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MAVERA EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 02 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Keep us away from mistakes we can’t undo the……trouble we can’t see my Allah.Who are youNo place is safe for anyone in Baghdad.Even this lodge for you.Who are youHace!What happened here?You are not hurt right huh?No I am not wounded thank Allah.Did you take him down? Is he dead?Is he dead?Someone grabbed his hand faster than me.Someone protected me before he stabbed me.And who was he? You saw him?saw him but I don’t know him.Hace.My brother.How could we be caught off guard like this?

Don’t worry Mahmut.Don’t worry.

This soul is going to stay in this body……as long as Allah wants it to stay.If he doesn’t want it no one can shed a drop of blood from us.And if he wants even though you are Nemrut who thought he was a holy man……even though you have armies or you hide in the towers ascending to the skies……he assigns a little mosquito to deliver your soul to Azrael……and your body to the black earth.Of course Hace. Of course No one can calculate the day your time will end.No one can know the time for death.But it is time to call th is bastard to account!Stop master! Leave him.Let’s wait for him to come round.Let’s hear what he has to say.Then it will be time for reckoning.Obviously there are people who protect us……and people who want to stab us in the back.So? What is the news?

Is he dead?He is wounded sir. He got a blow on his leg.And could you make him talk?Did he say who he was?We couldn’t. We gave him a beating and threw to the dungeon.And we found no clue about who he was.There was only a dagger beside him.He is exhausted from fatigue and loss of blood.We’ll force him again when he comes round No!I will be only one who is going to talk to him.I’ll take care of him personally.As you command sir.Sir there is someone wishes to talk with you.Who is he?I asked who he was but he didn’t say.But he said you need to meet certainly.He said you were going to understand.Good. Let him in.Come in.You go out!

Welcome our great Dai.What could have happened in a SoaJe that made you come here?The man you sent to kill the man called Hace……couldn’t do it.Is that true?Yes. But I’m on it.He is in our hand. He is in the dungeon.Okay. And could you find the necklace on his neck?What necklace sir?There was only a dagger on him.You said we were going to kill two birds with one stone.Because of you and the man……who wishes to serve but couldn’t handle anything……all the moves I planned in detail went for nothing.

You could neither kill the man called Hace……nor you could have put the blame for the incident in Hemedani lodge……to the thieves in the Sazlik neighborhood.Getting rid of the leader of that cursed gang Sahsuvar……was going to be an important move for you.I couldn’t understand it my great Dai.What is the connection of the matter with Sahsuvar?We need to get rid of Sazlik for our great move.Don’t you think?Yes my great Dai.And why?Because of the wall my great Dai.The weakest point of the walls of Bagdad……is Sazlik neighborhood.The place that everyone ignores.

People didn’t even want to face with the poverty……in there for years.So it decayed inwardly.Not only the people but the walls also decayed.In the great siege of Bagdad……the first place that is going to be attacked will be Sazlik Neighborhood.So the weakest point of the wall.So that the walls of Bagdad will be destroyed with a single blow sir.But as every good sentence this sentence also has……a but part.You can never estimate the actions of the men in that neighborhood.Sahsuvar is a mad man who is impossible to control.

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