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MAVERA EPISODE 26 Last with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode No 26 and Last Episode of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Aytolu.You are my enemy.I’ll kill not your enemy, Aytolu.It’s me.It’s me, Ahmet from Turkistan.You are my enemy.Aytolu.Drop that dagger.I won’t.Pull yourself together!Aytolu, don’t you remember me?You……gave me a handkerchief……when I came to Baghdad……because my hand was wounded.Look, it’s me.Ahmet.Aytolu, look. Look at the handkerchief.Remember.I told you this would be my most valuable memory of m life.Handkerchief.Handkerchief.White handkerchief.But there were other colors.This is what I leave for you.Red. Then, two times blue.Then, stop once at yellow.Then, 7 times red.For our savior…..who’ll come fromthe seven layered sky……will accept me in his seven layered heaven.You will kill Hace.You are my enemy.

Daughter…I gave this hanin the fir day I saw you.Now, I see you for the last time.While I was trying to beloved, I’ve become wordless.Whatever they did to me……they couldn’t make me forget you.Whenever I come to your mind……say a prayer for rr?e.Tell a story.Our Allah made us wise with his wisdom.I understand nb living creature will last forever.He sent Azrael to take our lives on earth.s long as he doesn’t take life, we don’t worry abolit him.I was talking by thinking my age was young.Whatever happened I thought I could endure going aft any matters.And I understand now, life can never happen as I desire.Even if the death comes to the sultans, who think they own the world….the ones, wh6 never stops chasing wealth……the ones who lose themselves in eating and drinking……none of them show faithfulness.Don’t be proud by having fun, my friends.

Even though you lie day and night……the life-taker is certainly coming one day.And such a path is not suitable for the fools.May Mace Ahmet see that you will die.May you see the preparation of the other world.May ou set out by thinking you can arrive there.I understand when the angel of death comes, none of these mean a thing.ive me the good newsSir, on the contrary the news are bad.Hace is not dead. I failed.How many livesdo you have, Hace?How many lives do you have?If it is needed…..we’ll send the best servants we have.But before the Baghdad falls, Race will fall.Before Hace falls, I won’t enter Baghdad.Haven’t you left the grave since yesterday?

Allah Almighty Speaks the Truth!I couldn’t do it, Kutluk.Look, Hace.The ones, who lose their parents……are called orphan.I lost two children.They couldn’t evenfind a word for my pain.There is no word……which can describe my pain. Night follows the day.A day will eventually leave its place to the night.Don’t worry about me.Aytolu means full moonYou know.When the night conies…..if there is no full moon…..then your crescent should shine.You owe this to those who lay in the graves.To the ones who put you on this path.And the one that owns the path.will pay my debt, Kutluk.I will.We are losing everyone……we trusted one by one.How are we going to live with this burden, brother Mansur?If a person does not live with a burden, then what’s the meaning of life?

We are talking with a caravan that goes to an eternal*S a cars*® that, once you join it…$. you don’t have Che chance to say that you cannot carry that burden.61 ILook at that twt.Urungu was walking around it.I would try to teach him how to read, tmi he would escape.Aytirtu was here.Her smile w^uldmake everyone smile.BUt none of them is here now That’s the truthThat’s the truThere is no solution.\Ne will carry the burden of this world, brother.And we will carry it until we die.on’t stab me with your words, Mansur brother.I started living by losing my father and mother.And now I’m losing everyone that loved me.Isn’t there an end to this?Isrft there a medicine for the pain that hurts us?If Aytolu w^s here, she would tell us.Maybe we won’t be able to find that medicine……but we will carry tlteir memories in our hearts.We will protect hat they left in our care.

Come with me, brother.Where are you going, Mansur?HV tin* tv leant whetAytolu wanted to. I shouldn’t have come here.But I wanted to come for one last time.You were not at wrong, Asife Sultan.You just tried to protect me.I jumped in because I didn’t want that knife to wound you.But I caused a wound in your heart.You have never said it.But I feel it.I always thought when people got healed, humanity would also be healed.That’s why I tried to help everyone as best as I could.While covering the wounds of others…saw you.While you were being the remedy of people……you became a trouble without a remedy for me.I didn’t want it to be like this.Never.

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