episode. Rest of Episode you can watch on your screens. Password for this Episode is BabarNikahHelena. Watch and Enjoy!

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