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MAVERA EPISODE 08 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 08 of Mavera: Hace Ahmed Yesevi with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You set your eyes on Baghdad.You gathered men and created an army.What do you expect to get by kidnapping an innocent girl?Do you think his father will surrender Baghdad to you?Mustersid is going to surrender Baghdad anyway.Soon or later.What I want to do is showing that we are serious.I want him to fear.I want his fear spread all across his palace.more he fears……the more pleasure I will get from it.Nobility is not a shirt that everyone can wear, Dubeys!It doesn’t fit the ones like you.

You can’t capture Baghdad, but let’s say you did.Do you think……people of Baghdad would accept you someone like you…..who attacks innocent women and poor people cowardly?You can only be Baghdad’s occupant you can never be its conqueror.Hace…Baghdad never surrenders to someone……who is thirsty for innocents’ blood.Mustersid is not someone like that.You are right.

His heart is soft just as the feathers in the arrow’s quill.And do you think such a city is worthy of someone soft-hearted……or someone with an iron heart like me.You don’t have a heart, Dubeys.I see the truth, when I look at you.You are a coyote disguised as wolf.You make all of your tricks to make Muslims suffer.Yet, whoever the owner of your leash is……he won’t be able to reach his goal.I am sure the wind of the eagle’s wings will be felt here soon.Your shepherds and you will scatter around.Then, you will disguise as something else and follow another owner.This is the mentality of the people like you.This much nonsense is enough.Tie him.Look carefully.

There must be something here.can feelit.They made a wooden sword as a toy.So, it wasn’t just tales……and weird stories.A foolish like you couldn’t understand thi If this five centuries old legend is true……Hace Ahmet must be that Ahmet in the legend.Talking with big words is not enough, Hace.Look, I have sword in my hand.And you have rope.Your hands are tied.

Come on, give my credit now.Which one of us is greater?I am just a poor subject!The great one is only Allah!If he wishes, Azrael (PBUH)……can separate my soul from my body in that moment.It doesn’t have to be in this place……you were dragged with your gangsters.It can be also in the comfort of my bed.And don’t brag for you have sword in your hand.The one, who lives with sword, dies with sword!Instead of accepting my greatness and begging…you keep talkingAre we going to beg you?

Come on!Look, he has a tongue too. They can all talk.n’t you say something in your last moments?You are young too.Com^ on, say something. Come on.You snake!If you are going to kill us, kill us like a man.What are you waiting for?Okay.So be it.It’s important to out*la£t wish before you die.We should follow the traditions, right?Do you know about traditions and virtues?Do you know?Bring him.Let’ s shut their voicesLet’s shut their voices.No…HaceDid you start fearing?I have always been curious about what people feel before they die.Death is feast for us.It’s a wedding.

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