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EPISODE 52 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 52 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode Abu Mansoor is watching the Training camp and he really very impressed by the skills of the soldoers of kayi. Zuljaan is standing with The Abu Mansoor and telling him that the war is at the door so we practice constatnly. Abu Mansoor question him that Are the other Turkmen Tribes are also ready for the War as Kayi are? Zuljaan tells him that everyone is ready for war because Ertygrul warn Turkmen Beys to ready their Soldeirs for war in every council Meeting. Abu Mansoor asks that if Ertugrul bey is interested in the state of the solderis? He heared that Ertugrul bey also interested in Politics. Zuljaan just change the topic and tell him to ask this personally from Ertugrul. While ther are talking Ertugrul comes to Tribe. He addresses to his soldoiers and Abu Mansoor watching him from the distance. He is again impressed by the passion of Ertugrul. He wants to acquire rugs and also left the gold up front. Ertugrul becomes very happy with this news and asks him thay where is he now?

Ertugrul comes to the Zuljaan and ask him about the trainging situation. Ertugrul also admire the hard work of Zuljaan in the drilling field. There, Ertugrul tells himthe good news that now you deserved the right to get your Beyship and your Alpship back. Then Zuljaan tells him the news about the Merchant Abu Mansoor who came from Aleppo. He furthur tells Ertugrul that he is here because the reputation of our rugs has reached him. Aliyar is sitting in the main tent with Aslihan and asking her that formerly you were going out and riding horse but now you are always here in tent like eagle in cage. Actually Aslihan doesnt want to marry with Sasedtin Kopek so she tell Aliyar that she want to go to stream but fate has confined me to a water jug. I wanted to fly like a bird but the fate has condemned me to the palace. After all this A;iyar asks her sister, Do you want to proceed with this marriage. Aslihan tells his brother that she is sacrificing herself for this tribe because she dont want to cause hostility between tribe and state. Aliyar tells her that no one can force you to do this. Aslihan tells that now the arrow has left the bow. Emir Saedtin will never giveup in his marriage now. Aliyar tells her that as long as i am alive i ll not sacrifice your in the politics of state.

Visuilis is in the search of that spy who has information from Sultan and has been exposed. he is wounded and escaped. Visuilis is talking woth the Commander that as we are in search of that spy, the man who has to get the news from that spy is also in search of that spy. So will learn who is that man. While searchign the rain starts and the tracks can be erased. Visuilis tells them to do hurry before the tracks will be erased. They fine a cave where the track were leading to so they enter into the cave. Abu Mansoor is sitting in the Han. He is actullay talks to the people and he finds that everybody is admiring Ertugrul. Everyone is happ and at ease.

Everyone is saying that they nerver seen the sin of Ertugrul bey and he has already remove the taxes from the trade. Every Merchant is very happy the policy of Ertugrul and they are telling all this to Abu Mansoor. Aliko is watching the Abu Mansoor so he asked him that what he wants so Aliko immediately reply that if he wants something. Abu Mansoor tells him to serve all my guests here with a good meal. Aliko comes to Dumrul and tells him all the situation that this man has lot of guests here and the han is filled up. He doesn’t know where to settle them. Dumrul tells Aliko to don’t worry, all soldiers will be awaked till morning. He will go to Ertugrul bey and inform him about this man.

Visuilis entered in the cave and he found the Spy there. Visuilis torture him as he enters to the cave. Visuilis torture him and asking him about the spy of Sultan Alauddin in these lands. Visulis asks him whom you are waiting. The spy tells him that he is waiting for the Testimony. While this investigation a soldiers tell to Visuilis that they were two men and one of them is missing now. Visuilis orders his soldiers to follow the missing spy. Episode was delayed because of the response from a brother who was translating it. But in meantime we also prepared the next two Episodes. Episode 53 is completely ready and you can watch it along with this Episode number 52 but 54 will be upload tomorrow or next day. This Episode has some scenes of baby birth so we have censored those scenes and because of that the duration is trimmed. This is Enough for this Episode so rest of Episode you can watch on your screens. The password for this Episode is SavciErtugrul. Watch and Enjoy! Thank you!

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