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MAVERA EPISODE 05 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 05 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Dubeys…Dubeys…What is this snake doing in Baghdad?He’ s just sneaking around in Baghdad!So, the owner of the sneak has been revealed.HacePehlivan Master still hasn’t returned.It was so closeto where he was heading.Could something happen to him?Come on! I am sure he is okay. He is just okay.It must be old age.You can’t fix the old age by telling you are young.Your essence should be young, not your words!Don’t exaggerate him. Pehlivan Master talks big, but when he is walking……he pants for air.I am sure he stops somewhere…..and trying to fix his breathing.Don’t worry, he’ll be here soon.He is old, but he will be okay with the permission of Allah.I am sure he saw something he needed to help on the road.ust be working on that.He meddles with everyone but helps everyone, too.Of course! If he dies some day……this will be written on his grave.

He helped for no reason, that’s why he died.Oh, look!Speak of the devil! Look, he’s come.I see you are in a good mood, thank Allah.Thank Allah.I am not in a good mood at all.IF you ask me it is not the time to laugh.What is it, master?What happened?Oh, H ace, oh!What kind of a trap did we fall into?Are you going to tell it, or should we burst with curiosity?You know I went to pay the rent.Yes, you did, master.And who appeared suddenly?I don’t care who appeared. Why should we?I am sure when he appeared you grabbed him…..and asked him what he was doing in such an house……and gave him a little beating. Then all the bazaar went mad……and the matter got bigger. Wasn’t it how it happened?Mahmut!Stop telling stories!It is not someone from the bazaar.He is someone we used to knowDubeys!saw him leaving Leyla’s house.Usta, are you sureyou sure it was hHacewish I hadn’t seenIt was certainly him.I realize that snake’s face under any shirt.My H ace.What is this?Master.Did you follow him?

Where did he go?I did.He left the city from the gates.Before he left… You know that Atif’s man, Ferit?He saluted him and then left.Saltuk is right, brother.\Ng are alone hereThere are so few people that we can trust.So, we need to be so careful.We need to keep one eye open while sleeping.And we need to check behind while we are awake.Master, by the way, could you pay the rent?Hace, are you having fun with me I’m telling that he left from Leyla’s house.Should I have paid the rent and started to talk with the women after all the things happened?Th is is not a matter of talking.Even if that womanis our enemy…we owe justice to that womanIt is rightful due. Pay it tomorrow, master.My H ace.You are talking about rightful due, but…This matter about Dubeys is important.Is this man a prey or hunter?Why is he wandering in Baghdad, where he wants to occupy?If he is a hunter, who does he aim at?

If it is a prey, who will hunt him I know him well, friends.He is neither a prey……nor a hunter, that Dubeys.He can be only a vulture that tries to eat the remaining after a hunt.And tearing him apart……is the duty of eagle.We need to let the two-headed eagle know about this.Forgive my sins, and reward my strugglers…Why are we performing ablution for praying, Hace?That’s what Allah wanted us to do.But why?Why do you think?To be clean?See, you figured it out.Why hands?Why the face? Why the feet?I don’t know Hace.We wash our faces, bec se we go into……Allah’s presence with our heart.

What goes thrbugh our heart……are reflected upon our faces* That’s why* while we are going into the presence of great Allah, we wash our faces.Why hands and arms then?Our hands reach for haram, unfairness…and evil.Maybe we do not notice it, but our hands and arms get dirty where they reach.Some get dirty from inside, and some from outside.But ablution cleans both of them.What about feet?Feet take the person to somewhere.It can take you to right path, or the wrong one.Sometimes it will take you to goodness.And sometimes to evil.That’s why, the feet needs to be cleaned of off the past too.

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