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EPISODE 55 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 3

This is Episode number 55 of Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. When Sultan announced that Ertugrul is the bey of Prinicipality the face of Saeditin kopek was worthy to watch. Sultan admire Ertugrul in his services infront of Köpek. Saeditin Köpek also admire with a bad heart of Ertugrul. Sultan announced a council meeting of all Turkmen Beys there in the Han. He wants to inform this news to all Turkmen Beys. Visuilis and Nikolas are waiting for Akatrina in the castle. Visuilis tells Nikolas you have to be patient, there will be a news from Akatrina soon.

İf Akatrina fails then they will lose another time and they will never know about that trader. Noorgul taking the precautions the Han. He has given strict orders to the soldiers and also get the soldiers on roof tops Who are archers. Baber is wondering that why Noorgul is doing such a strict precautions. He was thinking that it is all for Saeditin Köpek but Noorgul tells him that Ertugrul Bey wouldn’t move a finger for that man. This all arrangements are for Abu Mansoor. Baber aks that who is this man for whom we are doing this much. Noorgul tells him that he is not a trader after all.

Colpan is there to learn about that Abu Mansoor is Sultan Alaudiin or not. She learn this an d go to Visulis. Sultan with Ertugrul come to the presence of Ibn-ul-Arabi. They tells him all the situation that why Sultan comes here. They also ask for the blessings and prayers of Ibn-ul- Arabi. Ertugrul also invited Ibn-ul-Arabi to the upcoming council meeting. Ibn-ul Arabi eccept the invitation. Saedtin Kopek is very disturbed by the beyship of Ertugrul. He wants to ruin the reputation of Ertugrul. He has made a dirty plan to get down the Ertugrul from tghe eyes of Sultan., He has two rings in his fingers one has poison and one has anti poison mean the cure of that poison. Before going to Sultan, Saedtin meets with Aslihan there and Aslihan refuse to marry wioth him there. Saedtin comes upon Aslihan because of his anger. He didnt support her and hurt her with his words. He asks her about her love for Ertugrul. Aslihan tells him that you are hurting me and there is no love now for Ertugrul like that in her heart. This Episdoe is another tearful Episode because the death of Aliyar is in this Episode.

He is a very trustful and brave companion of Ertugrul. Ertugrul is also in a deep grief to be seperated from his precious friend and brother. Aliyar calls Ertugrul and tells him to comquer Karachisar castle castle and kill that bastard Visuilis. He also tells him to take carer of his tribe and his sister. He just say Shahdah and martyred. Ibn-ul-Arabi was praying for the cause of Ertugrul and people who are in this cause. AbdulRehman comes to Ibn-ul-Arabi and tels him to say the funeral prayer of Aliyar, Aliyar just leave the World silently. He is away from his family in all his life and when he comes back he just meet with difficulties and worries and now he just gone from ths world.

The Cavdar Tribe is now without leader and their soldiers are without commander, Kati tribe is supoorting with thier all morality. They are dong their best to stand tall the people of Cavdar. Ibn ul Arabi also tells them the Ayah of Quran and Ahadees to motivate them. Ertugrul also addrss to people after the Funeral prayer and Aslihan also. Saedtin Kopek also arrived at the time of Funeral prayer. Saedtin Kopek goes to Aslihan after Funeral where Mother hayma is already sitting with her. When Saedtin arrived there she get alone Aslihan.

Saedtn Kopek say his condolences to Aslihan first then he talk about his marriage but this time Aslihan tells him about her decision that she want to live in her tribe.At the End Saedtin goes in the presence of Sultan where Ertugrul is already there. Sultan tells him that its good that you also come here as i want to tell you that Ertugrul will serve my state as Bey of Principality. This Episode is longer than one hour so i have to split it into two parts the password for the first part is SultanAlauddin. Watch and Enjoy!

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