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MAVERA EPISODE 06 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 06 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. First, I told myself that……that man, who gained the trust of Great Hemedani Hadrath……took over the great Baghdad Lodge!He never let Caliphate Hadrath fall into this trap.But then, I told myself shame on them!Since this man came to Baghdad…..he did every shamelessness we thought he couldn’t!Am I not right, Caliphate Hadrath?We……know, from where we should learn the manners.If since we came to Baghdad …you became uneasy for the every step we took……then it means we always walked on the right path.Asife.Asife, are you there?am here, fatheCome on.

Let’s go, daughteLet’s not put up with this baseness anymore.I love these here to help them.I won’t tell you to come with me…you love me.If you love these people……for whom you left the palace…you come with meMost probably……the fire of my anger will burn wherever it touches.These ones will be comingam coming for them.

Sir.This issue is getting worser This man called, Hace is not a decent man.And you saw it with your own eyes, sir.All the thieves and impudent people of Baghdad……gathered in that cursed place called Sazlik.Allah forbid…..could this Hace…..put a spell on our Asife Sultan?mean why did she left the palace and took shelter there anyway?Did you say spell?Spell, huh? Why does he do such a thing?You also know it, of course.Hemedani has a connection with Seljuk.Why did Hemedani sent his followers Baghdad……while even knowing that they can even fight for him?They will try to hurt you by using your daughter.Even if it will be hard……a have an idea to solve this.

What isYou’ll be longing a bit, but……you need to bear it for the well-being of your daughter.We’ll send your daughter to Basra, sir.And her brother, Sultan Resat, is there!I am sure he’ll do his best to keep her from feeling your absence.If I need to stay away from my daughter, I can even do that.Do whatever necessary, Atif.Choose your best men for the security of Asife on the road.I don’t want to worry about her.As you command, sir.It is not even a city.It is a poison.

You either get ambushed or get hit in an ambush here.My Hace.Let’s go away from here.Do you think it befits our dignity?My Hace.I know.You don’t befit running away from the fight yourself.You saved me. Even back then……you didn’t run away.I didn’t even know you, yet.was just a kid. But, you jumped into the fight and saved me.However……th is place is something else.This is not the place, where we threw rocks each other in child’s a blind fight!It is not obvious, to whom we need to attack or by whom we are going to be punched.You are right, MahmutBaghdad has many faces.

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