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EPISODE 53 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 53 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode Halima and Ertugrul are getting another son but Ertugrul has to go in search of the spy of Sultan. This is very important because if Visuilis gets first to that spy of Sultan he can get the information from him or can kill him. Ertugrul is on the way to leave halima in this state. Actually Halima situation is not good. Mr. Arif already told to Ertugrul that Halima condition is bad and maybe the son is in reverse position. Before going to in search of Spy, Ertugrul comes to Halima and say goodbye to her and he said to her that i will come back with the help of Allah. The maternity scene of Halima is not suitable for children so i have just fast forward in the last Episode. In this Episdoe halima got a son. Ertugrul and his soldiers are going with the companion of that spy to that cave where he left him.

Visuilis was already in search of him and he got there before Ertugrul and his team. Visulis asks him about the man for whom he got the news here. That spy dont talk and consider the martyrdoom instead of telling the name of Ertugrul. Visuilis kill him after torture. When Ertugrul and his solderos reaches there they find him dead. Aliyar says that its mean that Visulis reaches here before us so he killed him. Ertugrul just announce to his soldeirs that this is a trap so everybody has to be careful now. When they came out the are stuck in a trap. Visuilis is there with his soldiers. After a long fight Ertugrul and his friends stucked by Visulis and Aliyar is wounded severly. While they stacked Abu Mansoor comes their to help them. When Ertugrul sees him he wonders that his Sultan is here and he help him. After that Sultan’s soldeirs also fight and Visulis run away from there.

Abu Mansoor who was at the Han, is talking with the local people. He is getting information from the people. He found that everybody is admiring Ertugrul. As he was questioning the people, Aliko and Dumrul suspect him and they decide to inform Ertugrul about this man who is talking not only about the Trade but also politics. Everybody in Ertugrul’s Tent is also talking about Abu Mansoor and praying to Allah that he would be good for their tribe. Abu Mansoor comes to Ertugrul’s Tent and discuss about all the conditions of tribes Ertugrul is taling with him, Mother Hayma, Halima and Gunduz comes to their presense to say thanks to Abu Mansoor for saving the life of their bravehearts. Abu Mansoor asks the name of both children. They told him the name of Gundiz and also request him that they didnt named the younger one till now and they want to do the ceremony of his name which was told by their father Suleman Shah. The name is Savci. Abu Mansoor say Adhan in his ears and then tells him his name Savci and pray a lot for him. Mother Hayma and Halima wonders that why Ertugrul honoured this Abu Mansoor like this. Actually they don’t know that this is their Sultan.

This Episdoe is another tearful Episode because the death of Aliyar is in this Episode. He is a very trustful and brave companion of Ertugrul. Ertugrul is also in a deep grief to be seperated from his precious friend and brother. Aliyar calls Ertugrul and tells him to comquer Karachisar castle castle and kill that bastard Visuilis. He also tells him to take carer of his tribe and his sister. He just say Shahdah and martyred. Ibn-ul-Arabi was praying for the cause of Ertugrul and people who are in this cause. AbdulRehman comes to Ibn-ul-Arabi and tels him to say the funeral prayer of Aliyar, Aliyar just leave the World silently. He is away from his family in all his life and when he comes back he just meet with difficulties and worries and now he just gone from ths world.

Visuilis entered in the cave and he found the Spy there. Visuilis torture him as he enters to the cave. Visuilis torture him and asking him about the spy of Sultan Alauddin in these lands. Visulis asks him whom you are waiting. The spy tells him that he is waiting for the Testimony. While this investigation a soldiers tell to Visuilis that they were two men and one of them is missing now. Visuilis orders his soldiers to follow the missing spy. This Episode is uploaded but i havnt written text for this Episode so for the time being i have uploiaded the same text which was from Episode number 52. So watch and keep Enjoy! Password for this Episode is AliyarBey so watch it with Episode 52.

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