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MAVERA EPISODE 24 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 24 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Hace!Hace!What happened here?Someone grabbed his hand faster than me.Someone protected me before he stabbed me.HaceMy brothHow could we be caught off guard like this?Don’t worry, Mahmut.Don’t worry.This soul is going to stay in this body……as long as Allah wants it to stay.If he doesn’t want it no one can shed a drop of blood from us.Oh Haqq!WhatIs this something bad?No!It is a mixture, which we made with the herbs we gathered from the mountains.It is good. Good for the wound.Okay, sister.I just wanted to ask if…And if he wants, even though you are Nemrut, who thought he was a holy man……even though you have-armies or you hide in the towers ascending to the skies……he assigns a little mosquito to deliver your soul to Azrael……and your body to the black earth.

I swear on protecting you even if it costs……my own life.can sacrifice myself for you.But when that dagger was about to be stabbed in your back…..I wasn’t with you.I should have been the one who put himself before the dagger.I should have been \Arith you.I can sacrifice my life for Hace and his path.Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!Stop.K ill me first! Kill meHe can bear my absence, but I can’t bear his death!was a wild weed.was going to wither away.And he gave me life water.He made me someone different from plants and animals.He gave me the secret of being a son of Adam.If our Allah wishes us to be defeated……then, we will be defeated.And if he wis sus to be victorious……then, we Will be victorious.

Only our Allah can know this.And we can be defeated, if it is needed, my Mahmut.Do you think the winners always win because they are right?So, what I mean, me dear brother, we can lose, if it is needed.But we will lose by shedding our tears……our sweat and even our own blood……in the path of Allah.\Ne are thapkful that we have a place to sleep, Mahmut Master.But tell me anyway.Are you lying sideways for you don’t want to put……your back on the ground or you are lying face down?Evelallah. Evelallah, my back can’t be put down on the ground only in battlefield.Except that if I wish to lie sideways or face down, I just do it.I sleep however I want.Okay, okay. You are also brave. Okay.Don’t touch it!It is just a fly bite, come on!

Then, you should have let……that fly bit you.Come on, Yalgiz.You shouldn’t be rude against the one helping you.And look. It worked for something good. It made you started to talk.Of course, you feared so much that I was going to die, you started to speak.You should have seen his scream, Mansur.Akboru! Akboru, he shouted!If you ask me, we shouldn’t have even put balm on the wound.MansurTh is is just a fly bite.Akboru is kidding, brother.That wound is hyena bite.They are such hyenas that……they tore down my heart even without biting my flesh.They have taken…men whom I saw as brother…as my master, and as my father.

They made anorphan a second time.Almas mother.In our lands, they call women who……take care of her……home, and her tribe……”mother state”She was really like that.I didn’t know her, but……I admired her after I heard the stories about her.She was like that, Saltuk Can.She wasShe was like a state, and she was a mother.She brought her tribe here alone.She saved it from any kind of trouble and suffering.She protected everyone.She even acted like a mother to us.May Allah bless her.Ameen.In Turkmen language……tent is called’homeland”. It really is.The homeland, country and home of a nomad is……under the pillars of this tent.Wherever he goes, he takes it with him.If a stranger sets foot inside that that, he would die for it.

And people like Almas mother accept the land they spill their blood for as their homeland.They accepted this place as their homeland, risking their lives..Pehlivans, Mahmuts… sacrificing themselves…..they turn stranger lands into homelands for us.You are right, Hace.Maybe np one knows, but……Baghdad isindebted to all of them.Pehlivan Master, Mahmut……Almas mother, Urungu.Aytolu sister.I didn’t want to hurt you, Hace.But it’s been 2 months.There is no trace of Aytolu other than the bloodied garments of her we found near the river.She, to protect her dignity, and honour……must have killed herself.Saltuk Can.I lost my brothers in this city.

The ones I saw as my companions. Although we had different mothers, they were… brothers, and I buried them with my own hands.I accepted it, although it was hard.There is a cut in my heart.And it’s still bleeding.But its pain will decrease with each passing day.And one day, it will be healed.What about KutlukHe lost his son……and his daughter at the same time.It’s an hard test for a father.No matter what separates a father and his children……it makes you want to disappear, and curse.Oh my daughter.

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