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Haci Bayram Veli Episode 05 Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

This is Episode No 05 of Haci Bayram Veli with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5 . We received a notice that this abominable incident was committed by you.Did you hear this, my Master?Who told you that? Tell me, Deputy Effendi.Who are those who threw this vile slander at me?You are in the presence of Justice, Numan Efendi. Weigh your words carefully.Of course, I will weigh my words, the Honorable Deputy.But what evidence did the court weigh to charge me with this evil?We have no personal interest in this.Allah forbid, my Efendi.We will see that justice and canonical law are served.There is a report that you organized that robbery yourself.

Isn't it as clear as day that this is a slander, Efendi?Isn't it wrong for the court to even take such slander seriously?We are not in the Madrasah Efendi!.What's more, we are not your students.Astaghfirullah [Allah forgive me]. That's not what I meant.Leave it to us to decide whether it is wrong or not.Would you excuse us, §eref Efendi?You are excused.Numan Effendi, the truth will certainly emerge.It will, Efendi, of course it will.

But these charges are not easy to bear.While I mourn the loss of a prized relic......what does Deputy Efendi charge me with?He doesn't charge you.He said there was a notice.His job here is to investigate and enforce justice.The justice we have turned to now seeks our heads, my Master.We could do... one of al-Jazari's procedures... [al-Jazari - 12th century inventor] ... in class with the children.He was ordinary Scholar.


ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

In the very... very far future..maybe...... ten or twenty generations after us, people will come to......appreciate that he was such... a great Scholar.My daughteCo ... come in... my father, come in.Didn’t you go to deliver the mohair my daughter?I... I was just about to go now, father.You are being late.Altin Q<;ek already left.I was about to join her now.Let's suppose we've fallen for a shepherd's lie who has no flock.Business is business, my daughter.It requires keeping your mind on it.I was reading something, I got distracted, father.

Do you envy Sinan?Isn't Divan enough for us?[Divan - assembly of poets; devotees; learned people] Go now, catch up with Altin £igek. Don't linger any longer.All right, father.& (Jl r * ’Selamun aleykum. [peace be upon you]Aleykumu salam. [peace be upon you too] After all the suspicions hanging over him, he is still about, holding classes as usual.But, he's now breaking out in a cold sweat.Who are you talking about, Tahsin Efendi?Just observe the goings-on around you, Rustem Efendi.

May it be to our advantage.I'm talking about Numan.You don't know anything yet.Qadi Efendi has been notified.The person who stole the book is Numan Efendi himself.That's why he's sweating now.What are you saying, Tahsin Efendi? It is slander.Why would a person who knows he is innocent break in a cold sweat, Efendi?What harm is there if the slander doesn't hold water?Let's say someone came out and said......Numan Efendi has been after this book for a long time.It has both spirtual and material value.Numan Efendi teamed up with the bandits and staged all this himself.

Why would you say that, Tahsin Efendi?Is there anything in this world that is impossible?By Allah, it is a slander. Numan Efendi didn't do this.Besides, why would anyone slander Numan Efendi?There is not only one face of the truth.Some day it can show up in the form of a slander.And now, this truth in the form of a slander has come from our Elder.So, do not take these as my words.Ee, let's see what happens if someone......shows up and tells this to Qadi Efendi, or sends him a letter?Isn't it possible?If there is a destiny, could it be prevented?Numan Efendi does not deserve this.

I know of his love for science his love for his student.Is it up to you to decide who deserves it or not, Rustem Efendi?We told you that destiny has no obstacles.In yours, my Lord (SWT) has written down that post of Head Professor.It is your right. You're going to get it.Did I perhaps insult one of the students so he did it?No! How would the students have known that.....I would be taking the copy of "Kutadgu Bilig" to Bursa.That one was not one of my students.I can't put a finger on anyone in town, either.Or whoever is in the madrasa.You, our students, our employees, and also...Please, calm down Numan Effendi.Is there anything to do other then wait for the result of the inquiry?

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ویڈیو کو فل اسکرین کرنے پر اشتہارات ختم ہوجائیں گے۔موبائل پر ویڈیو کو انگلی سے ڈریگ کرکے پھر فل اسکرین کریں۔ شکریہ۔

No, of course, my Effendi, you're right..But who was it?My main issue is, who is the one who framed me for this?Come, come over here. Let's sit down for a spell.My Khoja, my Khoja!What is so important?Astaghfirullah, Khoja.We just wanted to inquire.What inquire, Sinan?My Khoja, Numan Khoja is not here, will he hold a class or...What's that to you?Ha?Is it the student's duty?Class hasn't started yet! Is Khoja coming or is he not?!Well, even if he isn't, open your diary, your books, and study!!Did someone told you not to study?Forgive me, Master.We've delayed you unnecessarily.Why are you following me?

I'm sorry, uncle Bey,I thought you were following me.My son, call that birdman there, and tell him to give the birds their share.Brother, take this, don't let it go to waste.But you..Excuse me, uncle Bey, how did you know? I didn't even realize it was spilling.And I was the one pulling the load.They call me "blind Dede Ibrahim". But......although my eyes are veiled, yet my heart is not, my son.Anyway, even if the load you are missing something, it will still look a full, now."Sohbet of the Saints nourishes one's ingenuity." [Sohbet - an essential spirtual practice] "A breath of time for Sohbet, I always do have... to cleanse the troubles from their souls.

""Leyla and Majnun, I am;Passionate for Al-Rahman [Most Gracious], I am; "Being our guest he became our Friend, all these years, all this time,""Like the real Ismail [the Prophet], I'm ready to sacrifice my life." [by Yunus Emre] Welcome to you.Welcome to you too, my Piri.[Piri - leader of Dervis order; a spirtual guide].Our stove is smoking. We were baking our Somuns here for quiet some time now.Must a shepherd find his way to the Bazaar, just to smell your Somun?So Enguru is ours, and the bazaar is yours, is that so, my Piri?Well, what has made my Piri find his way to the Bazaar now?

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