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MAVERA EPISODE 01 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is First Episode of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I’ll tell you a story.A story that no ear hears no eye sees……a story is about to fade away among the ashes of time.A story about four men riding through the unknown.Four lonely four outcast…..four orphans.The first traveler the first of the four…The first traveler the first of the four…..the pearl of the wisdom sea Hace Ahmet.Then his faithful friend Mahmut.Mahmut who exchanges his life to be a loyal friend.<\ i u r i• ‘ A ‘ iThe old member of the past who raised them both……and the great dervish Pehlivan Hamza.D G A N L! M*T T” K A”R A ■aui payThe son of Arslanbab Mansur.Or you’ll be lost here.Coming just coming now.My deceased father Arslanbab……was the guide of Hace and all of us.

When he went to the other side I followed Hace Ahmet.While I was leaving behind the lands I was borne in……while I was taking shelter under the spiritual climate of Pir Sultan Hemedani……while I was going to the far away lands with the order of Pir Hadrath I never hesitated.The horse was running the we were moving forward.And Hace Ahmet was leading.When you had Hace before us there was no fear in your heart.And our storystarted on that road.And it never ended later on thank Allah.Four rider turned the wheel of the fate backwards with their bare swords.But no one knew about it.

You will know it now.The things you will learn about the story of the whittled wooden swords that left deep marks on the world……by a dervish who were living off whittling wood spoons.This is the epic of the warriors who opened the doors……that couldn’t be opened even with steel swords…..and the cities that couldn’t be conquered by force.In summary it is the time for the white paper and the black ink.My words will reveal the strange city Baghdad and……the odd things we encountered there.Our story is glazed with wisdom.InshVliah it will be told with wisdom.ur story……in other words the unrecorded story of the four poor dervishes from Turkistan.I am the son of Arslanbab Mansur.Pehlivan Hamza.The loyal friend Mahmut.And Hace Ahmet.May Allah bestow truth to my pencil and words.In the name of Allah the merciful the beneficent.Come on dear. Come on.

Push push push.Come on!Come on! Come on!Don’t stop! Don’t stop!Father.Someone is coming.You take that and go behind the car.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.Mansur Can*Thank you.WhatThe horse got scared..He took the car out of the road.A piece was broken and we are trying to fix it.And after we fix it I guess we will pull the car.I hope you are fine.Thank Allah we are fine.Master do you want us to help?Do you allow it?Oh great steed<We are having a difficult time even while carrying this light sweater.You are carrying all these burden.

This will pass too.This will pass too steed.Don’t worry.Mahmut Can.Let’s separate the horse from the car.Eyvallah my Hace.Master we need a tool to fix this.We’ll handle it.It seems the wheel is not that bad.Mansur Can.Good good.\Ne can tie your horse if it is needed. And we can take the steed in tow.Well done.Come on let’s do this. Let’s move this car.O Haqq!O Haqq!Be careful.I got it!Thank you all.Okay. Thank you.You really helped us.We can handle it from now on with my father and brother.Your hand is wounded.Daughter bring some ointment.It’s not that important.Let’s check it first.O Haqq!What is that?I hope it is not something bad.No!This is a mixture made by the herbs we picked from the mountain with our father.It is good. It is good for the wound.Okay sister.

I just wonder if that is something bad…I just…Pehlivan Master! What are you doing there?Isn’t it okay for it?Mansur Can just take it out.Is this good? I think we can use it.We need to wrap the wound.Eyvallah.It was in our fateSo we became companions.We can’t even pay you back for this.And there is also this.May Allah bless you.Hace.You have a sit.We have some things to do here.Eyvallah master.Come on. Let’s check it.It’s nothing important. Thank you.Father.Daughter have a sit there.Eyvallah.Where are you going?To Baghdad.Baghdad?What are you going to do in Baghdad?And you are alone.These roads are not safe.

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