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Haci Bayram Veli Episode 03 Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No 03 of Haci Bayram Veli with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5 . Where did you find this sack Baba?. BO LUMWhose seal is this?It is the seal of the village where I got the sack, son.Why is this vital to you?Where is that village?I brought him all the way here.I feel so bad for my Khodja, so bad What are you grumbling about, Sinan?Why did Mullah Efendi come here? Does he perhaps have some problem?He does! And, we came here since I believed we could handle it.

It's a shame my father couldn't solve it.Sinan.The seal on the sword was the same as the seal on the sack.What should we do now? Should we go back to Mevlut Bey?No way... A door cannot be knocked on twice.You embarrassed yourself enough, Numan. Go and do it yourself.Go see to it yourself.Is there permission?Sinan Bey.Have you seen Ay§e Hatun?Sinan Bey!Yes, Q<;ek Hatun.Have you seen you sister?Didn't she come to you?She didn't.She was going to check the mohair cloths after they're dyed.Come on, my boy, give chase as if the winds are blowing in your back, come on.

May it be blessed Somuncu Baba.May you live long, Mevlut Bey. May you live long.I wish you ate some of our food before setting off.I wish you ate some of our food before setting off.They say when you find ayran, drink it. And when you find trouble, run away.But my furnace needs to be fired. Believers are waiting for bread.May you be in good health, Mevlut Bey.Alright. May it go easy. But you'll promise us one dinner.EyvAllah.I didn't introduce you. My son, Sinan.He is a student in Kara Madrasa.MashaAllah.Then he is Mullah Numan's student.Right.He just left.I know.I saw him.My Bey.-Yes my daughter.-Did you see Ay§e Hatun?


ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

Are you asking me?You are with her all the time.What happened?We were dying the mohair cloths, my Bey. Ay§e Hatun was going to inspect them.Did something happen, Ay§e Hatun?Is somethi wrong?ngNo, well... I've brought your notebook.There it is.Why did you trouble yourself?I could've come to get it.Please...I didn't trouble myself.Actually, I'm sorry.You are a professor must've needed it for your students.I couldn't find an opportunity to bring it before It's not an important notebook.

I just forgot about it, again.Do you have some problem? You came to talk to my father.Fa SubhanAllah.[Allah is free from all deficiencies] Don't be afraid, Mevlut Bey. Ay§e Hatun is a brave girl.Don't be afraid, she is a brave girl ,you say......but she would never leave without Altin £i<;ek, Somuncu Baba.There are bandits everywhere. That's why we are worried.They saw her leaving the Konak.Ay§e Hatun is nowhere in sight, my Bey.Why doesn't this girl listen to me?I told her many times to never go out alone.And you, Altin Qi?ek, didn't I tell you to be her follow her everywhere?

Why are you still here?What kind of sisterhood is that?My sister is coming.Did something bad happen?You tell me...Did something bad happen?You left alone and didn't let anyone know.My horse was feeling restless.I went out to walk him around.You won't go out alone anymore.They even dared to attack Mullah Efendi, and him being a Scholar! Everyone, be careful!His hand holds a pen, but mine handle a sword.

I hope they try their chance with me.Sinan, from now on, you will go out with Rahman.As you order, my Bey.No one will leave here alone!Off you go now, attend to your duties.You made your horse sweat a lot. I wonder whom you chased.I hope you caught up with him.Father, can I have a moment?Yes, come, Sinan.Is there nothing you can do, father?We won't hesitate to give our best if we can do something. We won't.We would help your Khodja if we could.If this hadn't happened to him, even the title of a Chief Professor would have been his.

I know...I know...As if we, too, wouldn't want to break the arm that rises against scholars?But what can we do?We cannot hold......accountable every man in Engiiru with a scar on his face.But I don't understand one thing. Why would the bandits steal a book?Don't think it's just an ordinary book, father. Its' value is high.They must've realized that it was valuable since it was carefully wrapped.InshaAllah they find it soon.It takes an effort before you ask it from Allah, father.If you had entrusted the duty to three brave men, we would have had the face to say 'InshaAllah*.Sinan.-Sister.-Come here.

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ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

I heard about what happened to Mullah.I heard that the leader of the bandits had a wound on his face.Yes, but my father says we can't find him.We can find him if we know whom to ask.Welcome back, my Numan Khodja.Glad to be back.Glad to be back.What's the matter, my Numan Khodja? Nothing's wrong, InshAllah!Do I look like I've done some evilness my Riistem Khoja?Not that, I meant is there any change about your situation? That's what I'm curious about.No, not any change yet, however the end of the rope is in the palm of my hand.

I will get rid of this black mark, InshaAllah.-What happened?-My Numan Khodja, welcome my Khodja.Welcome back, my Numan Khodja.\Ne will finish our talk later, master.Our coming is all sweetness and light, my lad.You're here for the lesson, aren't you, my Khodja?No, not for the lesson.I wish you were just as excited about learning.Hasbuna Allah.[Allah is enough for us]Is there permission, my Efendi?Come in.Come in, Numan Efendi, come here.Take a seat by me.You've asked me to come by.

I hope there is no bad news.Do we need bad news to invite you here Numan Efendi?We missed our friendly chat.I just wanted to sit and talk to you.What are you doing Rustem Efendi?Amin amin.I just came to the yard to breathe some fresh air.Sadreddin Efendi has invited Mullah Numan.I wonder why.I guess Mullah Numan will resume teaching.Nothing has changed in his situation.We would have known if he was to resume teaching.I don't know about that.Where isMullah Numan now?He must be inSadreddin Efendi's room.When he leaves Sadreddin Efendi's talk to Mullah Numan.

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